Taking stock tag

Mumpty looking “sharey” and contemplative ..

I LOVE blog tag thingees, so when I saw this on the fabulous Meagan Kerr’s blog, I decided not to wait around until someone tagged me – I got noooo time for that – but instead to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and just do it!  (post sponsored by Nike*)

I love getting to know bloggers “behind the scenes” so I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed following the prompts.  Anyway .. onwards with “the tag.”

Making: hay while the sun shines.
Cooking: chocolate-iced banana cake for our daughter’s class’s “Help Nepal” initiative.
Drinking: lots of fizzy water – fizzed in our SodaStream.
Reading: “The Shelters of Stone” by Jean Auel.  This massive book is part of the Earth’s Children series and the author, Jean Auel, manages to do that rare thing only the most amazing writers can do, and that’s make you feel like you’re living in a parallel world of the book, and you feel super-sad when you finish it.
Wanting: (desperately) the Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing in purple – and, OK, black too.  OMG when I went to link the purple dress, it doesn’t seem to be available any more.  **insert sad/horrified face here**
Looking: for Federation hoodies on Trademe for our daughter.
Playing: the Rolling Stones in Milly, my red VW Beetle, on the way to work – I think I’m missing my youth?!

MumptyStyle Milly boot
Avert eyes FAR AWAY from my gently-rounded tummy.

Wishing: we would win Lotto.
Enjoying: my soy latte fix on the way to work in the mornings.
Waiting: for us to win Lotto.
Liking: this quote: “With time and pressure caterpillars change into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds .. it can work on you too.”
Wondering: how long it will actually take before we FINALLY get rid of our HIDEOUS bedroom curtains!
Loving: my life in general.
Pondering: should I keep going with my blog?
Considering: how often is too often to wear my Mary Blair Commuters print frock?

Mary Blair Commuters
Watching: Crime TV while I do the ironing.
Hoping: everyone I know and love, lives happily ever after.
Marvelling: at how much difference hashtags make on IG!
Needing: more (leisure!) hours in the day.
Wearing: LOTS of pretty “frocks” by Pinup Girl Clothing with boofy petticoats underneath.  I LOVE my weekday and evening wardrobe – it’s my casual/weekend wardrobe that just doesn’t make my heart sing.
Following: Claude Wach – she is a super-gorgeous, super-talented French makeup artist.  Follow her on IG @wach_claude and on her Facebook page here.

Claude Wach Makeup

Noticing: rainbows – always.
Knowing: that procrastinating is stupid and those little things you kept putting off weren’t nearly as bad as you expected once you finally got them done.
Thinking: of my ex-brother-in-law who sadly passed away; who I miss a lot and who I adored.
Admiring: the glorious Elly Mayday – she got some very bad news recently, but she is facing it with her normal kickass attitude and grace.
Sorting: out the way I want our bedroom to look (i.e. new everything.)
Buying: a goodie box from Kirsty at Makeup Obsessives.  Cannot wait for it to arrive.  Love oo Kirsty!
Getting: frustrated that our kitchen appliances have all started to malfunction at the same time.  (I’m looking at you sucky oven, dishwasher and hotplates.)
Bookmarking: videos that I really want to watch at the time, but they would distract my loved one, so I bookmark them for later (and then never get round to watching them.)
Disliking: rude, aggressive little men who follow too close and then put their lights on full because they believe they own the road.
Opening: positive doors and closing negative ones.
Giggling: at the (I think) hilarious songs I make up for the benefit of our daughter and her friends – I know she is secretly proud of me, even though she tells me to “please stop!”
Feeling: excited that one of my besties is moving to Hamilton and is going to be working just up the road from me.  Cue regular lunch dates with said bestie!
Snacking: on sugar-free butterscotch lollies.
Coveting: these shoes (I know – third time on my blog in less than two weeks – don’t care.)  You would think Mr Louboutin would know by now how MUCH I need them, and just send me the bloody things, am I right?

Christian-Louboutin-Love-Me-120mm-Patent-Leather-Pumps-Black Helping: our daughter with her maths homework.  I have told her to make the most of it now, because next year, maths for 11 year-olds is going to be just TOOOO hard for me!
Hearing: our scrummy-warm bed calling my name!

What have you been up to?

Love and (probably) over-sharing …





* = big fat lie.

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