Top Tips Thursday … red lipstick survival kit

Red lipstick

Those of us who are avid red lipstick wearers know that really, no matter what product you use, or what you do, red lipstick is a pretty high maintenance look to wear.  But we’re not willing to give it up are we – no way!

Sooooo … I thought I’d share with you what I call my “Red Lipstick Survival Kit.”  And look, there was no way to pretty it up – it is what it is, and here it is:

Red lipstick survival kitSo basically the “survival kit” is a zip-lock bag containing:

a wet wipe
a foundation brush (or whatever you use to apply your foundation)
red lipstick – in this case the Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet.

If you’re anything like me, your red lipstick can be “refreshed” up until about lunchtime by a quick “swipe-over,” but once I’ve had lunch, it really needs a complete overhaul.

So … what I do is this:
Step one: get the wet wipe and a mirror and rub like crazy to get the whole lot off – don’t worry about scrubbing off some of your foundation – that’s why you bought it with you!  And if you’re trying to get the Velvetine off, you’ll probably remove half your face makeup doing it!
Step two: once you’ve got all the red lipstick remnants removed, re-apply your foundation around the areas that you’ve had to scrub to get the lipstick off.
Step three: reapply your red lippy and voila!  All fresh and pinup-worthy again!

What are your red lipstick maintenance tips?  I was interested to read Miss Victory Violet’s post about how she applies her red lippies for best results – you can read it here.

Kisses from pinup-perfect lips …



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