Tease and Trouble at The Meteor

Tease and trouble at The Meteor …

The cast and crew of Glamilton’s Grand Tease heat.

This Saturday night just past, saw Mumpty attend the first heat of Tease & Trouble Productions’ Grand Tease NZ.  Held at The Meteor Theatre, it was an absolute highlight on Glamilton’s burlesque calendar and I was very excited to be the Door Dolly, which is an arduous job consisting of taking tickets and selling merch!

Tease and Trouble Productions is the glamorous vehicle of the fabulous duo, Ruby Ruin and Bonita Danger Doll.  The Grand Tease is a new initiative in which they celebrate New Zealand’s burlesque talent in the classiest and fabulous-ist way possible!   (Note: both Ruby and Bonita appeared in Mumpty’s Pinup December – see here for Ruby’s day and here for Bonita’s.) 

(All photographs taken by the talented burlesque photographer, David Rowe of David Rowe Photography.)  ShowPoster

Firstly, a quick overview of the Grand Tease format – and by the way, you can visit their Facebook page here.  The Glamilton show consisted of ten contestants; each of whom performed a classic burlesque routine in the first half; followed by a neo burlesque routine in the second.  There was a People’s Choice award, and the three judges made the overall decision as to which two performers go through to The Grand Tease Finale in Christchurch on the 1st of August.  They were also able to choose a “wildcard” performer to go through.


The gorgeous and extremely capable judges were: Honey L’Amour, MisRed and Leda Petit, and believe me, they had a very difficult job to do on the night!  They were fortunate though, to be regularly plied with alcohol by the delightful Piotr – but more on him later!

Let the show begin …

Ivan the Red
Ivan the Red

First up was Ivan the Red; the show’s only boylesquer.  I love watching boylesque – it’s so athletic – and acrobatic – and there’s just not enough of them!  Ivan the Red did two rocking performances, and took away the title of “Most Terrifying” at the end of the evening! I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact he drew blood by whipping himself with a studded belt?

Azure D'Murre
Azure D’Murre

Azure D’Murre’s Highway Woman routine is perhaps my favourite burlesque routine EVER.  It’s clever, entertaining and fabulous – just like Azure.  Full-stop.  Azure was presented with the coveted “Best Boobs” award!

Ms Tittle Tattle

Saucy, sexy and confident, Ms Tittle Tattle really lived up to the Grand Tease billing of the show in her performance for the the classic burlesque section.  Her Minsky Girl performance was a refreshing interlude amongst the Neo section – it’s a great poem (I guess you’d call it a poem – or maybe an ode?) and I love watching her perform it.  Ms Tittle Tattle took out the Grand Tease Runner Up title as well as the “Biggest Tease” award.

Vola Tile
Vola Tile

Another first-timer for Mumpty – as in the first time I’ve seen Vola Tile perform.  She did a great job, and what an absolutely gorgeous girl she is!  She trained at the Bambina Burlesque Academy with the fab Lilly Loca I believe, so that’s got to be in her favour for sure!  Vola Tile was presented with the “Best Bed Eyes” award, which she ably demonstrated on request at the prize-giving ceremony!

ConeyBowIn my head, I dance like Coney Bow. Sadly, that is far from reality, but if dreams were real, then that’s how Mumpty would roll – or dance, actually.  Huge shout-out to this gorgeous woman; first time I’ve seen her perform IRL and sign me up for more is all I can say!  She really is, quite simply, superb! And for that reason, I was thrilled to bits when she received the wildcard vote and will be dancing her little sox off once again at the finale of The Grand Tease in Christchurch.  Coney took out the “Dazzling Dancer” award, and my god – she so is!

Kitty Rose
Miss Kitty Rose

Miss Kitty Rose did two things that stood out to Mumpty onstage … which is not to say all the other things she did weren’t fabulous too of course!  Number one: she had those fan things with the traily bits of fabric hanging off them and she used them so beautifully and so effectively with regard to the music that I was a little bit in awe.  (If you pop onto her Facebook page, she has uploaded a video so you can see what I mean.) And secondly, she stood on a chair – in high heels – sounds like a simple thing, but I can tell you it is not – and it was a GREAT way to end an act.  Well done Miss Kitty Rose! She was presented with the “Best Newbie” award at the end of the evening.

Madam Mutiny
Madame Mutiny

This was the first time I’d seen Madam Mutiny perform and I hope it won’t be the last.  She was fabulous – lots of sass for her neo routine, with lots of sensuality for her classic routine – can’t go wrong with that combo now can you?!  Madam Mutiny was presented with two highly-coveted awards; “Best Costume” and “Best Butt.” Pinnacle reached!

Ruby Spice
Ruby Spice

I.never.ever.get.sick.of.Ruby.Spice!  I think I must be one of Ruby’s biggest fans – she never ceases to bust out superb routines, and her “Born to Be Wild” act is freakin’ awesome!  Obviously I’m not the only one to love Ruby Spice; she won Glamilton’s Grand Tease heat; as well as being awarded “Best Surprise” and the “People’s Choice.”  Gooooooo Ruby – you rock! Glamilton represent!

Ms Ruby Rebel
Ms Ruby Rebel

Ms Ruby Rebel was also a new performer to Mumpty and I really enjoyed both her classic and her neo performances.  She is most certainly one to be watched; something which Bonita and Ruby Ruin were obviously aware of as they presented her with the “Most Potential” award, which is a very cool one to receive if you ask me!

Bettsy Rose Lee
Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Well – what can you say about someone who can pull off an en pointe swan routine; followed by a hip-hopping, rainbow-tressed unicorn/My Little Pony routine?  I read a couple of days before the show that Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s husband made a comment along the lines of “well, they certainly won’t have seen you like that before.”  Quite right Mr Swainson – that wife of yours? Never.fails.to.surprise(in a good way!)


And finally … Piotr from Uzbekoslavia.  My favourite-ist MC EVER.  Like any audience member in their right mind, I am somewhat scared of Piotr – well, put it this way – I would SURE AS HELL NEVER ATTEMPT TO HECKLE HIM! Ain’t no one gonna win that but Piotr!  He is rude, crass and at times, forgetful (he blames it on the acid!) but at the same time, simply.bloody.hilarious! And loveable.

Funny thing happened … when I tried to upload the picture above of Piotr to my blogging programme, this is what I got:


I found that somewhat amusing, and I’d like to think Piotr might as well! Anyway … if you get a chance to see a show where Piotr is the MC – like Nike says – just do it!

So that brings me to the end of my long and picturesque review of the first heat of The Grand Tease NZ.  I hope you enjoyed it.

And because you can never shout-out to sponsors too often, here they all are.  Thank you for helping make The Grand Tease such a fabulous event!  And lastly, to Danni Morgan – what a brilliant stage kitten/stage assistant she is!  So lovely to meet you Danni.

The Grand Tease sponsors

Signing off now.

Tease and trouble …

Door Dolly









My week in coffee

My week in coffee …

MumptyCoffeeDay1Seeing as Mumpty is a creature of habit, and coffee is a rather significant “habit” of mine (particularly in the morning,) I decided I would thrill you (or otherwise!) with a little overview of how my coffee week typically goes!  I like seeing where other bloggers go and what they do “on the reg,” so I hope you enjoy it.  If not … click away somewhere else!

Monday … so first up is Monday’s coffee (up there.)  Pictured here with a lipstick stain in the shade of Natio Rush (which actually, although on my coffee cup, appears pink, is actually a glorious shade of blood red – as recommended by Miss Victory Violet.)  Also pictured is one of the delightful vintage cycles that feature in the courtyard of perhaps Hamilton’s most spectacular cafe and store, Punnet Cafe.  Punnet is part of The Strawberry Farm and is beautifully complimented by the most fabulous specialty grocery/collectibles store known as The Country Providore.

The Strawberry Farm Establishment is very much a family affair, with the beautiful Emma running The Country Providore and her equally beautiful sister, Hayley, running Punnet Cafe.  My favourite barista, Brian, is the smiling face I see most mornings – Brian is a shoe man, and I love that!

Anyway – I won’t go on and on about The Strawberry Farm, Punnet Cafe and The Country Providore any more, other than to say it is my “local,” I think these girls have done a phenomenal job and you MUST visit.  (337 Newell Road, Tamahere.) They have a new website too – click here.

MumptyCoffee2Tuesday  Punnet again.  This time showing the inside view from my “regular table.”  Punnet has a very “country lodge” feel to it and we are even getting a fireplace soon – eep!  Today’s lipstick stain on the coffee cup courtesy of Nude by Nature in Demure.

Today’s coffee was actually free, by virtue of my “coffee loyalty card” – which is very “Strawberry Farm” don’t you think?  If you’re wondering, I’ve blurred out the contact details for the manager, ‘cos ya know – the internet can be a dodgy place!

Punnet loyalty cardNow today I did something that I don’t normally do … I had TWO coffees!  Generally that makes my heart beat even faster than it would if I were meeting Mick Jagger, but today I seemed to cope just fine!

Anyway … Coffee # 2 on Tuesday was as follows:


Cinnamon Cafe in Te Rapa.  I just got a little one ‘cos – heart thing.  Sadly, I had to wait for ages because they made me one and it apparently “disappeared,” and then when I finally got it, it was burnt.  Meh.  But I must say, I do normally quite like Cinnamon, so maybe it was just an off-day?  Nude by Nature’s Demure is still going strong and staining the cup!


Wednesday … another Punnet morning.  This morning I was served by the lovely Kate, and we had a taste of the new Chai mixture that Punnet’s chefs had made – now I don’t usually drink Chai but it was actually very nice.  Lipstick stain on today’s owl cup courtesy of Lime Crime’s Centrifuscia.

MumptyCoffee4Thursday … again – Punnet (shuuuushhhh you – it’s my local OK!)  When I snapped this photo, I didn’t know one of my besties was inside *waves frantically at Jo* and she thought I was taking selfies!  Tssskkkk … like I’d do that?!  Anyway, here is the inside of Punnet – cool bricks huh!  Today’s cup and lipstick stain were EXACTLY the same as yesterday, so I have been all innovative and instead of putting the cup with the lipstick stain, I have shown you the lippy because really, it’s very pretty don’t ya think – how many lippies have a holographic unicorn on a hot pink bullet?


Friday – two random things.  For some reason I wasn’t concentrating and I turned off down the back way to get to work, meaning that a) I missed the Fieldays traffic, and b) I missed Punnet!  Which put me in quite the dilemma because I had to quickly choose another venue for coffee purposes.  The second random thing was that I have worn Lime Crime’s Centrifuscia three times this week – normally I would be lucky to wear it three times a month.

So after much to-ing and fro-ing in my little head, I ended up stopping at Grey St Kitchen in Hamilton East.  Technically I love it there – the food is always great, but sadly today’s coffee was a bit watery, and not “to my taste.”  Lipstick stain: Lime Crime Centrifuscia.

Coffee7And then – again – I  had two coffees today!  I wasn’t going to but when I saw this darling little mobile caravan cafe, I simply had to try it!  It was so cute inside, and isn’t the cup just fab?!

Saturday – absolute shock and actual horror … no coffee today – AT ALL!  This never happens, but circumstances conspired against me – and ya know what?  I survived it!

MumptyCoffee6Sunday – our daughter had a gymnastics competition so I got a coffee from Robert Harris, and it was really, very good!  I forgot to take the pic with the lipstick stain, but if I had, it would have been Maybelline Colourlicious in Caramel Kiss!

So … that was my week in coffees!  How does your coffee week compare?  Do you have a “local’?


Coffee-infused love …







Behind the scenes at Viva: Ginger Watson

Behind the scenes at Viva … with Ginger Watson

Ginger Watson
I know, I know, I know!  So Mumpty managed to get herself an interview with this babe;  the one, the only – Ginger Watson. This tiny little redhead holds the 2014 title of Miss Viva Las Vegas 17 and I’m totally thrilled to bits she’s here on my blog sharing “Ginger – behind the scenes at Viva 17.”

This interview is based on Ginger’s sartorial choices for her wining entry at the Miss Viva Las Vegas 17 Pinup competition and features “that dress” up there ^^ – which is SUCH a stunning colour on a redhead right?!  Ginger has also been kind enough to share with us the “back stories” behind her accessories and how she got into pinup.

So let’s get started (and I hope you enjoy the “behind the scenes” images of Ginger – she tells me some of them have never been published until now!)

1) Where did you source your items? (Including shoes, handbags, accessories etc)
Ginger: When I was competing to be Miss VLV17 I bought my dress from my favorite vintage shop back home, Talk of the Town in Reading, Ohio.  

I have been shopping there for special occasions since I was a teenager. The owner (Nancy) actually picked out my dress – we searched through her best collection of 50’s prom dresses.

I tend to have trouble finding the perfect size and I had never thought red would have been my colour – I’m continuously drawn to blacks and greens just because of my hair color.  Nancy wipped out this gorgeous sequined, red prom dress. I wasn’t too sure, but I slipped it on to oblige her.

The dress
“The dress”

I came out of the fitting room and she said: “that’s it – that’s the winner!” I thought she meant it was the right dress and I agreed.  She then corrected me and said: “no honey – YOU are the winner in that dress. If you wear that dress you will win – I can feel it!”

She was right!  It’s so awesome to have such a great relationship with her.Fitting 1_Ginger


2) What accessories did you wear and how/why did you choose them?
Ginger: Finding shoes to match the dress was pretty difficult.  I bought several pairs of modern pinup-style shoes, but all of them took away from the dress.  I really wanted to wear vintage shoes but they were all far too narrow for my dancing feet. I went to Macy’s and sought out the “little old lady attending a wedding” shoe section!  Believe it or not, they have an amazing selection of heels that look just like they did in the 50’s.  Everyone thought my shoes were authentic … NOPE!

I didn’t mean to carry my Atomic Lucite purse on stage to be quite honest – I was nervous and I didn’t know what to do with my hands!  I didn’t want to look like I was fidgeting – I have a ton of energy … like a shaking puppy!


The purse was a birthday gift that I had been lusting after for quite some time from the Duck Creek Antique Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio. Well worth the price and I carry it still.

For luck, I wore my Pearl Shift Knob necklace that I had received on my winter indoor show season travels. I wore it every day throughout the conventions. I was lucky enough to work with car legend Gene Winfield. For quite some time I was the only gal in town with that necklace – it symbolized my feminine strength in a male-centered industry.

I wore a pearl bracelet that was my grandmother’s. I also have a vintage watch that I swapped out the clock mechanism for a photo of her. I wear it every single day – I even sleep in it! She was, and is, one of the most influential people in my life.  She had both strength and grace.  She taught me how to be a lady but also how to be heard in a polite way.  I also keep a photo of her as my background on my phone. She keeps an eye on me. Most people say “hey is that Betty White?” NO!!! It is Edith. She’s lovely.


I carried an awesome parasol from Retro-A-Go-Go!  Whenever I am at a car-centred event I try to dress to a car standard.  The show should be about how awesome the cars are, not how amazing this ball gown is.

I have a parasol that features the V8 symbol with red, green, and black designs – I adore it!  I think it sets me apart at shows because it doesn’t have flowers or girly things on it.  I always tease that I am a boy in a dress!  My original love was for car shows – I fell into pinup because of that love. I had always had a love of vintage, cars, engines, and a man who was handy with a wrench or two! Both my necklace and parasol serve as a conversation-starter with the show attendees. It lets them know that I’m interested in the car culture and not just the pageant.


3) Did your outfits require shapewear?
Ginger: My outfits always require shapewear  … just not the kind that squeezes! I look to create a shape in my outfits.  I am a very petite person – a pocket model – that’s what they say! (Note from Mumpty – Ginger has a 24″ waist!)  

Viva17 Trophy

I wore three crinolines under my gown – if I hadn’t put them under there, my dress would not have been as full. I knew the stage was large and that I would have gotten lost amongst the other contestants if I didn’t “bulk up.” I even spent the time before Viva trying to put on weight for the top portion of my dress! The crinolines were rather warm, but rather worth it – at one point I thought I was going to faint from the heat of the fabric though!

I am always honest about padding my clothing for pageants – I don’t have any shame about that at all.  To me, it is the same thing for me to stuff my top as it is for another girl to cinch her waist.  I even own a padded bum, although I didn’t wear that at all in Vegas. Now I plan on doing squats!

Everyone always asks why I don’t just opt for surgery if it bothers me that I don’t have the curves.  At this point in my life and with the work I do with young ladies, I look at it this way: I would never want to make it seem like I don’t like my body or myself so much that I would surgically alter it just to feel better in a dress.

Trust me … I love curves.  Real or fake … all of them!  I grew up admiring Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. I just haven’t gotten to that point where I feel it is necessary to permanently alter my silhouette. Padding is cheaper too!

I have many ads from the 50’s talking about padding and altering silhouette shapes, but I’m just not ready to go under the knife. I don’t wish to make adolescent girls think they need surgery in order to feel beautiful. That is a very personal choice that should be made much later in life, rather than straight out of high school.

Ginger and Gigi Fair

4) Who makes/made your custom outfits?
Ginger: There is nothing I love more than my custom wardrobe!  I made sure that whenever I was not wearing pure vintage, that I was wearing at least one thing I custom-made myself.

My other grandmother was a seamstress and taught me well. I enjoy recreating the looks for myself and others and I especially love the bullet tops I create, along with the traditional felt novelty skirts.  I try to stick to traditional patterns and prints unless I can find actual vintage fabric.

I love having different outfits from everyone else – my clothing is usually my conversation piece. I get really excited when I see other gals in their own custom creations too. I have made great friendships with gals who share the same interest in vintage reproduction.  One of my favorite designers is Miss Lily White.  She was also a contestant in the VLV17 pageant. We hit it off for sure and keep in touch still. I hope to wear one of her designs to a major event one day.

Ginger and Miss Lily White

For VLV18 I made my own pageant dress. I didn’t want to wear a floor-length ball gown as I was not to be the main course – just a side dish or garnish!

Ginger_Pinup Little Bit
Ginger with Pinup Little Bit

I stuck with red because I felt like people would remember me from my big red hair and big red dress from last year. I wore Pinup Couture heels and created my own flowers to match my dress perfectly.  I tend to stick to poppies – they have always made me smile and I wore them when I won the VLV17 title. I remember my mother always buying them in rememberance of veterans (a huge place in my life and my heart).

I also love Judy Garland – in seventh grade I did a report on her life basing the foreshadowing of the poppies in The Wizard of Oz in conjunction with her sad passing, involving a barbiturate overdose. It sounds morbid, but the flowers still make me happy. For VLV18 I jazzed them up with rhinestones and matching trim from my dress. This year I only wore one crinoline! My belt, of course, was from Talk of the Town, with loads of rhinestones.

5) Is there anything about your hair and makeup you would like to mention?
Ginger: As far as hair and makeup goes, I try to always keep it simple and classic.  My clothing is usually pretty loud along with my hair!

I am a licensed cosmetologist. I love to not only do my hair, but the hair of others as well.  The day I competed in Miss VLV17 I did another contestant’s hair – people thought it was odd, but I didn’t.  I thought everyone should get a chance to look amazing up on that stage.  It is such a big deal to be nominated.


I befriended Sophie Sassafras from Kansas City. She had purple hair at the time. I gave her a traditional rockabilly bouffant and let her borrow one of my pearl headpieces. I thought even if she gets best hair and I leave with nothing, I will be satisfied. I really admired how Dixie Delight gave her best hair award to her actual hairdresser. I loved that about her.  Genuine. Real.  I think we often forget to give our gratitude to those who have helped us along the way.

Ginger and Sophie Sassafrass

6) What did you love about the Miss Viva Las Vegas competition?My family, friends, and clients played a huge role in getting me into the contest. I had all of my city backing me, pushing my votes, and campaigning. I had to get votes from the public to get into the contest – I think that made me hungrier for the title. It really was hard work getting people to vote for you just to be a contestant!  

I come from a highly conservative community that doesn’t quite grasp the concept of Rockabilly or Pinup – they always thought I was in costume! Getting them to wrap their minds around an entire crowd of over 20,000 people dressing the part blew their minds.

I loved the competition – being on the stage with the other girls was the highest honour.  It really didn’t matter to me if I won because I already thought that I was doing just fine by being there. I never thought the outcome would have came out like it did and I am forever thankful to Viva Las Vegas, Tom Ingram, Rockwell De’Vil, Lisa Love, and Cherry Dollface for giving me such a high honour.  

Winning the title has definitely made me step my vintage life up. I look forward to future wardrobe choices and hopefully a career in the vintage fashion world.


Ginger was back for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18 earlier this year as reigning queen!  Here’s a gorgeous photo below of Ginger with Gigi Fair on the left, and our very own Miss Viva Las Vegas 18, Miss Victory Violet on the right.  What a bevy of beauties huh!

Gigi Fair, Ginger Watson and Miss Victory Violet

So there you have it … behind the scenes at Viva with the effervescent Ginger Watson.  I’d like to thank Ginger for being so generous with her time and her beautiful photos and I do hope one day we can tempt her to visit little ol’ New Zealand for some workshops!

To spend more time with Ginger, you can check her out at the following spots:

Facebook: click here.
Instagram: click here.
YouTube: click here.
Website: www.letsgetdolledup.com

And one last image of this beautiful lady  … (just because I love this one!)


Love and Ginger Kisses …





Scarring, seams and self-love: the life and times of Willow Noir

Scarring, seams and self-love:
the life and times of Willow Noir …

Image by Matt Barnes Photography

Does that seem like a complex title for a story to you?  Well, Willow Noir (Rebecca) is a complex woman.  She’s stunningly beautiful (as you can see above), yet she freely admits to being plagued by self-doubt and oftentimes throughout her life, body dysmorphia.  She says she hates her body, yet appreciates it for its functionality.  In her tougher times, she’s punished her body by harming it, by forcing eating disorders – she’s even inflicted pain on it.  Yet she also admits she is aware Willow (her alter-ego)  has “a magic all of her own.”  

Whilst I don’t know Willow personally (I hope to one day soon!) I do know she is a very well-loved and somewhat outrageous character on the New Zealand burlesque scene.  It seems strange and somewhat foreign to me that someone like Willow – so bright and so confident – should have such dark shadows.

This is an issue Willow herself is very aware of – she knows that what you see on Facebook and in photographs and on Instagram is not necessarily reality, and she holds Photoshop and its ilk partially accountable for many of the issues women have with their bodies.  For many years, she believed that what she saw on social media and in magazines, was reality and felt she wasn’t good enough in comparison.  Now she realises that stunning images (like the one above) are achieved by a team of people – hair, makeup, photographers, and yes – maybe even some digital modification as well.  This is something I too feel very strongly about – in fact my article entitled “Are apps and Photoshop ruining your self-esteem?” is one of my most popular blog posts, and probably one of the ones I am most proud of.

Anyway … speaking of modifications, I couldn’t help but notice when I saw Willow at the Very Vintage Day Out this year, that she had “seams” running down the backs of her legs, and these seams weren’t tattooed on but were, in fact, scars.

Willow Scarification
Image of Willow Noir’s seams from RAW series by http://www.alterego.co.nz

Now this is something far beyond the realm of Mumpty’s wee world, so I decided I wanted to find out more about it from Willow because it pretty much blows my mind that someone would voluntarily go through what I can only imagine would be a terribly painful ordeal!

So here is my Q&A with Willow about what I now know, is called “scarification.”

1) Did this come from a place of self-harm (i.e. wanting to hurt your body) or a place of self-love (where it’s an adornment)?
I’m glad you asked this question as people often think that body modification is a form of harming the body – yet this, in my case, and amongst my modified friends, is not the case.

People may believe the process of scarification to be a form of body mutilation, but to me it is a type of body beautification. Many of those people may also believe that tattoos and piercing are mutilation too, or an unnatural act toward the body because they can’t understand it or can’t see the art inherent in it. Yet for as long as people have been around, they have been adorning their bodies and expressing their individuality in many different ways. To me a body modification is just the same as the style of clothing you choose to wear, or the way you style your hair, or apply your make-up.

I understand that scarification – as it’s not widely seen in NZ – is not everyone’s cup of tea, but as they say … “different strokes for different folks.”

Willow cuts

2) The most obvious question I guess … did it hurt?  Or should I just say, how much did it hurt?  What was the worst part about it?
Willow: People ask me that question all the time.  I always reply with a big smile on my face and tell them … “of course it f#**ing hurt!”

I hadn’t given a thought to the pain until the morning of the procedure.  To be honest, I wasn’t actually very worried about the pain as I have a high pain threshold.

Getting the actual work done was not as bad as I thought. The outside cuts were done without any anaesthetic, but to stem the bleeding, and so that the practitioner could see where he was working, a “blue gel” was applied. Although this offered a little relief it didn’t make me oblivious to the pain, especially the ankles and backs of the knees. What I didn’t know was that the worst was yet to come …

The WORST part about it was definitely the healing process.
For some strange, unknown reason, I had decided they would only take two weeks to heal.  Now I think back to that and I smile at my naivety!  It was near-on a month until I could walk straight-legged and get around normally, sleep in any position I wanted, and go to the toilet in an easy manner! (I added this last part not to be crass, but because I found the way I had to go about my ablutions rather hilarious!) but it took over a year for them to be fully healed.

The singularly most painful part was showering – especially that very first one.  I actually had to get out of the shower and ask my friend for a juice as I knew I was very close to passing out. Yet in saying this, the twice-daily cleaning of the cuts was a prolonged agony. I was very lucky to be living in a house full of dear friends who helped me through this process – I’d lie on the lounge floor, sometimes moaning in pain, while one friend cleaned out the valleys in my skin and another was on hand to pass me cigarettes, and/or gin.

I quickly decided that budget super-sanitary pads were the most cost-effective dressings instead of the ones sold at the pharmacy.  I also used a great deal of Savlon cream and liquid. And then they got infected … but that’s another story!

3) What is the process for this type of body modification?  Where do you go?  Do you just walk in and say you want it or is there more to it than that?
Willow: You definitely don’t just walk into any place and ask for them to slice sections of your skin out of your body!  My friend, who wanted her ears pointed, actually informed me that a body modification practitioner from Australia was doing a guest spot at Ninja Flower; the only place to go in Wellington for piercings due to their service, super-hygienic methods, attention to detail and beautiful jewellery.

So after doing my research, I booked in for an appointment. I would like to stress – as with any modification – that it is essential to do your research and not just to walk into any old place. I believe it’s necessary to give plenty of thought to your idea as you want to be proud and happy of your modification.

4)  What inspired you to do it?
Willow: My inspiration came from the make-do and mend way of life during WWII.  Due to the rationing of luxury items such as stockings, women improvised by using gravy browning to stain their legs and by drawing seams down the back of them with eye pencil.  I have always loved the aesthetic of seamed stockings and this way mine are always straight and never run.  As an elderly women said to me, after stopping me on the street to politely ask about my seams, I’m going to save a great deal of money on stockings!

5)  Is there a reason you didn’t just get your seams tattooed on?
Willow: There sure is!  I believe anyone can get a tattoo (although I’m yet to get inked myself) and as I’m never one to float along with the crowd, I chose this fascinating option instead. For about ten years I’d wanted them done in this style, but I’d probably only seen two people with scarification at that point.

6) I read that you feel your body modifications give you the strength and the the courage to do other things in your life.  Can you explain?
Willow: Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

I believe that pushing my body shows me what I’m capable of, and it also reassures me that I am strong.  It gives me a sense of “well if I can do that, I can do anything”. So far, I have also done eleven body suspensions, (look that up on the internet if you are unsure about what Willow is talking about) and each time is a challenge and entirely different. There is something freeing in the knowledge that you, and your body, can do these things.

7) Would you do it again?
Willow: Of course I would. 

Willow Noir seams
The final result … image by ShayRon Photography

And that, my friends, is a little window into Willow’s world of scarring, seams and self-love.  I thank you very much Willow for being so generous with your story – you are indeed a shining star and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Self-love by whatever means you choose …





The MUO Beauty Box … oh my!

The MUO Beauty Box … oh my!

MUO Beauty Box Collage

Makeup Obsessives is the wonderful, 33,000-member-strong Facebook group and website/blog of Kirsty Leigh, a beauty blogger extraordinaire and just a generally amazing (and often, hilarious) woman.  As you can see below, she is quite the babe too!  (Click here for my “Inspirational Women” interview with Kirsty)

KirstyAnyway … Kirsty does an amazing job with her two groups; Makeup Obsessives and it’s sister group, MUO Lifestyle.  She decided recently to step up her game even further by releasing the inaugural Makeup Obsessives Beauty Box.  As an admin of both groups, I was lucky enough to get one of the boxes and phewwwww … I am very pleased I did!

Be warned – LOOOONNNNNGGGGG, pic-heavy post ahead.  And I make no excuses for this because the bloody Beauty Box was soooo good, it simply HAD to be a long post – there was just no getting round it!  So grab a glass of wine, or a coffee if you can’t do that, and read on.

The boxes were very limited edition (80 only) and were available on a first-come, first-served basis for $70.  When mine arrived I literally got myself into a bit of a frenzy – hush, like you wouldn’t have done the same if a bloody big box of makeup and skincare arrived on your doorstep with a big pink bow around it!  As you can see from the pictures above, the box was packed with both full-size and sample-size products in a combination of higher-end and well-known drugstore brands – with a retail value of over $300 – for $70!!!  I KNOW!!! Because pictures tell a thousand words, check out the pic below of the MUO Beauty Box, unboxed!


Soo … if you’re interested, I’m gonna hop to and show you what I got, one-by-one (or in little groups anyway.)  If you’re not that interested … see ya – and thanks for reading this far!  If you are (and don’t forget, Kirsty is considering doing another run of them) … let’s get on with this!

OK … so, I’m going to do the samples first.  Obviously I just got them, so as I use them I will update this post with my thoughts.MUO_BB_Samples

Living Nature – cleanser, toner and moisturiser for sensitive skin.  I’ve used all three of these twice now – they smell divine (like roasted coconut) and my skin felt like a baby … would definitely think about buying this range.
Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal cleanser – I’ve used this one before and it’s great.  It’s a kind of clear:grey gel and it’s really soothing.
Bioré Combination Skin balancing cleanser – haven’t tried it yet, but will do once I use up the Living Nature samples.
Skinfood mud masque – this made it’s way through MUO like wildfire a few weeks back, so I’m keen to give it a go as it was always sold out when I went to buy it!  It says its made of natural Rotorua mud with aloe vera and jojoba oil, so sounds promising right?
Pureology Strength Cure – serum for dry and split ends.  My daughter has “appropriated” this so will report back on her behalf later!
Oasis BB creams – I LOVE these – I got some in my MUO Meetup goodie bag last time, and they make a fabulous primer.  We got three of them this time round and I adore the names; The Bardot (light-warm skin tones); the Monroe (light-medium skin tones) and the Hepburn (medium-dark warm skin tones.)
Palmers Moisture Rich night cream – with retinol, peptide complex, shea butter and aloe.  Tried and true and smells great.
nude by nature, pressed mineral cover –  this is a powder foundation that you can use dry or dampened.  I tried this and my skin looked FABULOUS!  I am HIGHLY likely to purchase a full-size version of this one.


Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Omega Repair shampoo & conditioner for damaged and depleted hair – Claudia Schiffer evidently helped out with this – I wonder how she knew I had dry hair?  Anyway, they are decent-sized samples (50ml) so I am looking forward to getting several washes out of them and being able to toss my glossy mane around like a show pony before long!

MUOBB_DermalogicaDermalogica “kit” – containing a precleanse and an antioxidant hydramist.  Now I am VERY naughty and I do tend to remove my makeup using a Pam’s wipe (!) which I know is very budget, but … it works for me!  However, I used the precleanse oil last night and it really loosened my makeup, so when I used the wipe to take it off, my skin felt a lot cleaner. I plan to use the  little “hydramist” in my makeup kit for special occasions so I can “freshen” my makeup if I need to. We also got a $20 off voucher which is bloody good ‘cos Dermalogica is not cheap! The little plastic pouch thing these two products came in is also going to improve my “red lipstick survival kit” no end!

Skincare products:

MUOBB_WeledaWeleda Skin Food – for rough and dry skins – full size (RRP $22.90.)  Any mums out there will know the Weleda brand; it’s something you inevitably get introduced to when you have a newborn.  From my experience, their products are all excellent, and I’m picking this one’s no different.  Here’s to fixing those horrible dry heels and elbows … I’ll keep you updated!

MUOBB_SkinfoodSkinfood light moisturiser – full size (RRP $13.99.)  This includes peach oil, manuka honey, avocado, elderberry and marshmallow extracts.  The Skinfood range SWEPT through the MUO Facebook group, so I’m very keen to give it a go.  I currently use Nivea, which I love, so I’m not really a high-end moisturiser consumer you could say – this should suit me well methinks!

MUOBB_GarnierGarnier Moisture Match – ultra-hydrating rich cream – full size (RRP $9.99.)  Another moisturiser – my skin is going to lurve me!  I have tried this already and it’s lovely on my dryish skin.

MUOBB_ManukaDocManuka Doctor apirefine – flawless perfection for high definition – full size (RRP $37.95.)  I’ve heard lots of good things about this product so I’m dying to try it and report back with my results.  It contains purified bee venom and promises a flawless looking complexion, and I, for one, am all in for that!

MUOBB_BodyShopThe Body Shop All-in-One 5-action perfecter – full size (RRP of closest primer on current site $31.50.)  At my age, primers are a godsend, so I’m expecting good things – something The Body Shop products generally deliver.

Tanning products:
In this little lineup we got:
Le Tan Wash Off Bronze – 40g – this is a foam product and it gives a lovely natural colour in my experience.  And if you just happen to have stuffed it up … never fear, because we also got the:
Bronze Buffer self-tan remover – (RRP $15.95) which is a fabulous little star-shaped sponge that you dampen and it miraculously removes those orange knees, ankles and stripes where you didn’t take quiiiite enough time with the application process.

These were one of the highlights for me especially because I LOVE a good red lipstick!  And … I got a good red lipstick (thanks Kirsty!)  So here we go:

MUOBB_karen murrellkaren murrell lipstick in shade 20: True Love – just gorgeous. RRP $30.00.

MUOBB_Caramel kissCovergirl Colourlicious in shade Caramel Kiss – this is a full-size product (RRP approx $12) and I’ve already worn it three days in a row!

MUOBB_ColourdramaMaybelline Colordrama in shade 140 Minimalist – another full-sizer (RRP $11.99.) This is a pretty pinky/nude shade and I love it.  These chubby pencils have received a lot of good press lately and I’m not surprised; they’re great.  I just wish they came with their own sharpener, ‘cos sometimes it’s hard to find one big enough.  But hey … I know someone, who instead of sharpening hers, just buys another! 


MUOBB_LushJason & The Argan Oil – full size (RRP $15.90) – no self-respecting MUO Beauty Box would be without a LUSH product right, and this one certainly delivers!  It’s a solid shampoo that smells like rose jam – well, that’s what they say anyway. I don’t know if I would have picked rose jam, but it most definitely smells fabulous.  We also got a free online shipping voucher too.  Thanks LUSH!

Eye pencils, mascaras and shadows:
MUOBB_MascaraShiseido Moisture Mist Impressive Lash mascara in shade black – full-size (RRP $30.)  I’ve used this already and it really makes my LiLash’d lashes pop!  There’s no clumping and it defines them right to the very edges.  The box says it will thicken, lengthen and separate.  It’s also waterproof, but I found the Dermalogica precleanse above removed it beautifully.  Most impressed.
MUOBB_EssenceEssence 3D eyeshadow in shade 03 irresistible choco cupcake – full size (RRP $6.30) – the name alone sold me.  There’s a gorgeous shimmery nude which is beautiful to highlight the brow, and a lovely almost chestnust/coffee colour which is great to define the crease.

MUOBB_EA cream shadowElizabeth Arden cream eyeshadow in shade 01 Sand Dollar – full-size (RRP $45).  This stuff feels AMAZING and imparts a gorgeous, warm bronzey/goldy sheen. Love it.  

MUOBB_EApencilElizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour precision glide eyeliner in shade 01 Black Velvet – full size (RRP $47.)  Gorgeous black that you can easily smoke out.  Fab!

Miscellaneous fabulous items

MUOBB_brushnude by nature foundation & buffing brush – I think this might be a promo one as I couldn’t find an RRP, but a similar-sized one without the double end is $19.95 on the Farmers website.) Gorgeous, full-size and soft as a baby’s bottom!  Love this brush.

MUOBB_WipesMakeup.co.nz makeup removal wipes – purrrrfect for travel or weekends away!


Essie nail lacquer in shade Dressed to Kilt –  full size (RRP $22.99.)  Get on my toes – I do love me some red toenails!

So that’s it … finally!  What do you think?  The first lot of Beauty Boxes sold out in minutes – do you think you’d be keen to get in line for subsequent Beauty Boxes if Kirsty decides to go ahead with them?  I know I’m definitely keen, but I also know there’s A LOT of work involved for Kirsty, so fingers crossed she has the energy to do them again huh!  This time round Kirsty was generous enough to include some items from her “prize cupboard” which I haven’t included here as everyone got slightly different things.  Unfortunately this resulted in a few girls complaining about other girls getting different products to them – such a shame really because from my calculations of the core products that went into each Beauty Box, there was $327 worth of product in there, not counting ANY of the samples, nor the “prize cupboard” stuff. Hmmm … great deal much?!

At this juncture I’d just like to say a very big THANK YOU to all the brands who got involved in the MUO Beauty Box.  If you like what you got ladies, go out and buy it!

Love and ridiculous amounts of gorgeous beauty products …





PS: the sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed there are a couple of products in the “group” photo that were not mentioned.  These were admin gifts so were not received by everyone. Adminning a 33,000-strong group requires a dedicated team and this is one of the ways Kirsty rewards us.   

Taking stock tag

“Taking stock” tag …

Mumpty looking “sharey” and contemplative ..

I LOVE blog tag thingees, so when I saw this on the fabulous Meagan Kerr’s blog, I decided not to wait around until someone tagged me – I got noooo time for that – but instead to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and just do it!  (post sponsored by Nike*)

I love getting to know bloggers “behind the scenes” so I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed following the prompts.  Anyway .. onwards with “the tag.”

Making: hay while the sun shines.
Cooking: chocolate-iced banana cake for our daughter’s class’s “Help Nepal” initiative.
Drinking: lots of fizzy water – fizzed in our SodaStream.
Reading: “The Shelters of Stone” by Jean Auel.  This massive book is part of the Earth’s Children series and the author, Jean Auel, manages to do that rare thing only the most amazing writers can do, and that’s make you feel like you’re living in a parallel world of the book, and you feel super-sad when you finish it.
Wanting: (desperately) the Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing in purple – and, OK, black too.  OMG when I went to link the purple dress, it doesn’t seem to be available any more.  **insert sad/horrified face here**
Looking: for Federation hoodies on Trademe for our daughter.
Playing: the Rolling Stones in Milly, my red VW Beetle, on the way to work – I think I’m missing my youth?!

MumptyStyle Milly boot
Avert eyes FAR AWAY from my gently-rounded tummy.

Wishing: we would win Lotto.
Enjoying: my soy latte fix on the way to work in the mornings.
Waiting: for us to win Lotto.
Liking: this quote: “With time and pressure caterpillars change into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds .. it can work on you too.”
Wondering: how long it will actually take before we FINALLY get rid of our HIDEOUS bedroom curtains!
Loving: my life in general.
Pondering: should I keep going with my blog?
Considering: how often is too often to wear my Mary Blair Commuters print frock?

Mary Blair Commuters
Watching: Crime TV while I do the ironing.
Hoping: everyone I know and love, lives happily ever after.
Marvelling: at how much difference hashtags make on IG!
Needing: more (leisure!) hours in the day.
Wearing: LOTS of pretty “frocks” by Pinup Girl Clothing with boofy petticoats underneath.  I LOVE my weekday and evening wardrobe – it’s my casual/weekend wardrobe that just doesn’t make my heart sing.
Following: Claude Wach – she is a super-gorgeous, super-talented French makeup artist.  Follow her on IG @wach_claude and on her Facebook page here.

Claude Wach Makeup

Noticing: rainbows – always.
Knowing: that procrastinating is stupid and those little things you kept putting off weren’t nearly as bad as you expected once you finally got them done.
Thinking: of my ex-brother-in-law who sadly passed away; who I miss a lot and who I adored.
Admiring: the glorious Elly Mayday – she got some very bad news recently, but she is facing it with her normal kickass attitude and grace.
Sorting: out the way I want our bedroom to look (i.e. new everything.)
Buying: a goodie box from Kirsty at Makeup Obsessives.  Cannot wait for it to arrive.  Love oo Kirsty!
Getting: frustrated that our kitchen appliances have all started to malfunction at the same time.  (I’m looking at you sucky oven, dishwasher and hotplates.)
Bookmarking: videos that I really want to watch at the time, but they would distract my loved one, so I bookmark them for later (and then never get round to watching them.)
Disliking: rude, aggressive little men who follow too close and then put their lights on full because they believe they own the road.
Opening: positive doors and closing negative ones.
Giggling: at the (I think) hilarious songs I make up for the benefit of our daughter and her friends – I know she is secretly proud of me, even though she tells me to “please stop!”
Feeling: excited that one of my besties is moving to Hamilton and is going to be working just up the road from me.  Cue regular lunch dates with said bestie!
Snacking: on sugar-free butterscotch lollies.
Coveting: these shoes (I know – third time on my blog in less than two weeks – don’t care.)  You would think Mr Louboutin would know by now how MUCH I need them, and just send me the bloody things, am I right?

Christian-Louboutin-Love-Me-120mm-Patent-Leather-Pumps-Black Helping: our daughter with her maths homework.  I have told her to make the most of it now, because next year, maths for 11 year-olds is going to be just TOOOO hard for me!
Hearing: our scrummy-warm bed calling my name!

What have you been up to?

Love and (probably) over-sharing …





* = big fat lie.

Pinup shoes: the good, the bad and the ugly!

Pinup shoes:
the good, the bad and the ugly …

(well, in my opinion anyway!) 

Christian Louboutin – Love Me 120 patent leather pumps

I know, I know – I’ve included these shoes before!  But you know what? I’m going to include them again, because they are just sooooo darling!

Obviously these shoes and their ilk are out of most pinup’s budget (other than Dita’s of course!)  Soooo for those of us who have to get by on something a little less salubrious, I have put together a wee list of what I think makes a good pinup shoe wardrobe.

Please note: I am trying to be non-biased here and am including shoes that I actually think are slightly ugly (I’m looking at you B.A.I.T !) but in a funny way I really love them!

Anyway – let’s hop to it:

Heels …

Pinup Girl Clothing

You definitely need these – and the more the merrier in my opinion! Heels make your legs look longer, dress your dresses up and impart a certain sassy confidence to the wearer.  They can also be a right pain to wear all the time, and I must admit, some days I think to myself “really, heels again … nooooooo.” But 9 times out of 10, I put them on and off I go!

As I said, the more the merrier really, but there are some staples that I highly recommend you get:

Some patent numbers; black and red preferably.

Black and red  patent
Red patent heels by Pinup Girl Clothing. The black ones you can get at the No. 1 Shoe Warehouse.

If you get half a chance, throw in a gorgeous emerald or apple green pair if you can … so versatile.  I LOVE the Mary Jane style of the red pair of shoes above … the little strap makes heels feel so much more secure and does wonders for your balance I find! And I reckon the old wives tale about the strap breaking the clean lines of your leg and making them look short is rubbish. Maybe if they’re further up by the ankle they might, but not across the front of the foot like that.

Leopard print
Christian Loubuotin

Leopard print – bit of a classic for a pinup wardrobe right? They are gorgeous with red accents, but that can be a wee bit limiting, so if you’re not planning on a ridiculously large shoe wardrobe (why not, I ask?!) then I would stick with the plainer versions. Although, just to prove my point … how cute are these?

Leopard and red
Image via http://fashionwomenshoes.blogspot.co.nz

Wedges …  
I’m personally not a fan of wedges – they feel so unstable and rocky and ankle-breaky to me, but I know lots of girls love them and they are very practical.  A lovely gingham pair would be soooo cute for summer.

Blue gingham
Via Amiclubwear.com

or these …


Or you could go for a real tiki heel like these (and btw: this is me including shoes I don’t personally fancy – you’re welcome) …

Tiki shoe
Via retrorenovation.com

Flats or small heels …
Now if you’re not a fan, or simply can’t wear heels to work or otherwise, you could try out some of the flatter styles.  B.A.I.T (But Another Innocent Tale) Footwear do lots of them and they are very popular with pinups.  As I said earlier, I find B.A.I.T shoes kinda ugly to be honest, but I do fully appreciate why others don’t, and I must admit I am strangely drawn to them and wouldn’t be at all surprised if a pair magically pop into my wardrobe at some stage this year!

The thing I do rather like about B.A.I.T is the pretty pastel colourways they come in, as well as the more standard black, red etc.  They look especially fabulous with some of the Pinup Girl Clothing dresses.   So here are a couple of my non-favourite, favourites:

BAIT IoneFor the record, the colour of these is Fairy Pink and they would look super with my Jenny Dancing Horses Jenny skirt – doncha think?

PUG Dancing Horses Jenny
And I love baby blue, so these are pretty (although I do have visions of my Nana wearing something similar!):

BAIT Dennise

Bettie Page do some pretty shoes too – especially if you like the pastel colours which I rather do, and although these aren’t flats, they look decidedly easy to walk in and wear, so I’m including them in this section anyway – because I can!

Bettie Page Alycia
Alicia – Bettie Page

Last but not least, there are ballet flats. I LOVE ballet flats and was lucky enough to score a very special pair off a friend of mine who has a massive collection of Louboutin. These are my Rosella’s in grey flannel with grosgrain trim.  TDF.

CL Rosella
Christian Louboutin Rosella

They actually look great with my Mary Blair Commuter Print Jenny dress, although I do mostly wear that with heels.

If you were really into ballet flats, you could wear actual ballet shoes – which are SOOO beautiful!  I wore them all the way through university and I always felt like a little fairy in them.  I did keep making holes in the soles though and having to get more all the time, but they were pretty cheap back then (wasn’t everything?!)  Dita has Louboutin ones of course.

Dita Louboutin ballet
Extra for experts …
Because I am a fan, I would also throw in a pair of satin shoes for evening … these peep toes are super-pretty (navy and purple are so gorgeous together.)

Ted Baker
Ted Baker Kemina Rose peep toe

And – some polkadot heels, because … pink and gold.

Kate Spade pumps
Kate Spade polkadot pumps

And last but not least – cherries never hurt any pinup that I know!

Cherry heels
Via Pinup Girl Clothing

Anyway … there you have it; Mumpty’s roundup of shoes to build your pinup shoe wardrobe.  Obviously many of the shoes in these pics are hella-expensive, but you can get reasonably priced versions if you search around – and Pinup Girl Clothing, BAIT and Bettie Page have some great, cheapish shoes that will well and truly fit the bill.

Off you go shopping …

Love and pinup heels …






MumptyLoves 01/06/2015

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 01/06/2015

HeartsOh yes, I’m mixing it up on my little blog this week!  Instead of publishing MumptyLoves on a Friday like I normally do, I’m doing MumptyLoves Monday!!!  Kinda sounds better right?!  
Anyway, enough of that … let’s go with the things I love:

♥ Lilash eyelash serum

LilashMy clever partner got me this for Christmas and I LOVE it … my eyelashes have grown SO MUCH.  I find this product excellent – I didn’t get sore eyes, there’s no issue with my eyelashes growing on funny angles or any other silly stories I’ve read.  I just think everyone should have some!

♥  I’m getting a Beauty Box from Makeup Obsessives! 

MUO Beauty Box

Squeeeee!  I am VERY excited about this.  Kirsty, the founder of Makeup Obsessives, has come up with a fabulous opportunity for MUO members to get a Beauty Box, packed full of fabulous hair, skin, makeup and nail products.  Soooo exciting … I most certainly do feel a review coming on when I receive it!

♥ Simple eye makeup remover  

Simple eye makeup remover

I LOVE this stuff.  It works REALLY well, it’s gentle, i.e. it doesn’t bother my eyes AT ALL, and best of all … it’s not in the least bit oily, so there’s no blurry eyes for the rest of the evening like I got with other eye makeup removers I’ve tried.  I am SO impressed by this product.  And guess what … I got it from the supermarket for $9.99.  Ooooh I love a bargain like that!

♥ My newest invention: a zip puller-upper!  

Mumpty’s patent-pending zip puller-upper!

I get dressed after everyone else in the house has left and I have several dresses that I just cannot do all the way up to the top without help (I’m looking at YOU, Heidi dress by Pinup Girl Clothing!)  Anyway .. rather than get someone at work to perform the deed (which weirdly, feels slightly too “intimate” for my liking) I devised a cunning plan. Well, a cunning gadget actually! Whilst it may well look ridiculous (!) it works a treat, and with very limited contortions, I can now get my zips done up without help!  It really is amazing what you can do with a weird metal thing out of your heated rollers and some wool now isn’t it!  I’m thinking long-term I am going to have to replace the wool, but meh – small sacrifice!

♥ Fizzy water

Fizzy water

We fizz our water in the Soda Stream – it’s the only way I can convince myself to have a decent water intake.  Making it fizzy just somehow makes it better don’t ya think?!

♥ Floradix  … 

FloradixMy Mum bought me this because she is a good little mummy and she cares enough to buy her 46-year-old-daughter stuff like this!  It’s got everything that’s good for you under the sun, and I must say, it has put a spring back in my step!  Honestly though, I do feel much better and I highly recommend this stuff if you’re feeling like you need a bit of a pick-me-up.

♥ Christian Louboutin Love Me 120
patent leather pumps …  


I don’t know that there are even words to describe quite how much I love and want these!!

And here they are in nude, because why not?

CL Love Me Nude

What are your favourite things this week?  By the way, if you enjoyed this version of MumptyLoves, there are more editions here.

Enjoy and have a glorious long weekend if you’re in NZ …