My week in coffee

MumptyCoffeeDay1Seeing as Mumpty is a creature of habit, and coffee is a rather significant “habit” of mine (particularly in the morning,) I decided I would thrill you (or otherwise!) with a little overview of how my coffee week typically goes!  I like seeing where other bloggers go and what they do “on the reg,” so I hope you enjoy it.  If not … click away somewhere else!

Monday ... so first up is Monday’s coffee (up there.)  Pictured here with a lipstick stain in the shade of Natio Rush (which actually, although on my coffee cup, appears pink, is actually a glorious shade of blood red – as recommended by Miss Victory Violet.)  Also pictured is one of the delightful vintage cycles that feature in the courtyard of perhaps Hamilton’s most spectacular cafe and store, Punnet Cafe.  Punnet is part of The Strawberry Farm and is beautifully complimented by the most fabulous specialty grocery/collectibles store known as The Country Providore.

The Strawberry Farm Establishment is very much a family affair, with the beautiful Emma running The Country Providore and her equally beautiful sister, Hayley, running Punnet Cafe.  My favourite barista, Brian, is the smiling face I see most mornings – Brian is a shoe man, and I love that!

Anyway – I won’t go on and on about The Strawberry Farm, Punnet Cafe and The Country Providore any more, other than to say it is my “local,” I think these girls have done a phenomenal job and you MUST visit.  (337 Newell Road, Tamahere.) They have a new website too – click here.

MumptyCoffee2Tuesday  Punnet again.  This time showing the inside view from my “regular table.”  Punnet has a very “country lodge” feel to it and we are even getting a fireplace soon – eep!  Today’s lipstick stain on the coffee cup courtesy of Nude by Nature in Demure.

Today’s coffee was actually free, by virtue of my “coffee loyalty card” – which is very “Strawberry Farm” don’t you think?  If you’re wondering, I’ve blurred out the contact details for the manager, ‘cos ya know – the internet can be a dodgy place!

Punnet loyalty cardNow today I did something that I don’t normally do … I had TWO coffees!  Generally that makes my heart beat even faster than it would if I were meeting Mick Jagger, but today I seemed to cope just fine!

Anyway … Coffee # 2 on Tuesday was as follows:


Cinnamon Cafe in Te Rapa.  I just got a little one ‘cos – heart thing.  Sadly, I had to wait for ages because they made me one and it apparently “disappeared,” and then when I finally got it, it was burnt.  Meh.  But I must say, I do normally quite like Cinnamon, so maybe it was just an off-day?  Nude by Nature’s Demure is still going strong and staining the cup!


Wednesday … another Punnet morning.  This morning I was served by the lovely Kate, and we had a taste of the new Chai mixture that Punnet’s chefs had made – now I don’t usually drink Chai but it was actually very nice.  Lipstick stain on today’s owl cup courtesy of Lime Crime’s Centrifuscia.

MumptyCoffee4Thursday … again – Punnet (shuuuushhhh you – it’s my local OK!)  When I snapped this photo, I didn’t know one of my besties was inside *waves frantically at Jo* and she thought I was taking selfies!  Tssskkkk … like I’d do that?!  Anyway, here is the inside of Punnet – cool bricks huh!  Today’s cup and lipstick stain were EXACTLY the same as yesterday, so I have been all innovative and instead of putting the cup with the lipstick stain, I have shown you the lippy because really, it’s very pretty don’t ya think – how many lippies have a holographic unicorn on a hot pink bullet?


Friday – two random things.  For some reason I wasn’t concentrating and I turned off down the back way to get to work, meaning that a) I missed the Fieldays traffic, and b) I missed Punnet!  Which put me in quite the dilemma because I had to quickly choose another venue for coffee purposes.  The second random thing was that I have worn Lime Crime’s Centrifuscia three times this week – normally I would be lucky to wear it three times a month.

So after much to-ing and fro-ing in my little head, I ended up stopping at Grey St Kitchen in Hamilton East.  Technically I love it there – the food is always great, but sadly today’s coffee was a bit watery, and not “to my taste.”  Lipstick stain: Lime Crime Centrifuscia.

Coffee7And then – again – I  had two coffees today!  I wasn’t going to but when I saw this darling little mobile caravan cafe, I simply had to try it!  It was so cute inside, and isn’t the cup just fab?!

Saturday – absolute shock and actual horror … no coffee today – AT ALL!  This never happens, but circumstances conspired against me – and ya know what?  I survived it!

MumptyCoffee6Sunday – our daughter had a gymnastics competition so I got a coffee from Robert Harris, and it was really, very good!  I forgot to take the pic with the lipstick stain, but if I had, it would have been Maybelline Colourlicious in Caramel Kiss!

So … that was my week in coffees!  How does your coffee week compare?  Do you have a “local’?


Coffee-infused love …







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