Top Tips Thursday … how to revive your eyebrow kit

No, these are not my eyebrows – but my gosh, I wish they were!

Now you’ll all know, I’m sure, just HOW IMPORTANT eyebrows are for framing your eyes and giving definition to your face. And there are some glorious products out there to help us get a beautiful defined brow like the one above.  Sadly, I’m not there yet, but I still have a top tip about it ‘cos I’m good like that!

I use the Natio Brow Kit – it’s cheap, it works really well, it’s easy to use and you can get it from Farmers for under $20 when it’s on sale – this is what it looks like when you first get it …

Natio Brow KitAs you can see, there’s a lighter-coloured powder, the darker-coloured powder that I use, and the wax.  Buuuuuutttttt … after a few months … this is how mine looked.

Used Natio
Sad, empty wax bit

See the powder?  Yes.  See the wax?  No.  **insert sad, slightly annoyed face here**

As you can imagine, this left me in quite the conundrum … do I just throw it out, suck it up and buy a new one or find a solution?  By the way – one of my fellow MUO admins said she sometimes uses the powders for contouring – I’m USELESS at contouring, so that wasn’t a go for me.

So whilst I was bemoaning my Natio’s waxless state, I was also cleaning out my bathroom drawers … and it suddenly occurred to me that the hair wax I never use because it’s too heavy for my fine hair might just work on my eyebrows!  For the record, the wax I used was the VO5 styling wax.

So … what I did was scrape it out of the wax container and put it into the “Natio wax bit” with a knife, smoothing it out as I went.

And this is how it looks now.  (And I have enough hair wax to last me for the next 100 years, which is likely to be how long the powder will last judging by how long it’s lasted so far!)

Full Natio

Sorry for the poor photography and the rather large shadow over the corner!

Anyway … it works super well and I now don’t have to splash out a massive $20-odd for a new brow kit. That enormous saving will now be spent on more makeup, so it’s clearly a win:win situation all round right?!  The only thing I will say is that the hair wax is slightly softer than the original wax that was in there, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference to the end “brow result.”

What are your brow tips?  If you want to read more of my incredibly helpful (ha!) “Top Tips” you can read them here:

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Kisses and waxy:sexy eyebrows …



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