MumptyLoves 02/10/2015

It’s starting to feel like summer here in NZ – squeee!


Gosh it’s been AGES since I did a MumptyLoves … so I present to you now, MumptyLoves, the October version …

♥ Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyelinerMaybelline-Master-Precise11
As a devotee of the winged eye, this product is a gift from the eyeliner gods!  Up until now I’d been extremely happy with Rimmel ScandalEyes (and I still swear by it) but I had heard good things about this product, so I decided to splash out the massive $20 it took to bring it home in my hot little hands.  To be honest, I was pretty disappointed at first; the brush seemed a bit long, and not as easily controlled as the Rimmel one.  However, I persevered with it and I’m so pleased I did, because once I got the hang of it, I feel it produces a nicer, cleaner result than the Rimmel one does.  Give it a try if you’re a winged eyeliner girl …

♥  L’Oreal Serioxyl

SerioxylI am being a little beauty product tryer-outer with these!  A wonderful friend of mine gave me this set to try out when I moaned to her that I had found a bald spot on the side of my head – oh, the horror!  The set consists of a shampoo, conditioner and mousse – it is supposed to grow me like 1700 new hairs in a three month period – or something like that anyway.  Fingers crossed.  In it’s favour so far: it smells great, makes my hair feel quite nice, and does seem to give it some extra body.  Points against: I think it might be a bit drying … lucky I bought the product below then isn’t it!  Anyway, full review to come once I’ve finished it.

♥ LUSH H’Suan Wen Hua hair treatment


The name is a mouthful, I know.  And actually, if you chose to do so, you could probably eat it, as it contains avocado, balsamic vinegar and watercress.  Ya know, just the normal stuff you stick on your hair!  It is said to improve the tensile strength of the hair, so here’s hoping.  Anyway, I bought it to combat the potential drying effects of the Serioxyl and I am liking it a lot.  Like all LUSH products, it’s fresh, so you need to use it relatively fast – don’t keep it for special occasions OK?!

♥ Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover  


Last time I was loving the Simple eye makeup remover, but now I’ve moved on from that, and am loving the Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.  It’s much the same price, and is even more gentle on the eyes than the Simple one.  I got it from the supermarket too – and that’s good ‘cos I like being able to slip things like that into the shopping!

♥ My lavender Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing Lavender Jenny

(Pictured here on the glorious Doris Mayday)
This was an extremely fortuitous acquisition!  My beautiful friend Miss Monique Sweet spied it for me and I bought it, knowing full well it would be too small, but thinking I would get it made into a skirt.  However, in a moment of inspiration, I decided to put it on the PUG Sell & Swap group, and guess what!  I swapped it for a larger size with the most FABULOUS girl in Arizona.   She was thrilled and I was thrilled, and now I have a new PUG-Friend!  Don’t you just love it when the stars align?!

♥ Flowers 


Flowers make me happy – I think you should have them in every room, don’t you?

♥ Christian Louboutin “Anjalina” 70mm pumps

Louboutin Anjalina

Sigh … baby blue patent leather; miniature silver spikes; a workable heel and that red sole.  Good God.

What are your favourite things lately?  By the way, if you enjoyed this version of MumptyLoves, there are more editions here.

Treasure the things that make you happy …



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