Selfie September – Amber Bambi

Next up for Selfie September is Amber Bambi – isn’t her selfie GORGEOUS?!

Amber Bambi

Amber says …
“Selfie of me realising ..  ahh one more day left of the shop being open! Exciting!”

And because pictures say a thousand words … here’s another:


Mumpty says …
As you can see, Amber is a very beautiful, vintage-loving girl with buckets of style!  She and her Mum ran a much-loved vintage shop in Devonport, Viva La Vintage, but she has now decided it’s time for a change.  (You can still buy from her online, or visit her website by clicking here.)

I wish Amber all the luck in the world for whatever she decides to focus her formidable talents on next!

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Moving onwards and upwards  ..


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