The MUO Beauty Box … oh my!

MUO Beauty Box Collage

Makeup Obsessives is the wonderful, 33,000-member-strong Facebook group and website/blog of Kirsty Leigh, a beauty blogger extraordinaire and just a generally amazing (and often, hilarious) woman.  As you can see below, she is quite the babe too!  (Click here for my “Inspirational Women” interview with Kirsty)

KirstyAnyway … Kirsty does an amazing job with her two groups; Makeup Obsessives and it’s sister group, MUO Lifestyle.  She decided recently to step up her game even further by releasing the inaugural Makeup Obsessives Beauty Box.  As an admin of both groups, I was lucky enough to get one of the boxes and phewwwww … I am very pleased I did!

Be warned – LOOOONNNNNGGGGG, pic-heavy post ahead.  And I make no excuses for this because the bloody Beauty Box was soooo good, it simply HAD to be a long post – there was just no getting round it!  So grab a glass of wine, or a coffee if you can’t do that, and read on.

The boxes were very limited edition (80 only) and were available on a first-come, first-served basis for $70.  When mine arrived I literally got myself into a bit of a frenzy – hush, like you wouldn’t have done the same if a bloody big box of makeup and skincare arrived on your doorstep with a big pink bow around it!  As you can see from the pictures above, the box was packed with both full-size and sample-size products in a combination of higher-end and well-known drugstore brands – with a retail value of over $300 – for $70!!!  I KNOW!!! Because pictures tell a thousand words, check out the pic below of the MUO Beauty Box, unboxed!


Soo … if you’re interested, I’m gonna hop to and show you what I got, one-by-one (or in little groups anyway.)  If you’re not that interested … see ya – and thanks for reading this far!  If you are (and don’t forget, Kirsty is considering doing another run of them) … let’s get on with this!

OK … so, I’m going to do the samples first.  Obviously I just got them, so as I use them I will update this post with my thoughts.MUO_BB_Samples

Living Nature – cleanser, toner and moisturiser for sensitive skin.  I’ve used all three of these twice now – they smell divine (like roasted coconut) and my skin felt like a baby … would definitely think about buying this range.
Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal cleanser – I’ve used this one before and it’s great.  It’s a kind of clear:grey gel and it’s really soothing.
Bioré Combination Skin balancing cleanser – haven’t tried it yet, but will do once I use up the Living Nature samples.
Skinfood mud masque – this made it’s way through MUO like wildfire a few weeks back, so I’m keen to give it a go as it was always sold out when I went to buy it!  It says its made of natural Rotorua mud with aloe vera and jojoba oil, so sounds promising right?
Pureology Strength Cure – serum for dry and split ends.  My daughter has “appropriated” this so will report back on her behalf later!
Oasis BB creams – I LOVE these – I got some in my MUO Meetup goodie bag last time, and they make a fabulous primer.  We got three of them this time round and I adore the names; The Bardot (light-warm skin tones); the Monroe (light-medium skin tones) and the Hepburn (medium-dark warm skin tones.)
Palmers Moisture Rich night cream – with retinol, peptide complex, shea butter and aloe.  Tried and true and smells great.
nude by nature, pressed mineral cover –  this is a powder foundation that you can use dry or dampened.  I tried this and my skin looked FABULOUS!  I am HIGHLY likely to purchase a full-size version of this one.


Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Omega Repair shampoo & conditioner for damaged and depleted hair – Claudia Schiffer evidently helped out with this – I wonder how she knew I had dry hair?  Anyway, they are decent-sized samples (50ml) so I am looking forward to getting several washes out of them and being able to toss my glossy mane around like a show pony before long!

MUOBB_DermalogicaDermalogica “kit” – containing a precleanse and an antioxidant hydramist.  Now I am VERY naughty and I do tend to remove my makeup using a Pam’s wipe (!) which I know is very budget, but … it works for me!  However, I used the precleanse oil last night and it really loosened my makeup, so when I used the wipe to take it off, my skin felt a lot cleaner. I plan to use the  little “hydramist” in my makeup kit for special occasions so I can “freshen” my makeup if I need to. We also got a $20 off voucher which is bloody good ‘cos Dermalogica is not cheap! The little plastic pouch thing these two products came in is also going to improve my “red lipstick survival kit” no end!

Skincare products:

MUOBB_WeledaWeleda Skin Food – for rough and dry skins – full size (RRP $22.90.)  Any mums out there will know the Weleda brand; it’s something you inevitably get introduced to when you have a newborn.  From my experience, their products are all excellent, and I’m picking this one’s no different.  Here’s to fixing those horrible dry heels and elbows … I’ll keep you updated!

MUOBB_SkinfoodSkinfood light moisturiser – full size (RRP $13.99.)  This includes peach oil, manuka honey, avocado, elderberry and marshmallow extracts.  The Skinfood range SWEPT through the MUO Facebook group, so I’m very keen to give it a go.  I currently use Nivea, which I love, so I’m not really a high-end moisturiser consumer you could say – this should suit me well methinks!

MUOBB_GarnierGarnier Moisture Match – ultra-hydrating rich cream – full size (RRP $9.99.)  Another moisturiser – my skin is going to lurve me!  I have tried this already and it’s lovely on my dryish skin.

MUOBB_ManukaDocManuka Doctor apirefine – flawless perfection for high definition – full size (RRP $37.95.)  I’ve heard lots of good things about this product so I’m dying to try it and report back with my results.  It contains purified bee venom and promises a flawless looking complexion, and I, for one, am all in for that!

MUOBB_BodyShopThe Body Shop All-in-One 5-action perfecter – full size (RRP of closest primer on current site $31.50.)  At my age, primers are a godsend, so I’m expecting good things – something The Body Shop products generally deliver.

Tanning products:
In this little lineup we got:
Le Tan Wash Off Bronze – 40g – this is a foam product and it gives a lovely natural colour in my experience.  And if you just happen to have stuffed it up … never fear, because we also got the:
Bronze Buffer self-tan remover – (RRP $15.95) which is a fabulous little star-shaped sponge that you dampen and it miraculously removes those orange knees, ankles and stripes where you didn’t take quiiiite enough time with the application process.

These were one of the highlights for me especially because I LOVE a good red lipstick!  And … I got a good red lipstick (thanks Kirsty!)  So here we go:

MUOBB_karen murrellkaren murrell lipstick in shade 20: True Love – just gorgeous. RRP $30.00.

MUOBB_Caramel kissCovergirl Colourlicious in shade Caramel Kiss – this is a full-size product (RRP approx $12) and I’ve already worn it three days in a row!

MUOBB_ColourdramaMaybelline Colordrama in shade 140 Minimalist another full-sizer (RRP $11.99.) This is a pretty pinky/nude shade and I love it.  These chubby pencils have received a lot of good press lately and I’m not surprised; they’re great.  I just wish they came with their own sharpener, ‘cos sometimes it’s hard to find one big enough.  But hey … I know someone, who instead of sharpening hers, just buys another! 


MUOBB_LushJason & The Argan Oil – full size (RRP $15.90) – no self-respecting MUO Beauty Box would be without a LUSH product right, and this one certainly delivers!  It’s a solid shampoo that smells like rose jam – well, that’s what they say anyway. I don’t know if I would have picked rose jam, but it most definitely smells fabulous.  We also got a free online shipping voucher too.  Thanks LUSH!

Eye pencils, mascaras and shadows:
MUOBB_MascaraShiseido Moisture Mist Impressive Lash mascara in shade black – full-size (RRP $30.)  I’ve used this already and it really makes my LiLash’d lashes pop!  There’s no clumping and it defines them right to the very edges.  The box says it will thicken, lengthen and separate.  It’s also waterproof, but I found the Dermalogica precleanse above removed it beautifully.  Most impressed.
MUOBB_EssenceEssence 3D eyeshadow in shade 03 irresistible choco cupcake – full size (RRP $6.30) – the name alone sold me.  There’s a gorgeous shimmery nude which is beautiful to highlight the brow, and a lovely almost chestnust/coffee colour which is great to define the crease.

MUOBB_EA cream shadowElizabeth Arden cream eyeshadow in shade 01 Sand Dollar full-size (RRP $45).  This stuff feels AMAZING and imparts a gorgeous, warm bronzey/goldy sheen. Love it.  

MUOBB_EApencilElizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour precision glide eyeliner in shade 01 Black Velvet – full size (RRP $47.)  Gorgeous black that you can easily smoke out.  Fab!

Miscellaneous fabulous items

MUOBB_brushnude by nature foundation & buffing brush – I think this might be a promo one as I couldn’t find an RRP, but a similar-sized one without the double end is $19.95 on the Farmers website.) Gorgeous, full-size and soft as a baby’s bottom!  Love this brush. makeup removal wipes – purrrrfect for travel or weekends away!


Essie nail lacquer in shade Dressed to Kilt –  full size (RRP $22.99.)  Get on my toes – I do love me some red toenails!

So that’s it … finally!  What do you think?  The first lot of Beauty Boxes sold out in minutes – do you think you’d be keen to get in line for subsequent Beauty Boxes if Kirsty decides to go ahead with them?  I know I’m definitely keen, but I also know there’s A LOT of work involved for Kirsty, so fingers crossed she has the energy to do them again huh!  This time round Kirsty was generous enough to include some items from her “prize cupboard” which I haven’t included here as everyone got slightly different things.  Unfortunately this resulted in a few girls complaining about other girls getting different products to them – such a shame really because from my calculations of the core products that went into each Beauty Box, there was $327 worth of product in there, not counting ANY of the samples, nor the “prize cupboard” stuff. Hmmm … great deal much?!

At this juncture I’d just like to say a very big THANK YOU to all the brands who got involved in the MUO Beauty Box.  If you like what you got ladies, go out and buy it!

Love and ridiculous amounts of gorgeous beauty products …





PS: the sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed there are a couple of products in the “group” photo that were not mentioned.  These were admin gifts so were not received by everyone. Adminning a 33,000-strong group requires a dedicated team and this is one of the ways Kirsty rewards us.   

2 thoughts on “The MUO Beauty Box … oh my!

  1. The Body Shop Primer is amazing!!!!
    I’ve used it a couple of times as i was given a sample by someone i know who works there.. all the other things look awesome too and that is totally great value for money

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