Five iconic shoes …

LouboutinSo Mumpty is a shoe-fanatic; there’s no getting around it – and there’s no reason to either, ‘cos there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that right?!

So because shoes are of interest to moi, I decided to do a post on the five most iconic shoes that I can think of.

And this is it.  Number one is …

Cinderella’s glass slipper 

cinderella-shoesOne of the most famous fairy tales ever – and probably Mumpty’s favourite – is based partly on a pair of shoes.  How apt!  Anyway … Cinderella’s crystal slippers are most certainly amongst the most iconic shoes in the world.  For the 2015 Cinderella movie, Swarovski created the above glass slipper for actress Lily James to wear when she snared her prince.  Here’s a more detailed shot:

Swarovski-Glass-Slipper Disney fulfilled many a shoe lover’s dreams by commissioning several of the world’s leading shoe designers to create their version of the Cinderella slipper.
Cinderella_Louboutin_KirkwoodHere are the versions by Nicholas Kirkwood and Christian Louboutin.


And would you just LOOK at the heels on the Ferragamo version?

Jimmy Choo_CinderellaI think my pick of them though, would have to be the Jimmy Choo version.  And obviously Lily James agreed with me as she wore them to the film’s premiere.Lily James

Cinderella is proof

Next … Dorothy’s ruby slippersDorothys Ruby SlippersThese shoes became famous when they appeared in the 1939 MGM movie, The Wizard of Oz.  They are now amongst the most valuable and coveted pieces of movie memorabilia ever, with one pair selling in 2011 for $510,000!

As with all important movie props, there were several pairs made – the exact number is not known, but five pairs are known to have survived; one of those pairs was stolen and has never been recovered.

Ironically, in the original Wizard of Oz novel, Dorothy’s slippers were silver, but MGM changed them to red to take advantage of the new Technicolour film process.

Does anyone know of a local Glamilton gal who would most likely KILL for these shoes?  I’m looking at you Miss Bettsy Rose Lee!

Then … YSL’s Tribute sandals

YSL TributeFirst released in October 2007, the Tribute sandal has been wildly popular among fashionista and celebrities alike and are released in new colour ways every season.

YSL Tribute

I’m very much liking the bubble-gum pink patent, and the olive with studs.  Not really suitable for work though are they?!

Then we have Louboutin’s classic black, red-soled pump


As modelled here by the ridiculously gorgeous, Dita Von Teese.  If that’s what these shoes do for you, mortgage the damm house!

MumptyStyle Louboutin Red Soles

Louboutin has done several versions of the classic black pump; but probably the most well-known and the most sexy (and the most-wanted in Mumpty’s shoe wardrobe!) is the Pigalle in black patent leather.  How smokin’ hot are these?!

Louboutin_PigalleSo how did Louboutin’s iconic red soles come about? It is believed the red sole was born more out of accident than design. One afternoon, a prototype Louboutin was working on just didn’t “pop.” An assistant was painting her nails at the time, so Louboutin grabbed her nail polish and painted the sole of the prototype red – and this became his trademark.  Louboutin says “Red means love, passion, blood.”


And lastly, the Mary-Jane …

The Pensee by Christian Louboutin – a version of the Mary Jane style; closed toe, low cut, with an ankle strap

The Mary-Jane is an American term used to describe a closed, low-cut shoe with one or more straps across the instep.  Originally they were worn by both sexes!

Although they were initially associated with younger girls, Mary-Janes these days are worn by thousands of women the world over.  Mumpty loves them because they’re cute, sexy and most of all, easy to walk on!  The ankle strap makes them secure; believe me, there’s nothing less sexy and more worrying than wearing shoes that just aren’t easy to walk on!



These Mary Jane Chocolitas are for big and little girls alike!

So that is Mumpty’s list of what I consider, the top five iconic shoes.

Shoes, shoes, shoes.  No matter how chubby (or otherwise!) I might be feeling; my shoes always fit and they I love them for that!

By the way, Mumpty is also a handbag fanatic – click here to read her pick of the five iconic handbags.





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