Selfie September – Mumpty

Next up for Selfie September … is me!


Mumpty says …
“This selfie is filtered – obviously!  And cropped to get rid of the fuzzy new hair growth that sticks up vertically at the top of my head!  

But … I like it!  I took this with my new free camera timer app, and normally I have to take 6,782 selfies before I get one I would even consider uploading, so I thought for a first effort, this was pretty good!  

I love black and white images – they just seem that little bit edgier and dramatic, and who doesn’t want to be edgy and dramatic right?!  Well … me actually!  But you know what I meant …  

It’s nearly the end of September – I think I have space for two more Selfie September features – will it be you?

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All dramatic and edgy  …


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