Congratulations Miss Viva Las Vegas

She did it!  
Congratulations to the new
Miss Viva Las Vegas 2015 …

Miss VLV
Image via Miss Victory Violet’s Instagram page

… Miss Victory Violet!

Miss Viva Las Vegas 3
Image via Bombshells & Dollies

Congratulations to Ella – what a fabulous feat and such an amazing title to be able to bring home to little old New Zealand!

Didn’t she look gorgeous – such hair!  And that frock – divine – I look forward to hearing all about it in future posts from Miss Victory Violet.  Here she is pictured with her husband, Matt, who I assume is very proud right about now!

Miss VLV 2

Speaking of frocks … I especially loved the outfit below that Miss Victory Violet wore before the competition – so pretty. And the Erstwilder flamingos suited it perfectly!

Miss VV
Image via Miss Victory Violet’s Instagram page

Anyway .. well done Ella – awesome work!  And what a fantastic way to celebrate your honeymoon.

I imagine she might be feeling like this for the next little while!

Underwear and crown

Love and sparkly crowns and sashes …





Erstwilder announcement …

Who won the Erstwilder
Flamboyant Flamingo Fair necklaces, Mumpty?
Well, thank you for asking … 


Actually before you get too impatient, I have a couple of things to say …

Firstly I would just like to thank everyone who liked, shared and just generally enjoyed The Pinup Platoon in March.  I was so excited to see how much involvement there was!

A MASSIVE thank you to Marc and his awesome team at Erstwilder who provided us with not one, but two of these stunning, now-discontinued-and-therefore-very-hard-to-find (!) necklaces … I am green with envy of the two winners.

MumptyStyle Erswilder logo

MumptyStyle Erstwilder necklace

Of course, I’d also like to thank the ten gorgeous finalists for Miss Pinup NZ 2015;

The Pinup Platoon

Miss Glamour LaRue
Bettie Rage
Madam Rou
Agent Bluebelle
Heidi Heart
Soda Fontaine
Miss Lorelei Louise
Fancifora Foxglove
Miss Rouge
Miss Charlotte Cake

… and everyone else who was involved – including the fabulous Flo Foxworthy, Miss Monique Sweet, Miss Victory Violet and Lilly Loca.

Get on with it

OK, OK … so the lucky, lucky winners are:

Olivia Lambarth and Miss Creep Cake!

I’ll be in touch with you two very soon to start these gorgeous flamingos winging their way to you!  (Do flamingos even fly?!)

If you’d like to check out Erstwilder’s other FABULOUS pieces, you can visit their website here or check out their Facebook page here.  You can also visit them on Instagram @erstwilderofficial

Yours in Flamboyant Flamingo Fairs and I hope to see you all at The Very Vintage Day Out  …