MumptyLoves 01/06/2015

HeartsOh yes, I’m mixing it up on my little blog this week!  Instead of publishing MumptyLoves on a Friday like I normally do, I’m doing MumptyLoves Monday!!!  Kinda sounds better right?!  
Anyway, enough of that … let’s go with the things I love:

♥ Lilash eyelash serum

LilashMy clever partner got me this for Christmas and I LOVE it … my eyelashes have grown SO MUCH.  I find this product excellent – I didn’t get sore eyes, there’s no issue with my eyelashes growing on funny angles or any other silly stories I’ve read.  I just think everyone should have some!

♥  I’m getting a Beauty Box from Makeup Obsessives! 

MUO Beauty Box

Squeeeee!  I am VERY excited about this.  Kirsty, the founder of Makeup Obsessives, has come up with a fabulous opportunity for MUO members to get a Beauty Box, packed full of fabulous hair, skin, makeup and nail products.  Soooo exciting … I most certainly do feel a review coming on when I receive it!

♥ Simple eye makeup remover  

Simple eye makeup remover

I LOVE this stuff.  It works REALLY well, it’s gentle, i.e. it doesn’t bother my eyes AT ALL, and best of all … it’s not in the least bit oily, so there’s no blurry eyes for the rest of the evening like I got with other eye makeup removers I’ve tried.  I am SO impressed by this product.  And guess what … I got it from the supermarket for $9.99.  Ooooh I love a bargain like that!

♥ My newest invention: a zip puller-upper!  

Mumpty’s patent-pending zip puller-upper!

I get dressed after everyone else in the house has left and I have several dresses that I just cannot do all the way up to the top without help (I’m looking at YOU, Heidi dress by Pinup Girl Clothing!)  Anyway .. rather than get someone at work to perform the deed (which weirdly, feels slightly too “intimate” for my liking) I devised a cunning plan. Well, a cunning gadget actually! Whilst it may well look ridiculous (!) it works a treat, and with very limited contortions, I can now get my zips done up without help!  It really is amazing what you can do with a weird metal thing out of your heated rollers and some wool now isn’t it!  I’m thinking long-term I am going to have to replace the wool, but meh – small sacrifice!

♥ Fizzy water

Fizzy water

We fizz our water in the Soda Stream – it’s the only way I can convince myself to have a decent water intake.  Making it fizzy just somehow makes it better don’t ya think?!

♥ Floradix  … 

FloradixMy Mum bought me this because she is a good little mummy and she cares enough to buy her 46-year-old-daughter stuff like this!  It’s got everything that’s good for you under the sun, and I must say, it has put a spring back in my step!  Honestly though, I do feel much better and I highly recommend this stuff if you’re feeling like you need a bit of a pick-me-up.

♥ Christian Louboutin Love Me 120 patent leather pumps …  


I don’t know that there are even words to describe quite how much I love and want these!!

And here they are in nude, because why not?

CL Love Me Nude

What are your favourite things this week?  By the way, if you enjoyed this version of MumptyLoves, there are more editions here.

Enjoy and have a glorious long weekend if you’re in NZ …




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