Selfie September – Miss Mollie Tov

Next up for Selfie September … is the delightful Miss Mollie Tov!


Miss Mollie Tov says …
“This is my favourite selfie at the moment for several reasons – the first is this is me at work – I love my job because my wonderful boss accepts me for me and allows me to embrace who I am as a person.  This means I can dress how I want to dress, which is awesome.  I dress in pinup  style every day and have blue hair – for this, I am truly grateful.♥♥

Secondly this selfie shows me how far I have come in my pinup journey  to date … a few years ago I wouldn’t have dared to wear this type of outfit on a daily basis, and I certainly couldn’t do my hair like this either.  In the last six months especially, I  have taken to wearing very “girly” colours – I’ve really started to embrace my girlishness and am making a conscious effort to expand the colours in my wardrobe from black, red and blue! ♥♥

Lastly, I love that I have this amazing Jenny skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing in the Mary Blair Lavender Roses and Lips print – how could you not love this really?  It makes me feel like I can conquer the world when I wear it.” ♥♥

Mumpty says …
I’ve loved watching Miss Mollie Tov’s pinup journey thus far – I can tell she’s made an effort to stretch far beyond her comfort zone and has made herself all the happier for it.  Miss Mollie Tov is a battler; she’s not afraid to admit she has some tough times, but she comes through them all with a sassy smile! And a big congratulations for her in ticking off another item off her bucket list; to MC a burlesque show!

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Conquering the world, one skirt at at time  …


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