Nerdy Tudor stuff with The Cherry Dollface!


So … Mumpty is PRETTY DAMM PROUD to have this gorgeous, and ever-so-slightly famous (!) lady here on my blog – ladies and gentlemen … The Cherry Dollface!

When I first saw the picture up there of the awesome Tudor Christmas ornament set Cherry’s friend got her, and how thrilled she was by it, I just knew I wanted to talk to her about our shared love of the Tudor historical period and all its weird and wonderful characters!

I figured there was only a sliiiight chance she’d agree, simply because she gets hundreds of requests a day, but obviously my light-hearted, Tudor-geek request struck a chord, and she said yes!  Wahooo!

So clearly, this is not the normal interview you would expect from The Cherry Dollface, who is, after all, a well-respected pinup, makeup and hair phenomenon.  Instead, Cherry has answered some slightly silly, Tudor-inspired questions for me. We hope you enjoy …

1)  What sparked your interest in Tudor history?

Cherry Dollface: “I saw the movie “Elizabeth” when I was in high school and I just found her life really interesting, so I started reading about her and then that got me reading about Henry VIII and the rest of the Tudors.

That era in general is really interesting to me because so much of modern life came from then and it was a really marked change in history.”

2) If you could travel back in time; pick up King Henry VIII and take him on a date in the modern world, where would you take him and what would you do?

Cherry Dollface: “I would take him to a doctor to get some medicine for his syphilis and then to a nutritionist and then to a psychologist.

Unless it was younger Henry. Then I might take him to a nice dinner and a long walk on the beach.”Henry_Cherry3)  Which of Henry’s six wives would you most have liked to have been besties with? 

Cherry Dollface: “I think there is the most written about Anne Boleyn, so most women have an affinity towards her and her tragic story.

But I think Anne of Cleves was really interesting and it was also interesting that she stayed friends with Henry for much of their lives after their marriage was annulled.”  

(Mumpty: I find it AMAZING that a 16th century queen like Anne of Cleves has a Facebook page!)

4) What’s your favourite part of a Tudor woman’s ensemble? And do you have any Tudor-inspired tattoos?

Cherry Dollface: “All of it! I just think the care they took to dress was so interesting. And the amount of clothing they wore daily … having now been to England I can understand that it probably helped to keep them warm … but holy cow, dressing was quite an affair!

I can’t imagine having hand maidens just to help me get in and out of all of those layers and dresses!  And how heavy it all must have been!

I also think all of the hair styles and wigs were really interesting. I wonder how difficult it must have been to style real hair since they bathed so infrequently.

No Tudor inspired tattoos yet.” 🙂

5)  I know you’ve travelled extensively and have no doubt visited the “Tudor haunts” as such. Which was your favourite and how did it make you feel? For example, when I went to the Tower of London, I literally got chills when I saw the tower green; and how small and innocent it looked when you think of the horror that occurred there.

Cherry Dollface: “Hampton Court Palace was by far one of the most powerful, overwhelming, beautiful places I have ever seen. Standing in Henry VIII’s great hall and touring his apartments and kitchens, I kept having to tell myself that it was real and not just a set!

We took the guided tour so we learned so many little secret things about Henry and his palace.

Just the enormity of that palace and the gardens. It was definitely one of the top 5 most amazing places I have ever been.”

Cherry Dollface at Hampton Court Palace
The Cherry Dollface at Hampton Court Palace – via Cherry’s Instagram

6)  Do you have a favourite Tudor?

Cherry Dollface: “Elizabeth. Always Elizabeth. I think she was one of the world’s first feminists without even knowing or meaning to be.

I think there is a lot of mystery that surrounds her which makes her really interesting to me.  And a lot of her quotes make me laugh. She was a sassy broad!”

And I think The Cherry Dollface is a sassy broad too, don’t you?!

Cherry Dollface
Cherry Dollface – image by @missbeepatiri (Instagram)

Thank you ever so, Cherry Dollface, for coming on my blog – it’s been fabulous getting to know your geeky Tudor-loving self – we here in New Zealand cannot wait to meet you next month!

If you’re not already following The Cherry Dollface’s antics on social media (and you probably are!) – check her out:

Facebook – click here.
Instagram thecherrydollface
Website: click here.
YouTube: click here.
Twitter: @CherryxDollface

Lots of Tudor-nerdy love …



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