You really should be at BananaRama …


It’s this coming Saturday night folks, and on doing my research, it appears to me that the amazing Lilly Loca has put together yet another brilliant show.  I am devastated to be missing this one as I simply can’t make it this weekend, however next time Lilly puts on a show, I’ll be there with bells (or certainly something sparkly) on!

Lilly Loca’s production company, VavaVoom Productions, is proud to be putting on BananaRama – a burlesque and comedy spectacular.  Lilly describes the show as an opportunity to “get your glad rags on and enjoy an evening of comedy, burlesque and frivolity” – why not, I say!

So let’s have a quick look at the lineup of talent then, hey …

Mark Scott – funny man and Master of Ceremonies.  His profile says he has performed “on a Carribean cruiseship, in a Canadian corporate box, an Adelaide garbage alley and oil towns through Alberta to British Columbia” – I reckon that pretty much qualifies him to put on a damm good show in lil’ ol’ Auckland!

Fanciforia Foxglove – from Wellington.  I LOVE this woman; she is a comedic talent for sure – her special brand of burlesque and comedy “mooched” together make her a crowd favourite, and who wouldn’t love this face?  I believe show-goers will be treated to Fanci’s Lucille Ball-inspired act, of which I am pretty jealous.

Fanci Photo Safari
Image by Mark Waters

Lilly Loca – putting the Va-Va-VOOM into Vaudeville!  Lilly really needs no introduction – suffice to say she’ll knock your socks off with her saucy, sexy sassiness!

Image by Picaresque Photography

Logan Kitney – a standup comedian who does tricks?  He sounds bloody fabulous to me!

Logan Kitney
Dave Danger (Comedian) – I suspect this image may just say it all!

Dave Danger
Dixie Caramel – firstly, can I say – what a great stage name. Secondly, Dixie is an excellent performer – I saw her perform at this year’s Very Vintage Day Out, and very entertaining she was.  Dixie is warming up for her performance at the New Zealand Burlesque Festival in October, and I’m sure she’s got something sweet cooking for BananaRama …


Patty Haag – Patty is apparently “the daughter of a Catholic school girl and a Satanist salesman” so grew up not really knowing who she was.  She says she “ate her way through high school and failed her way through beautician training.”  Her aspiration at the moment is to piggy back off Lilly Loca’s fame so she’s joined Lilly’s troupe of talented performers in an effort to do so!  Lilly says she’s been trying to get rid of her ever since – she sounds PERFECT to me!

Patty Haag
Image by LowePhoto

The ZacAttack Band is a three piece live jazz band – how fabulous – I do love a good jazz band!  The band features Matt on bass guitar, Daniel on drums and Zac on keys. These three have been playing together regularly this year as part of the musical theatre open mic night, New York Nights.

Lilly’s Bambina Burlesque Academy showgirls are performing too; they’re Auckland’s newest shimmy shakin’ burlesque troupe!  The troupe includes Madam Mutiny, Dusty Ashs, Ms Ruby Rebel and VolaTile and Tia Misu.  Now I’ve seen Madam Mutiny, Ms Ruby Rebel and VolaTile perform and they were awesome (see my review of their performances at Glamilton’s Grand Tease heats here) – the audience is definitely going to love these ladies!


VIP tickets are long gone and actually, I think you’d better get in prettttty quickly in order to get your GA tickets too as there are very few left.

To get your tickets, call the Uxbridge Centre on 09-535 6467. Let’s make sure Lilly Loca gets a SOLD OUT show!

Bananas and Ramas …


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