MumptyLoves 15/05/2015


It’s been AAAAGGGEEESS  since I did a MumptyLoves, so here we go with a few of the things I’m loving lately!

♥ New handbag 

LV Epi Cluny
Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny

Mumpty is a handbag FANATIC … but only likes/uses one brand, ‘cos she is obsessive that way!  Here is my new baby – the Louis Vuitton Cluny in black epi leather.  Squeee. 

♥  This frock; the Jenny dress in Mary Blair Commuters print 

PUG – Mary Blair Commuters print

From Pinup Girl Clothing … it makes me feel a little bit like a vintage princess, which is rather pleasing.  Something that is also pleasing is that my nieces HATE it when I use the word “frock,” which greatly increases my use of the word “frock.” This frock was a Mother’s Day present – such good taste they have!

♥ Into the Gloaming – by Alexia Sinclair 

Alexia Sinclair – Into the Gloaming

I LOVE Alexia Sinclair’s work – it is quite simply, superb (read my post about it here.)  If Mumpty were to win Lotto this weekend, she would most definitely buy an Alexia Sinclair piece.  But even if she doesn’t – there is a slight chance of one of these gracing her walls, because Alexia has released this special edition piece, entitled “Into the Gloaming” and has priced it, for a very limited time, at $350 – and you can pay it off over a three month period – brilliant.  Details of how to buy it are in the post, or you can just click the picture and it’ll take you there.

♥ Besame lipstick in Red Hot Red …

Besame Red Hot Red

This was gifted to me completely out of the blue by my gorgeous friend Miss Monique Sweet, who is one of the kindest girls I know.  Anyway, it is colour; goes on well, stays on well – the works really.  I really love the packaging too – the gold bullet is so decadent and vintage-feeling.  Anyway, recently it has developed a very satisfying rattling sound and I can’t for the life of me find out what has come loose, but it does not affect the lipstick in any way – so I like it; it’s mysterious.

♥ This photo of me, some cool girls I know and … ya know, Dirty Martini 

Glamilton group

Because I’m still fan-girling from when I met her recently – you can read about it here.

♥ Reading books on my iPhone … 

iBookBecause I’m a cheapy, I get the free ones!  I really love having a book on my phone because I must confess, I do tend to sneak out most days to a cafe and have a coffee in my lunch break. Having a book on my phone means I am never caught out when the said cafe disappointingly doesn’t have the latest Woman’s Day for me to update myself on the essential information one needs!

♥ Red ballet flats from Shoes of Prey  …
Yes I know – I normally include an unobtainable pair of Louboutins at the end of MumptyLoves, but this time I’m mixing it up and including this GORGEOUS pair of red patent ballet flats from Shoes of Prey.  If you don’t know what Shoes of Prey is, click here and get designing your own custom-made shoes.  Sooooo cool.

Shoes of Prey

And see those nude patent heels in the background?  Wishlist.for.Mumpty.

What are your favourite things this week?  And if you enjoyed MumptyLoves, there are more editions here.

Enjoy all the deliciousness …




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