A week in the life of The Danger Doll


Many of you who read MumptyStyle on the regular will know, or know of, the incomparable Bonita Danger Doll.  And if you do know her, you will also likely know that she is a very, very busy and entrepreneurial woman! What you may not have known is the extent of her busy lifestyle!  So I decided to ask Bonita to outline a typical week in her life.

Sit down, grab a coffee and prepare to rest, because this will exhaust you!

Monday, 13th July
Alarm:  5:45am
Shower, breakfast, makeup on and off to the gym for HIIT (high intensity interval training) – this is a workout with lots of sweat that feels good!  Finish up at the gym, then off to work at my day job as an Events & Marketing Manager (9-5, Monday to Friday.)

Bonita Gym

After work…
Straight to boxing – 1 More Round Boxing Fitness – for Mixed Box, a 1 hour boxing and circuit class.

Home …
Cooked dinner, caught up on social media and then early to bed by 9.30pm.

Tuesday, 14th July 
Alarm:  5am
Shower, breakfast, face on and off to the gym!
Cardio – a 30 minute date with the treadmill.  Walk, run, interval sprints and the last 10 mins is full incline power walking.  Stretch, then off to work by 8am.

Bonita Gym2

Work, work, work.

After work …
Finish at 4pm, straight into the city to teach back-to-back Burlesquercise classes at 5pm and 6pm.
Love it … man my legs are sore now!


Home …
I have 35 mins before my next student arrives. Express dinner – repeat of the night before – zucchini spaghetti and salmon.

My student arrives at 8pm for a private striptease lesson – a special present for her husband!   Her song choice tonight was “Poison” by Alice Cooper – such an epic track and loads of fun to dance to!

Finished teaching just before 10pm. Time for bed 😋

Wednesday, 15th July 
Alarm:  5:30am
Shower, cook breakfast, have vitamins, then makeup and hair.
Rest day from the gym this morning.
Off to work early as I have a TV appearance on Friday and need a few hours off, so I was at work at 7:45am and worked through till 7pm today!

Bonita drink

After work …
Straight to Burlesquercise for my 8pm class.  From there I headed to Gemma Clare, my nail technician, to get my three-weekly nail appointment for the claws!

Bonita Claws

Home …
It’s now 10:15pm and I need to prep lunch for the next few days so I make a low-carb frittata; spinach, broccoli, red onion, tuna (in spring water), cherry tomatoes, feta, eggs and topped with mozzarella cheese, into the oven for 35/40 mins.
(Follow the #dangerdollkitchen hashtag on Instagram or visit my Facebook page for more food ideas.)

Cat Frittata
Complete with background cat!

While its cooking, I check my e-mails and get the music away to Canterbury TV for Friday’s appearance.

And then it’s bedtime – a bit later than what I needed, but I had to get the food done. In bed at 11:40pm … must sleep, early start again.

Thursday, 16th July
Alarm: 5:45am – snooze for 15 mins today while I checked into the online world, then shower, breakfast, vitamins, face, hair, dress and off to the gym!

HIIT workout – feeling great, then off to work.

Bonita HIIT

Busy day at the office today – I am an events and marketing manager at a large venue.  We have five bars, four function areas, a restaurant, sports grounds etc.  I manage all the sales, bookings and planning for the different rooms, book entertainment, manage events and am responsible for all the marketing, as well as being the daytime duty manager and performing other general tasks.  I have a mixture of functions that I look after; weddings, corporates, birthdays, funerals, memorials, community events, sporting events etc.  It’s a busy and varied role and I’ve been with this company for three years now.

Finished up work at 4:45pm, then drove straight to the city to teach Burlesquercise; my fourth class for the week.  I just love teaching these classes; I look around the room and see such a diverse group of ladies who are all having a great time! There’s lots of smiles and energy and they are being challenged physically, experiencing personal growth and developing confidence.  It makes me so happy and I just smile from seeing them all so happy.  It’s wonderful to watch how the ladies all grow over time, like butterflies!  The age range goes from late teens through to grandmas; all shapes, body types, fitness levels and abilities!  Everyone is super-supportive of each other and the girls have made some lovely friendships – as have I.


After class I zoom straight home – it’s now almost 7pm and I have my next group of students arriving at 7:30!  So I cook one of my super express meals!  (I always cook my own food – I don’t go for convenience, I need good nutrition to sustain my busy lifestyle – food is top priory for me, and I love it!)

So with 10 mins to spare, I let the food settle just for a second, and then my burlesque beginners start to arrive.  Tonight we work on a chair routine – the girls learnt the whole routine in one night. Glove peels and hair flicks, influenced by 80’s rock tonight – a tonne of fierce sexiness!  We are into week three and the girls are starting to get their own vibe.


The class finished up about 8:45pm, then I packed for my TV appearance in the morning, showered, washed my hair and went to bed!  Phew! Time for sleep – it’s an early start again tomorrow and I’m singing early.  I have a slight sore throat from not quite enough sleep so must rest!

Friday, 17th July 2015
Alarm:  5:30am
Have appearance on Canterbury TV this morning so have to get my hustle on!  Shower, breakfast, makeup and hair, then start to warm up the voice.

Out the door and off to the studio. I arrive early so stay in my car for a bit and keep warming up my voice.


I get settled into the green room and get changed into my outfit – skirt by Pretty Things (a boutique in Christchurch) and as always, makeup cosmetics by Beauty For You.

9am – I head into the studio and sound check my song “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”   All the crew were very friendly and welcoming, which made things nice and stress-free. We laid down the track three times to get the best camera angles and mix from the two cameras.


After that was done I went back to the green room and waited for the live show to start. I was up first for an interview with host Andrea Allen – the interview went well – it was easy flow and I enjoyed it!!

I finished up, headed to my car for a quick catch-up on social media as it had just aired and lots of people saw it … it was nice to see all the lovely comments.

Worked the rest of the day, then supermarket (I swear I go there like four times a week!) and home. Cooked dinner then spent the evening catching up on some marketing – updating my business cards and online talent directories.

I finally finished up on the computer at 1am and took myself off to bed!

Saturday, 18th July
Alarm:  was set for 9, but I woke up at 7.30.  Lay in bed a while and caught up on social media.  Out of bed, made breakfast (omelette today,) then shower, face, hair and start to pack for show tonight.

I headed out the door at 11am and popped in to see the crew at Gymeez (I’m a Gymeez brand ambassador.) Then I head to 1 More Round (where I do boxing classes), for a special session today. They were interviewing a new instructor from overseas, so she ran an “insanity class” for us. It was high intensity and got my heart pumping – I really enjoyed it!

After class it was straight back home to get ready for my Burlesquercise Open Day at 3:30pm.

Open Day class

I headed back into town and the girls started to arrive – fantastic turnout – 65 ladies!  It made me feel so proud to look around the room and know that something Ruby and I have created brings so much enjoyment and value to so many women – it was a fantastic class!

After that it was straight home to put on my stage makeup, style my hair and get ready as quickly as possible.  I smashed some of my frittata down and headed out the door to Sumner for the “Blues in the Night” concert. Tonight I did my “Belle” and “Bright Lights” acts.


It was a fab night – always a pleasure to share the stage with such talented musicians.Bright Lights

Post-show it’s straight home for me to wind down and then into bed at 1:15am.

Sunday, 19th July
Alarm: set for 8am, but I woke up at 7am – it’s hard to sleep in even when I want to!  Breakfast, shower, face and hair – today I’m off to Akaroa for a #dangerdollstreetteam day trip.

The weather has been pretty miserable the last couple of days, and it did turn people away today, but there were nine of us which was a nice wee group.

We hit the road out of Christchurch, stopping at Little River for coffee. Then it was up over the hill where we found some snow, the kids liked playing in it (myself included!)


Then we headed on to Akaroa where we went to a local restaurant for lunch.  The weather was pretty darn cold so we decided against a trek as we had little ones, and wandered around the township instead.  We almost got blown off the jetty, it was so windy!

DangerDoll Snow

After an explore around the shops we started on the trip back to Christchurch.

After that I headed to Riccarton Mall in search of a new sports bra to contain my girls. Success!  And I managed to buy another couple of bras for upcoming shoots, and a pair of wet-look jeans.

Off home and had some time to prep some food for lunches and make my low-carb frittata.   Then I made some dinner and sat down to enjoy that – smoked salmon and veges.

After dinner I did a bit of marketing work and reclined on the couch and watched “That Sugar Film” which I brought on DVD. I highly recommend watching it.  It was nice to chill on the couch – I’m feeling a bit tired tonight, after a few late nights.

Now I’m climbing into bed; the alarm is set for 5:30am and I’ll be off to the gym in the morning.

Bonita and Baxter

I’m having a cuddle with Baxter before lights out. Hazel and  Sapphire are both in their spots on the end of the bed – not much room left in here for me to be fair!

So that rounds out the week.  What will next week hold?
Plenty I’m sure!


Mumpty: So … as you can see, Bonita is an incredibly motivated woman.  I always thought she was fabulous.  Now, after this week, I am totally in awe of her.  Bonita Danger Doll – you motivate the hell out of me!  Mmmm – let’s recap shall we:

Burlesque performer
Dedicated and disciplined gym goer
Clean eater
Princess Bonita (for parties, not in general!)
Burlesquercise instructor
Stage coach/mentor
DangerDollStreetTeam mentor
Hair stylist
Makeup artist
Gymeez brand ambassador
Face of Beauty for You

Bonita__Stage Artistry

Incredible right?  Bonita Danger Doll is one of the most inspirational women I know.  To follow her hectic and beautiful life, click away!

Website: here.
Facebook: here.
Princess Bonita: here.
Instagram: @dangerdoll
Twitter: @Danger_Doll
DangerDollStreetTeam: #dangerdollstreetteam

Love, the #CaptainoftheDangerDollFanTeam


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