Weird search terms

(also known as:  search terms that have somehow bought people to!)

So I was browsing through my blog stats this afternoon, and thought I would share with you some of the weird and wonderful things people have typed into their computers, causing Google to send them to MumptyStyle.  Many of them I get, but some of them … what the???!!!!Pinup

Groom of the stool (OK – I did actually write about that – click here if you’re interested)
Expensive key holders
Nipple twirling
Dressing up quotes
Coney Bow burlesque
Azurre D’Murre
Facts about Coco Chanel
Louis Vuitton purse charms
Mothers Day pics dirty language
Onny light painting (what even is that?)
Leda Petit
Monique Sweet
Monique deberry (bit of confusion there I think!)
Dead sexy burlesque (isn’t it all dead sexy?!)
Miss Victory Violet
Firecracker tits
Mumpty willow
Elvis Presley alive
Elvis presley bad things
Gosh bag 2014
Mumpty’s boots (I don’t have any!)
Miss Victory Violet engagement ring
Shaved bodypainting

Mac tittle tassle (a new burger perhaps?!)
Miss chevious nude glitters
When will Sephora’s website be fixed november 6 (how would I know?!)
King Henry constipation (what?!)
Six girls together
Louis Vuitton collaboration (I wish!)
Who won miss viva las vegas pinup 201
Stealing girl’s pantyhose (not on my watch!)
Flo Foxworthy husband
Jenny the pug clothes

Sexy black american booty (HOW did that direct them to  MumptyStyle!)
What was the name of the hotel Coco Chanel lived in for 30 years
Books worn around the neck
Paula penfold went to school
Paula Ryan/Kylie Bax
Wife got me some double strap mary jane flat shoes with a bow (!)
Gypsy tits
“dirty martini feet” (having seen Dirty Martini perform, I don’t think you’re gonna be looking at her feet somehow!)

And there were some others, but they were a bit more crude than I wanted to include here on MumptyStyle!  Some people …

Anyway, if any of you out there in Bloggerland have some funny ones from your site that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them!

Yours in disbelief …


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