We went to the Amy Winehouse doco ..

(and here’s what I thought)


On Thursday night Miss Monique Sweet and I headed off on a lady-date to see the Amy Winehouse documentary at the Lido Theatre.

I love Amy’s music and think her voice is incredible, so I was really interested to see this doco – although I did have a feeling it might make me quite sad, and … I was right!

What an incredible talent – lost to this world FAR too soon.  As Tony Bennett (one of Amy’s idols) said “Life teaches you how to live it if you live long enough.” Unfortunately Amy wasn’t able to control her demons and in the end, her body couldn’t take the treatment she dished it out.

I felt really sorry for her – in a world where she was adored by so many, she really did seem to be quite alone.  Although I don’t want to jump on that particular train, I would just point out that neither of her parents would be in the running for “Parent of the Year” and that husband of her’s certainly did her no favours either.  Having said that, I do realise the documentary is quite a sympathetic portrayal of Amy, and if you look at pictures and footage of her behaviour toward the end of her life, there was some level of personal responsibility that just wasn’t taken.  However, if this documentary is accurate, I feel that a lot of her opportunities to get clean and get her life back on track were taken away from her and she was forced into situations she just wasn’t ready for at the time, and she subsequently turned back to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.


One thing that really struck me was how incredibly personal her lyrics were and what a great songwriter she was.  She said “I wouldn’t be able to write nothing that wasn’t directly personal to me … just ‘cos I wouldn’t be able to tell the story right.”  When you see the doco, you’ll see how hugely personal and relevant “Rehab” and “Back to Black” in particular were to her life.

Anyway, I found this documentary to be a very sensitive and intimate portrayal of Amy’s life.  I would highly recommend it … but take along some tissues, ‘cos it’s kinda sad!

Special thanks to Miss Monique Sweet for her most excellent company.

Yours in Amy-appreciation


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