Mumpty’s (ever-so-current) “Pinup Wishlist”

‘Ya know right back when I started my blog, I posted this graphic – “How to Spot a Pinup Girl”?

How to spot a pinup.
Image via

Well … I thought I’d go through each of these individual components of the Pinup Girl, and tell you Mumpty’s current wish list from that “genre” shall we say.

So – I’m starting at the top:

Dita doRetro hairstyle – still can’t do this. I have continual disasters and a cupboard full of heated rollers (both velcro and plain); Lock’n’Roll curlers, curling irons, hooded hairdryers, sponge rollers, pin curl clips – you name it, I have it … still can’t do it!!! Therefore, I have made the decision that I am a “modern pinup” so to hell with all of that!  I will use my GHD and hope for the best.  Some of Dita’s do’s (and this one in particular) do still make me sigh with envy. Although in fairness, ALL of Dita makes me sigh with envy.

Cat eyes – can you believe it … over the last week or so I feel I have suddenly mastered these!  I use the Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner which comes in a teeny tiny black cylinder-thing with a really fine brush.  It goes on super-well and stays on, which is a good thing.  Sadly, at 46, I won’t be getting the perfect cat eye any more, but I feel like I’m doing OK lately!

Classy cleavage – I have a lot of Pinup Girl Clothing dresses and the slightly lower-cut tops on their dresses do need to be kept in check sometimes!  Particuarly when wearing them to work – crop cardies that fasten at the front are excellent for this.

Wiggle dress – now I have a tummy, and it’s not a shy tummy – it likes to be seen (and not in a cool, midriff-baring kind of way.)  Annoyingly.  So the wiggle is not always my friend, however when it does come under my control again (she says confidently!) I will be heading straight to Pinup Girl Clothing to purchase the Gilda gown – and quite possibly in leopard-print – cos I feel this is an understated one and very pretty.

PUG Gilda

It’s not really a problem I know, but it is a slight problem in that when you wear pretty dresses, heels and petticoats to work every day and a dress-up occasion occurs, you really want something with that bit of extra vavoom!  The Gilda gown does it for me I think.

Hair flower – I do have a few of these, but next time I need something a little special for my head attire, I will pop on over to Pop That Cassette – she does some gorgeous ones and I do like to support local NZ talent!

Red lipstick – I have LOTS of these. My current favourite though is Redrum by Jeffree Star.  Have you tried it?  You should – you’ll love it!  I did a comparison here between Lime Crime Velvetines and Redrum.  Spoiler alert if you can’t be bothered – it’s just better.  I’d like to try a Kat Von D one some time soon too.

Retro bag – I am very fussy as to which bags I like, so while I don’t have any retro-styled bags as such, I do have vintage bags and that’s kinda the same right?  I have wanted one of these limited edition Louis Vuitton Murakami collaboration bags for a while now. The cherries appeal to me.

LV Cherry

Killer pumps – Mumpty LOVES shoes.  I have decided I would LOVE a pair of BAIT‘s – and this is the pair I have decided I want the most (currently.)


The Lola – in electric blue.  It would go with LOTS of my wardrobe.

Circle skirt – I am HANGING OUT (HANGING OUT, I TELL YOU!) for the black Jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing.   I have twelve billion things in my wardrobe it would go with (including my new Dita cardigan in emerald – squeeee, yes I got it!)

Petticoat/crinoline – as per Miss Victory Violet’s recommendation, I would like to try a Malco Modes petticoat – probably in purple I think.

Unicorn dress – I am adding this – it’s not actually in the “How to Spot a Pinup Girl” image!  A unicorn dress is called that, not because it has unicorns on it (although it might!), but because it is that elusive dress you missed out on and now you can’t bloody well get.  And here is my unicorn dress.

PUG Jenny PurpleThe Jenny dress in dark purple by Pinup Girl Clothing.  But I have a plan, and that plan is underway …

So that is my ever-so-current pinup wish list!  What’s yours?

Unicorns and crinolines …



One thought on “Mumpty’s (ever-so-current) “Pinup Wishlist”

  1. I always tend to do the same thing with my hair…I really need to start trying new things! I’d love to have Veronica Lake waves like Dita Von Teese has!! Oh, love Bait Footwear….I want all their shoes!! ha!

    Regina / Head Glam Girl at Margarita Bloom
    Margarita Bloom | Retro Vintage Skincare & Beauty
    Twitter: @mbglamourville @margaritabloom
    Instagram: @margaritabloom


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