The coming of the fox

New Zealand has a new Erstwilder stockist and I was very pleased to be one of her first purchasers.  This little guy, known as Oscar Wildenfox, has been on Mumpty's Erstwilder wishlist for a while so I was pretty excited to see that a post bag had arrived for me in the letterbox today! Like most of us, … Continue reading The coming of the fox

Numpty’s (ever-so-current) “Pinup Wishlist”

'Ya know right back when I started my blog, I posted this graphic - "How to Spot a Pinup Girl"? Well ... I thought I'd go through each of these individual components of the Pinup Girl, and tell you Mumpty's current wish list from that "genre" shall we say. So - I'm starting at the … Continue reading Numpty’s (ever-so-current) “Pinup Wishlist”

A week in the life of The Danger Doll

Many of you who read MumptyStyle on the regular will know, or know of, the incomparable Bonita Danger Doll.  And if you do know her, you will also likely know that she is a very, very busy and entrepreneurial woman! What you may not have known is the extent of her busy lifestyle!  So I decided to … Continue reading A week in the life of The Danger Doll

Limecrime v Jeffree Star

Another FaceLip-off: Lime Crime Velvetines -v- Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks OK ... so waaaaay back in September last year, I did a FaceLip-off between Lime Crime Velvetines and the OCC Lip Tars.  You can read about it here. In that particular Clash of the Titans, the Lime Crime Velvetine emerged as the firm favourite. So here … Continue reading Limecrime v Jeffree Star

Five iconic shoes …

So Mumpty is a shoe-fanatic; there's no getting around it - and there's no reason to either, 'cos there's absolutely nothing wrong with that right?! So because shoes are of interest to moi, I decided to do a post on the five most iconic shoes that I can think of. And this is it.  Number … Continue reading Five iconic shoes …

Nerdy Tudor stuff with The Cherry Dollface!

So ... Mumpty is PRETTY DAMM PROUD to have this gorgeous, and ever-so-slightly famous (!) lady here on my blog - ladies and gentlemen ... The Cherry Dollface! When I first saw the picture up there of the awesome Tudor Christmas ornament set Cherry's friend got her, and how thrilled she was by it, I just … Continue reading Nerdy Tudor stuff with The Cherry Dollface!