Pinup shoes: the good, the bad and the ugly!

(well, in my opinion anyway!) 

Christian Louboutin – Love Me 120 patent leather pumps

I know, I know – I’ve included these shoes before!  But you know what? I’m going to include them again, because they are just sooooo darling!

Obviously these shoes and their ilk are out of most pinup’s budget (other than Dita’s of course!)  Soooo for those of us who have to get by on something a little less salubrious, I have put together a wee list of what I think makes a good pinup shoe wardrobe.

Please note: I am trying to be non-biased here and am including shoes that I actually think are slightly ugly (I’m looking at you B.A.I.T !) but in a funny way I really love them!

Anyway – let’s hop to it:

Heels …

Pinup Girl Clothing

You definitely need these – and the more the merrier in my opinion! Heels make your legs look longer, dress your dresses up and impart a certain sassy confidence to the wearer.  They can also be a right pain to wear all the time, and I must admit, some days I think to myself “really, heels again … nooooooo.” But 9 times out of 10, I put them on and off I go!

As I said, the more the merrier really, but there are some staples that I highly recommend you get:

Some patent numbers; black and red preferably.

Black and red patent
Red patent heels by Pinup Girl Clothing. The black ones you can get at the No. 1 Shoe Warehouse.

If you get half a chance, throw in a gorgeous emerald or apple green pair if you can … so versatile.  I LOVE the Mary Jane style of the red pair of shoes above … the little strap makes heels feel so much more secure and does wonders for your balance I find! And I reckon the old wives tale about the strap breaking the clean lines of your leg and making them look short is rubbish. Maybe if they’re further up by the ankle they might, but not across the front of the foot like that.

Leopard print
Christian Loubuotin

Leopard print – bit of a classic for a pinup wardrobe right? They are gorgeous with red accents, but that can be a wee bit limiting, so if you’re not planning on a ridiculously large shoe wardrobe (why not, I ask?!) then I would stick with the plainer versions. Although, just to prove my point … how cute are these?

Leopard and red
Image via

Wedges …  
I’m personally not a fan of wedges – they feel so unstable and rocky and ankle-breaky to me, but I know lots of girls love them and they are very practical.  A lovely gingham pair would be soooo cute for summer.

Blue gingham

or these …


Or you could go for a real tiki heel like these (and btw: this is me including shoes I don’t personally fancy – you’re welcome) …

Tiki shoe

Flats or small heels …
Now if you’re not a fan, or simply can’t wear heels to work or otherwise, you could try out some of the flatter styles.  B.A.I.T (But Another Innocent Tale) Footwear do lots of them and they are very popular with pinups.  As I said earlier, I find B.A.I.T shoes kinda ugly to be honest, but I do fully appreciate why others don’t, and I must admit I am strangely drawn to them and wouldn’t be at all surprised if a pair magically pop into my wardrobe at some stage this year!

The thing I do rather like about B.A.I.T is the pretty pastel colourways they come in, as well as the more standard black, red etc.  They look especially fabulous with some of the Pinup Girl Clothing dresses.   So here are a couple of my non-favourite, favourites:

BAIT IoneFor the record, the colour of these is Fairy Pink and they would look super with my Jenny Dancing Horses Jenny skirt – doncha think?

PUG Dancing Horses Jenny
And I love baby blue, so these are pretty (although I do have visions of my Nana wearing something similar!):

BAIT Dennise

Bettie Page do some pretty shoes too – especially if you like the pastel colours which I rather do, and although these aren’t flats, they look decidedly easy to walk in and wear, so I’m including them in this section anyway – because I can!

Bettie Page Alycia
Alicia – Bettie Page

Last but not least, there are ballet flats. I LOVE ballet flats and was lucky enough to score a very special pair off a friend of mine who has a massive collection of Louboutin. These are my Rosella’s in grey flannel with grosgrain trim.  TDF.

CL Rosella
Christian Louboutin Rosella

They actually look great with my Mary Blair Commuter Print Jenny dress, although I do mostly wear that with heels.

If you were really into ballet flats, you could wear actual ballet shoes – which are SOOO beautiful!  I wore them all the way through university and I always felt like a little fairy in them.  I did keep making holes in the soles though and having to get more all the time, but they were pretty cheap back then (wasn’t everything?!)  Dita has Louboutin ones of course.

Dita Louboutin ballet
Extra for experts …
Because I am a fan, I would also throw in a pair of satin shoes for evening … these peep toes are super-pretty (navy and purple are so gorgeous together.)

Ted Baker
Ted Baker Kemina Rose peep toe

And – some polkadot heels, because … pink and gold.

Kate Spade pumps
Kate Spade polkadot pumps

And last but not least – cherries never hurt any pinup that I know!

Cherry heels
Via Pinup Girl Clothing

Anyway … there you have it; Mumpty’s roundup of shoes to build your pinup shoe wardrobe.  Obviously many of the shoes in these pics are hella-expensive, but you can get reasonably priced versions if you search around – and Pinup Girl Clothing, BAIT and Bettie Page have some great, cheapish shoes that will well and truly fit the bill.

Off you go shopping …

Love and pinup heels …






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