Doing, wanting, reading, loving # 3…

Another little round-up of what’s up!

Punnet cakes
Raw cheesecakes by Punnet Cafe in Tamahere
To kick the week off, I thought I’d do another little roundup of what I’m doing, wanting, reading etc etc.  The last one I did was here – and the one before that was here.  So, here goes:

Doing: lots of helping my daughter get her lamb ready for Ag Day – testing her on what she needs to know; holding her lamb while she cleans it etc.  Much as I love these little lambs, I am pretty pleased this is the last one!   being extremely jealous that I didn’t go to the NZ Burlesque Festival in Palmerston North over the weekend.  Every year I think “right, next year I’m going” but I just never seem to get there.  Next year it is then!   being thrilled to bits with my new dress, made for me by the wonderful Judy Dee    tackling my weight via Dukan! smiling, laughing and just having fun!

Wanting:  last time I said more petticoats and that is still the case.  Since the last edition I have added a black version; however I’m still in want/need of baby blue, lemon, purple and green versions  a nice, fitted leopard print shrug – I’m thinking this one from Wheels & Dollbaby  Wheels&Dollbaby shrug   the Jenny dress  from Pinup Girl Clothing in purple harlequin – I believe this dress is what’s called a “unicorn”
 M.A.C Velvet Teddy  a Range Rover Evoque – STILL  Not to sound horribly materialistic – too late right?!

Reading: I am in the middle of a book called “The Shack” and so far it is pretty good.  It received glowing reviews from my Book Club and that’s always a good thing in my books!   And I’ve re-read “The Plains of Passage” by Jean Aeul because I ADORE all of the books from this series  – it’s called the  Earth Child series – if you haven’t read them, I HIGHLY recommend them – aside from my Tudor history books, they are my favourite things to read.

Eating/drinking: squeaky cheese – every night-of-the-weekly-shop we have it!  carbonated water  the chocolate birthday cake my nephew made me – so good   soy lattes from my local and MUCH-LOVED cafe, Punnet (you can read about Punnet here – and also, I stole my opening pic for this post from them!)    salted caramel protein bars (she says, trying to kid herself and failing, that they are better for her!)

Loving: ♥ life in general; our daughter and her Daddy specifically!
 Daylight Savings  rainbows;  emerald green grass   Instagram   my Book Club (read why you should join one here pink blossoms everywhere   surrounding myself with clever, sassy friends   New Year’s resolutions (early, I know!) my family growing older and learning what is, and what’s not, important to me.

Sending all the love to:  Nat, aka Lilly Loca who is sometimes too hard on herself!  Flo Foxworthy – Flo has an exhibition of her incredible work called “Burlesque – the costume art of Flo Foxworthy” in Palmerston North at the moment – check it out if you’re down that way   Jen from My name is Jennifer and I have breast cancer – an amazing, incredible, phenomenal woman (with a husband and family to match.) Get your breasts checked ladies.  And while we’re talking about that, my gorgeous friend Kirsty from Makeup Obsessives wrote about the time she found a lump.
Read it here.Mammogram

Proud of:   soooo many things, most of them too personal to talk about. But … our daughter – always. My friends, some of whom do amazing things like perform burlesque at shows and festivals and put their hearts and souls into it.   My family – who are incredible and supportive and just cool.

Manizer sisters

Obsessed with: frocks my new eyeshadow palette from SauceBox  my new The Manizer Sisters palette from The Balm
my new purple dress; my new black Jenny dress; my new orange cardy and my new gothic lace bolero.  So many new pretties – aren’t birthday’s fabulous!

Grateful for: my family; my friends;  health success and happiness – for everyone  living in the country – all that space and fresh air is bliss plus all of the above!  (I know right – this hasn’t changed since last time – but why fix it if it ‘aint broke?!)

Loving, doing, wanting, reading … 


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