If I had $800 to spend at Shoes of Prey …

SOP 1A while ago I decided to do a little series of posts on what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend in certain places, ‘cos I’m shallow like that! Sadly, I don’t actually have $800 to randomly spend on unnecessary things, but I’m not going to let the facts get in the way of a good story!  The first in the series was Pinup Girl Clothing and since then I’ve done Louis Vuitton (but I had to change it to $8,000 for them!) Sephora and Lush.

Shoes of Prey 1Sooo … for today’s faux-shopping expedition we’re heading to an online mecca for shoe-lovers such as Mumpty, known as Shoes of Prey.  Shoes of Prey is the brilliant brainchild of Jodie Fox – its an online dreamworld where you can design your own pair of shoes – to your own specifications – and Shoes of Prey will magically make them happen!  There’s everything from kitten heels to flat Oxfords, ballet flats and sky-high stilettos.  There is also over 170 fabrics and shades to choose from and a range of embellishments as well.  And not only can you choose your own colour, you can customise different parts of the shoe, adding texture and contrast – think matt black ballet flats with a patent black toe tip and maybe a gorgeous red lining – and that’s just off the top of my head!

Honestly, get on there and have a play with their 3D designer – SO.MUCH.FUN!  Three words that sum up Shoes of Prey? … your perfect shoes.

So anyway … if I had $800 to spend at Shoes of Prey these would be my (initial) picks:

♥ Pick number one – gold and black ballet flats – $244 ($556 left)

SOP_Ballet flats 1

SOP_Ballet_flats 3


Everyone needs a classic ballet flat and these are just that little bit extra-special right?  I LOVE the gold textured body of the shoe with the accent of black patent on the toe cap and the little black patent bow.  I am also super-impressed by the red leather lining.  I think when I start my Shoes of Prey collection, I will include a red leather lining on all my creations – and by the way, you can personalise them even further by having an inscription on them.  How cool would it be to design your own FABULOUS wedding shoes and have the date of your wedding inscribed on them – yes, thats right – SO cool.

♥ Pick number two – nude pump – $254 ($302 left)

SOP_Nude Pump1 SOP_Nude pump2

A good pair of nude pumps make your legs look like they go FOREVER – and that’s what we girlies all want isn’t it!  This is a beautiful colour; not too dark, not too bleh.  The height is great too – not sky-high and uncomfortable to wear, but still high enough and fine enough to be sexy.  And just imagine them with a red leather lining **le sigh**

♥ Pick number three – pink pumps with contrast Mary Jane strap – $254 ($47 left) 

SOP_Pink pumps 1 SOP_Pink pumps 2 SOP_Pink pumps 3I was literally bemoaning the fact just this very morning that I don’t have a nice pair of pink heels.  These ones are classy as heck if you ask me – and that Mary Jane-style strap across the ankle is clear, clever, clever.  Especially how they’ve done it in the nude leather – it gives you the best of both worlds really; the security of the strap and the look of almost a bare leg all the way up.  Big pat on the back to whichever clever lady designed these.  Heel height is good too – very wearable.

And whilst I was trawling the Shoes of Prey site, I came across this nude and gold version of the same shoe but with a higher heel – these shoes would jolly well tempt Mumpty immensely! In fact, I would put the remaining $47 from my $800 budget toward them I think!

Shoes of Prey – $254

And here’s a pair that I designed all by myself … hotttttt right?!  These came out at $279.


And there we have it … $800+ dusted at Shoes of Prey!!  I strongly advise you to go and have a look; there’s a wonderful gallery of all the different shoes other ladies have created; you can design your own and add them to your wish list;  there’s tips and tricks for how to get the best results; you can order samples – it’s amazing.  Go to it!  But be prepared to be on there for a while …

Have the shoes of your dreams in no time at all …





NB: All images are taken from the Shoes of Prey website and are quoted in NZ dollars.  This post is not endorsed in any way by Shoes of Prey (sadly!) – it’s just for fun. 

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