Selfie September – Madame Mutiny

Next up for Selfie September is Madam Mutiny, who sent me two very different photos and they’re both gorgeous.

Madam Mutiny

Madam Mutiny says …
“I saw on your FB a call for submissions for Selfie September and thought I’d send two of my favourites 🙂

The first is a composite selfie.  I’ve recently taken the plunge into the fabulous world of burlesque and it’s been such a whirlwind boost in confidence – both in myself and my post baby body.

The first half of the shot is my first little experience with drag, and the second half is my tired face after filming my application footage for Grand Tease Hamilton, which I was really grateful to compete in!

For me these selfies not only show my journey as a new performer but also the power of makeup to transform and enhance the beauty and soul within.  (Side note: my first drag performance will be on Halloween as part of Disco Bloodbath at Whammy Bar, so excited and nervous!!)


The second is one of me holding my youngest son (Tiberius) after a rare night out. I’m currently doing Honours in Art History (full time) and juggling two kids, so life is crazy busy.  It’s really rewarding to come home, snuggle up in a bathrobe and have sleepy cuddles.

Mumpty says …
I love the contrast in these two photos; fierce burlesque babe and beautiful soft mum!  A happy woman = a happy mum and I applaud Maree/Madam Mutiny for working so hard to make that happen.

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Making it work for woman and mums ..


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