Selfie September – Michelle

Next up for Selfie September is Michelle – a gorgeous friend of mine from years back.


Michelle says …
“I was a professional photographer for over 15 years and I love this photo as it always amazes me how angles and lighting are so important and how if you get it right, it’s a lovely photo, get it wrong and your convinced you are not photogenic at all!

Having a lovely photo of yourself makes you feel good and that’s a great feeling! xx”

Mumpty says …
Michelle is an old friend from years back and when this sefie popped up on my newsfeed it made me smile! As Michelle says, she was a photographer for 15 years and she took some gorgeous photos of my sisters and I for our parents’ 40th wedding anniversary – I still love those photos and I’m so grateful to her for capturing those memories for us.

I always knew Michelle was going to make a success of her life and she has (she sells diamonds for a living for goodness sake!) – and it makes me so happy to see the incredible love she has for her gorgeous little boy, who as she says, is “her world.”

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Creating beautiful selfies since forever  ..


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