Selfie September – Courtney & Poss

Next up in my Selfie September is an awesome lady I know and her pet possum, Poss …

Courtney & Poss

Courtney says …
“This selfie captures one of my favourite days at work to date!  I got to bring my pet Poss to work, and snuggle him on my lunch break.  

There is something so wonderful about having your pet in your place of work.  This is exactly what Poss does when he comes out of my sweater for air, normally accompanied by face licks and nuzzles!

He is my best friend!”

Mumpty says …
Courtney is one of the most hilarious, caring and fabulous people I know – and I don’t even know her that well!  Her love for Poss (and all her other animals) is so inspiring and I wish there were lots more people just like her!

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Yours in selfies ..


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