Congratulations to Miss Pinup NZ 2015

Bettie Rage
Image via Glory Days Magazine

Bettie Rage

Congratulations Anjel – awesome effort and soooo incredibly well-deserved!

Miss Pinup NZ 2015 was the first pinup pageant I have attended in person, and OMG – it was so exciting!  I am going to do a post about it later in the week (including the whole Very Vintage Day Out experience) but I just wanted to do a quick post now to say congratulations to Bettie Rage for an outstanding campaign from start to finish.

Bettie Rage’s entry video was a nod to the late and truly great, Bettie Paige and Anjel ran an excellent social and traditional media campaign all the way through, including a win at Miss Hotrod Blowout 2015 and culminating in a front page story in the Waikato Times before the big day.

Image via Waikato Times

Anjel’s look was cohesive, polished and incredibly well-presented , with all three “looks” suiting her look and style and my goodness, she wore them well – with a huge slug of her trademark confidence and sassiness thrown in for good measure!

Bettie Rage’s talent section was a nod to Rosie the Riveter and was performed in a set of very sexy white overalls accompanied by a fabulous vintage motorcycle – who other than Bettie Rage could make overalls sexy?!

Pinup contestants
Image via Glory Days Magazine From L-R; Agent Bluebelle, Fancifora Foxglove, Miss Lorelei Louise, Miss Charlotte Cake, Bettie Rage, Miss Glamour LaRue, Heidi Heart, Miss Rouge, Soda Fontaine and Madam Rou.

I look forward to seeing what Bettie Rage will be doing with her title this year.  I know she said she will be wearing her crown to work at the Jukebox Diner next week -won’t that be a great pic!

Anjel Selfie
Selfie by Miss Pinup NZ 2015 – Bettie Rage

Congratulations also to all the other contestants – I think the judges had an almost impossible job as the standard was crazy high!  Well done to Miss Charlotte Cake for being the Runner-Up; to Soda Fontaine and  Heidi Heart for rounding out the top four; to Miss Glamour LaRue for her win of Miss Publicity and to Fancifora Foxglove for taking out Miss Picture Perfect.  Fabulous work!

Anyway … congratulations once again to Bettie Rage.  I have a feeling 2015 is going to take you a very long way with your pinup aspirations!

Love and pinup perfection …



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