Selfie September

I decided back in August that September would be a great month to spread some positivity, so I am running a series called Selfie September.

If you’re interested in starring in Selfie September, send me an e-mail to, with your selfie and a few words about why you love it!  It doesn’t have to be a glammed-up selfie (although it can be!) – it’s whatever makes you smile!

So … without further ado, first up in Mumpty’s Selfie September is the glorious Miss Cherry Lashes


Cherry says …
“This is my favourite selfie!  

Most of the selfies I have taken are at burlesque shows where I am dolled up.  It’s amazing how different you can look and feel when you put on a face full of makeup – a mask to hide the ugliness I feel a lot of the time.  This is one of the few selfies I look at – au natural – that I can see some beauty in.

I have a goofy smile and a carefree playful attitude shining through, which I inherited from my father who is posing in the background!”

Mumpty says …
I’ve met Miss Cherry Lashes backstage at a couple of burlesque shows – she’s supportive, happy and super-talented!  Love that girl …

Yours in carefree, playful attitudes  …


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