The incredibly beautiful art of Alexia Sinclair

Alexia Sinclair - The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden – from Alexia Sinclair’s latest collection, Rococo.

When it comes to high impact, stunningly beautiful imagery, you can’t go past the works of Alexia Sinclair … her images are so breathtaking, they actually make my heart beat faster!   (View Alexia’s Instagram account here and keep up-to-date via her Twitter account here.)

I first became aware of Alexia Sinclair’s work when I was browsing the internet about four years ago and came across the most incredible collection of images, known as The Regal Twelve. As the name suggests, The Regal Twelve collection portrays twelve European monarchs who ruled supreme and whose lives spanned over two millennia.  Interestingly, Alexia didn’t choose the most obvious rulers (i.e. Henry VIII) but focused on the famous, the infamous and the obscure.  My personal favourite from The Regal Twelve collection is this one below – Elizabeth I – but all twelve images are beautiful and stirring in different ways – you should definitely go to the link and check them out.

Alexia Sinclair Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I – from Alexia Sinclair’s collection, The Regal Twelve

One of the things I most admire about Alexia and her work is the INCREDIBLE attention to detail and the really cool thing now is that she’s recently begun to release short “behind the scenes” video footage of the preparation and research that goes into her shoots.

Her most recent work is entitled “Into the Gloaming” and you can check out Alexia’s 15-minute behind the scenes footage by watching the embedded video.  One of the best things about this shoot, for me anyway, is that Alexia not only created the model’s gown herself (without a pattern, might I add!), she also created the fabric.  She sourced the ivy and the lillies, laid them on a black background, photographed them from above, and then printed them onto fabric using her own printer. Breathtaking.

Alexia Sinclair – “Into the Gloaming”

With the amount of detail and effort that goes into these shoots, you can understand that Alexia’s work could be considered somewhat expensive at around $12,500 for a one-off limited edition original.  With “Into the Gloaming” however, Alexia is offering an amazing opportunity to purchase a 610x760mm standard edition for only $350 – you can pay it off over a three-month period too, which is something I am seriously considering – especially since it has been on my “bucket list” to own an Alexia Sinclair print for about three years now!  The offer is available until midnight on the 8th of June 2015, so click here if you want to purchase.

Another of Alexia’s collections that I absolutely adore is this one below, entitled “The Art of Saving a Life.”  It was commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – they approached Alexia and asked her to create an artwork depicting Edward Jenner’s tale of the first smallpox vaccine  (which is actually the first vaccine ever.)

Alexia The Art of Saving a Life

Alexia’s work is full of symbolism that you may miss at first glance, so I really do recommend you go to her site and read all about the finer details of her work – or you can just watch the video below!  For example, in the artwork above  you can see the physician Edward Jenner inoculating James Phipps (the first person ever to receive a vaccine.)  There are also glass bottles behind the characters, each bottle laden with skull and flowers (which Alexia printed herself) representing the substantial loss of human life – 1 million lives per bottle, and there are 500 bottles. The skull and flowers motif has been used in artworks for millennia – it represents rebirth – in this sense the vaccine has given us a second chance at eradicating smallpox.  The central hero figure represents the establishment, in doing so stating that no-one in exempt from this heinous disease. The flowers throughout the artwork represent the disease itself, smallpox was referred to as heavenly flowers by the Chinese, the blooming of the pox mark on one’s body indicated your fate.

So that’s a small glimpse into the incredible imagination and artwork that is Alexia Sinclair.  To find out more, don’t forget to watch the videos and join Alexia at the following social media haunts:

Facebook: click here.
Instagram: click here.
Twitter: click here.

Love and appreciation of Alexia’s incredible art …


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