Manuka Doctor facial peel review

Manuka Doctor
purifying facial peel

Manuka Doctor

So today I am reviewing the Manuka Doctor apiclear purifying facial peel which I was lucky enough to receive in my last Beauty Box from Kirsty at Makeup Obsessives.

Now as stated in my previous reviews, I don’t pretend to be a “pro-fesh-inal” beauty blogger, and I really can’t be bothered talking about the ingredients; where they’re sourced; the benefits of those ingredients and that sort of stuff!  (Of course that stuff IS important, but you’ll have to go elsewhere – soz.  PS: I believe Shaaanxo of Youtube fame, did a video review on it, so maybe search that out.)  I’m just here to tell you about how it felt when I put it on and what result I got. PS: It contains manuka honey – obviously.

So here’s my wee rundown:

Texture: clay-like, and soothingly cool to apply (probably not so appealing in winter though)
Colour: white
Smell: pleasant – can’t think of a smell it reminds me of, so let’s just say it smells like itself!

Bee facial

And before you say it,  I know … I am glorious!  Bet you’re pleased I didn’t use that as the first pic huh – that would’ve scared you out of your chair!

So anyway … application.
It’s very easy to apply – you basically hold your hair out of the way (Mumpty’s top tip: because if you don’t … it’s veerrrrry hard to get out!) and then smear it across your pre-cleansed face in a thin, even layer, avoiding the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. As you can see, I didn’t do a great job of avoiding my mouth or my eyebrows, but this was my first application and I learnt from it, believe me!

Then you leave it for 10-15 minutes (or longer if you’re stupid like me (see why that was stupid later) and then once it’s all dry and there are no sticky bits; you can start to peel it off.  It’s MOSTLY easy to peel off and actually, quite a lot of fun.

Here I am, mid-peel:

Bee facial 2

As you can see … it peels off just dandy.

Once you’ve had all the fun peeling the major bits off, you can just take a warm facecloth and wipe the rest away.  I, of course, tried to pick and peel the stuff out of my eyebrows and hair for hours before realising there was an easier way. Duh.

The results?  
Well … I must say, my skin felt FABULOUS afterwards.  I applied my normal moisturiser and went to bed all glowy and hydrated (my face that is!)  The next morning I swear my fine lines (I like to kid myself they’re still fine!) were minimised and my skin felt quite lush and smooth, which is always a nice thing in the morning isn’t it?

A word of warning … because I was so excited about having such lovely glowy skin, I decided to do it twice in one week, and to leave it on for longer than the recommended period (OK – that part was because I was too lazy to get up and do it until the ads came on.)  So a few days after that, my skin started flaking in little patches around my mouth and nose, which led me to believe that perhaps one shouldn’t be quite so enthusiastic with it – probably weekly is enough.  For reference, my skin is slightly sensitive, but pretty well-behaved really – tending toward dry, rather than oily.

Important public* service announcement – of course, if you’re allergic to bees or pollen or anything like that, you’d kinda want to steer clear of this stuff, bee-ing (did you see what I did there?!) that it contains purified bee venom.

Bee back soon with another review …





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* I checked that 12 million times to ensure I didn’t write “pubic” service announcement, because that would have just been embarrassing, right?


Crazy Diamond @ The Meteor: Mumpty’s Review

Crazy Diamond @ The Meteor:
Mumpty’s review 

Crazy DiamondNov15
The cast and crew at Crazy Diamond

Last night I attended the final Crazy Diamond Burlesque Show for the year and what a cracker it was, with not only superb local talent but some fabulously inspirational national acts as well.

Mumpty loves seeing acts she’s never seen before and tonight was a goodie for that, with Volumptuous Twinkle, Anglebert Humpermink, The Pixie & The Goth and of course, the debut act from Obsidian (a debut which Simon Cowell in particular, had been looking forward to apparently!)

Crazy Diamond is the production company of Glamilton’s glamorous duo, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee ~ Burlesque Diva and Miss Ooh La La Paree – Chic, Unique & Magnifique, ably assisted by Azure D’Murre.  These fabulous ladies love to showcase New Zealand’s burlesque talent, but also to mix it up with some non-burlesque talent and plenty of debut acts as well, which makes for a guaranteed good night.

(All photographs taken by burlesque photographer extraordinaire, David Rowe of David Rowe Photography.)  

Group photo

Let the show begin …

Honey Suckle – Return to Eden

Setting the scene was the utterly fabulous Honey Suckle – I have never seen Honey Suckle perform before and what struck me straight away was her absolute confidence onstage – she OWNED that stage and I suspect she might have even been born there! Honey Suckle was the winner of the international scholarship at the recent NZ Burlesque Festival and I can see why.  She was so inspiring to watch; fabulous facials and girl has the mooooves!

Obsidian – The Boss

Obsidian’s debut performance was next.  Now if you don’t know Obsidian, he is very modest, and he shyly told us all out the back that his debut performance had been described as “The most highly anticipated debut performance in modern times” (Simon Cowell) and “a must-see event that will truly enrich your life” (Dalai Lama) – amongst other things!  I am pleased to say, it was VERY entertaining – Obsidian did a wonderful job strutting his stuff and another man/boylesquer is always welcome on the scene!  Well done Obsidian – Mumpty looks forward to seeing many more performances.  Just imagine how you will be when you come out of your shell!!!

Ooh La La 1
Miss Ooh La La Paree – Queen of Atlantis

Miss Ooh La La Paree is a seasoned performer and never fails to give it her all, meaning the audience can always be assured of a treat when she sashays onto the stage.  This time was no exception, but what really knocked Mumpty’s socks off was her costume!  Un-freakin-believable!  It really and truly was a visual spectacular from start to finish – that cape.  Ooooooh! This costume has been almost three years in the making I believe and Miss Ooh La La has been working closely with the incredibly talented Judy Dee of CurvyCouture to bring it to it’s glorious final state.  As Honey Suckle said backstage, however, “a burlesque costume is never finished” and Judy has a few alterations in mind – but honestly – WOW doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it! The beautiful gloves were bedazzled by the fabulous Holly Dai who was recently in New Zealand performing at the NZ Burlesque Festival.

The Goth and The Pixie
The Goth & The Pixie

Talented local duo The Goth & The Pixie were next up.  Young, gorgeous, kooky and hauntingly good, they performed two pieces (the first one I kinda missed unfortunately as I was out the back) – the second was a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and I could have listened all night.  I really enjoy these interludes – they provide a nice foil for the burlesque acts.

Volumptuous Twinkle
Volumptuous Twinkle

Hailing from Wellington, Volumptous Twinkle was another act that was new-to-Mumpty – bawdy and hilarious, Volumptuous Twinkle was an absolute star.  I LOVED her (very wicked) costume (which I got the opportunity to see up-close backstage) and I could tell from the audience’s laughter, so did they!

Tittle Tattle Mek us a brew
Ms Tittle Tattle – Mek us a brew

Mumpty loves a bit of burlesque comedy, and Ms Tittle Tattle’s “Mek us a brew” was funny, innovative and clever.  Most of the other acts I’ve seen Ms Tittle Tattle perform are classic and sultry, so it was awesome to see her draw yet another weapon in her performance arsenal!   Love Ms Tittle Tattle – she’s sassy, sexy and now funny as well!

Honey Suckle – Magic Bunny

Act two kicked off with the glorious Honey Suckle’s second act – this time performing her much-anticipated “Magic Bunny.”  Prop placement caused a bit of consternation out back for the stage kittens and me, but the stage kittens were absolutely wonderful and got everything set just perfectly so Honey Suckle’s act went like clockwork.  It was an amazing act full of energy, vibrancy and again – she just exuded confidence on stage.  Honey Suckle is THE.BOMB.DIGGITY!  Also – act one; started with an apple; act two – a carrot.  Go figure.  And … an imaginative use of balloons by Honey Suckle!

Ooh La La Police
Miss Ooh La La Paree – Policewoman to Jailbird

I’ve seen Miss Ooh La La perform this act before and I love it every time!  It really showcases her comic sense of timing and the incredible facials she makes crack me up every time.  And those pasties (“Bad” and “Girl”) are a delight!

Mollie Tov
Miss Mollie Tov – Sway, Big Spender

Glamilton burlesquer, Miss Mollie Tov, shimmied her way onto the stage through the audience, where she proceeded to bombard it with glitter!  Glitter, fans and a bit of “Sway” never goes astray right?!

Tittle Tattle Creole
Gorgeous Ms Tittle Tattle – Creole Nights

Back to her sassy, sexy best with this one … Ms Tittle Tattle had the audience spellbound with her cheeky teasing and superb tassel-twirling – no wonder she won the Biggest Tease award at The Grand Tease recently!  Her costume was beautiful and she looked incredible – big ups to you Ms Tittle Tattle!

Anglebert Humpermink – Quando

All good things have to end, and drawing the show to it’s magnificent close was the hilarious, and ever-so-sexy Anglebert Humpermink.  Profusely hairy and delightfully portly, Angelbert could only be described as sex-on-a-stick – an absolute sidesplittingly funny, joy to watch!

Fiasco Belle
Fiasco Belle – MC Wonderful!

A final mention now to the wonderful, wonderful MC for the evening – Fiasco Belle.   I loved the way she pulled the show together with wit, charm, some tragic (but funny!) jokes and her own engaging character.   Fiasco – you were truly brilliant and I hope to see A LOT more of you in the MC role in future.

Stage Kittens: Aly Cat and Miss Scarlett Soiree

Big thanks also to our brilliant stage kittens Aly Cat and Miss Scarlett Soiree, who did their jobs sooo well and kept everything humming onstage.  I feel like the importance of the role of stage kitten is underestimated sometimes and these girls rocked it.

Door Dolly – Miss Chevious Cinders

And of course one cannot forget, our glamorous Door Dolly, the Grand Dame of NZ Burlesque (check out her sash!), Miss Chevious Cinders. 

And now for some backstage antics:

Top L-R: Obsidian strikes a casual pose; Miss Ooh La La Paree in her wonderful Atlantis outfit, with it’s designer, Judy Dee of CurvyCourture. Bottom L-R: Pixie Twist assists Miss Mollie Tov with her corset; Judy and Miss Ooh La La again!

And last but not least … Mumpty – on her way to stage-manage the last Crazy Diamond show for 2015.  I couldn’t find any good pics so I tried to do something vaguely interesting with this one!


Shakin’ and shimmyin’ …





How to avoid fakes when buying vintage Louis Vuitton

How to avoid fakes when
buying vintage Louis Vuitton 

Love these two – my Deauville and my daughter’s Mini Speedy.

I am going to start off this post by saying I LOVE Louis Vuitton and I am very lucky to have a reasonable little collection – of course enough is NEVER enough!  My collection has come about mainly through a very dear friend of mine who is one of the most knowledgable people I know about Louis Vuitton, and about vintage Louis Vuitton in particular.

Having said that, my collection is ALL vintage and I have never actually purchased anything directly from a Louis Vuitton store (one day people – one day!)  While I am confident anything I get from my friend will be 100% guaranteed authentic, I am also quite obsessive about researching how to avoid fakes.

So herewith, Mumpty’s 10 Top Tips on how to avoid buying fake vintage Vuitton.  While these tips are very Louis Vuitton specific, some of them are still applicable to other luxury brands as well.

Tip # 1: Firstly – and this may seem very obvious – make sure Louis Vuitton ACTUALLY made a version like the piece you are looking at. Several very good fakes have been caught by someone pointing out the fact that Louis Vuitton never made that style bag in that particular material!  Once  you have ensured the bag you are looking at actually exists, you can carry on with my other tips!

Tip # 2:  Go to a reputable site (I recommend Malleries or Yoogi’s Closet; look up the item you are interested on there and compare.  And compare IN DETAIL – both Malleries and Yoogi’s Closet generally supply very good images so this shouldn’t be difficult.  Louis Vuitton’s quality control is very strict and so their pieces are all very uniform.  Therefore, if something looks different to the pictures you see on these sites, it may flag a potential issue with the one you are looking at.  These sites are perfect when buying vintage as they have a huge library of items they’ve sold and you’ll generally find the one you’re after on there.  Of course you can look at the Louis Vuitton site itself, but you won’t find the vintage stuff on there.

Tip # 3: Look at the date code –  all Louis Vuitton bags and leather goods have a date code somewhere on them (there are some exceptions, but these are very few.)  A date code is normally two letters followed by four numbers and is generally in a pretty discrete place which can be quite hard to find.  Again, look it up on the internet and find out where the date code will be on that particular piece.  Make sure the date code on the piece you are looking at matches the production range for that piece (this is information you can find on the internet too.) So, if a certain colour was discontinued in 2010 for example, and your date code suggests your bag was made later than that date, you need to look into it further.

Also, if the date codes on all the ones on Malleries or Yoogis Closet are stamped into the fabric and yours is on a leather tag … that’s a big red flag.  If your date code is on a leather tag, and you’ve checked that it’s meant to be for that bag, then it should be uniform and centred, not haphazardly imprinted.

Tip # 4: Don’t be fooled by a seller promising you can take it to the Louis Vuitton store for authentication.  Louis Vuitton don’t do that instore – they may have done in the past, but they don’t do it any more.  Having said that, there are places you can go where you can pay to have something authenticated (or otherwise.)  I’ve never done it, but I know you can.

MumptyStyle Annah Stretton at Louis Vuitton
Here is Mumpty swanning around at the LV store in Auckland!

Tip # 5: Louis Vuitton items DO NOT come with authenticity cards.  Genuine LV items are accompanied by little cards that identify the materials used, the product code and barcode and possibly care booklets.  These are NEVER attached to the bag – they’re tucked into the pockets or box or they’re given to you in an envelope with your receipt.  Often vintage bags don’t have any documentation with them at all as it has been long since lost.

Louis Vuitton bags DO NOT come with anything that states “authenticity guaranteed.”    They also don’t do swing tags or little shield-shaped canvas or leather “swatches” – these are all dead giveaways of a fake item.

Tip # 6: Louis Vuitton does not discount – EVER.  Nor do they sell their products as “seconds” or through outlet stores. So if you see an item that is presented as a new sale item or an outlet item; you can be sure it’s fake.  End of.

Tip # 7: Don’t assume a receipt provides assurance of authenticity.  Receipts can be faked just as easily, if not more easily, than the bag itself.  Don’t get me wrong; a receipt is a really good thing to have if you are confident everything else about the bag is authentic; just don’t assume a receipt makes it real without doing your research.

Tip # 8: If the dust bag that accompanies your bag looks anything like this; be very wary – it doesn’t 100% mean the bag’s fake but it’s a big red flag.


Louis Vuitton’s dust bags have changed over the years, but they have never printed the logo in red, and they have never used this thin, yucky material.  Cheap, fake manufacturers seem to love this one.

When you’re researching the bag you’re wanting to purchase, you will probably get an idea of what dust bag originally accompanied your bag.  However, don’t be put off if it doesn’t match – particularly if you’re buying vintage, as dust bags often get lost and people substitute a different dust bag.

Tip # 9: Stitching – should be even, perfect and intact.  If there are 27 stitches on one side for example, there will be 27 stitches on the other.  No variations.  And make sure you compare the colour of the stitching to a bag you know is genuine. Also, if you see “back and forward” stitching anywhere, that’s a good sign of a fake – Louis Vuitton has VERY high standards of workmanship and that sort of thing just wouldn’t make the cut.

Tip # 10: be aware of the pattern.  Louis Vuitton very rarely cuts through its logo – although there is no way round it on some bags.  If the pattern is divided over a seam, it should still align perfectly.  In some cases you WILL see the Louis Vuitton logo upside down (on the Keepall and Speedy mainly) – that is because they use a continuous piece of canvas that wraps from front to back – so don’t be concerned that it is fake because of that.

Bonus tip: check the retail price for the bag and compare.  While a second-hand bag is obviously going to be cheaper than a new one, it shouldn’t be MILES cheaper.  For example, if it’s a reasonably current bag that is still available at Louis Vuitton for $2.5K then don’t expect to get it second-hand for $500 unless its in seriously bad condition.  You need to be reasonable and think if you’d paid $2.5K for a bag and it was still in good condition, what would you be willing to sell it for?

So there you have it – Mumpty’s guide to not buying a fake vintage LV!  The only way to be 100% sure of authenticity, of course, is to buy direct from a Louis Vuitton store – unfortunately not all of us can afford that!

LV love forever …


Only Good review

Review: Only Good body wash

Only Good range
Product shots via the Only Good website (

As part of  my recent birthday present, my sister bought me the “Balance” body wash from the Only Good natural body wash range.

Only Good Balance

I’d never heard of this range before, but honestly, I am SOOO impressed. The smell is DIVINE – when I use it there is this fragrance that fills the room and I just can’t work out what it is. As soon as I think I have it, it’s gone!  The ingredients say there’s Ylang Ylang, rose hip and chamomile, but my little senses think there’s something else there – it kinda reminds me of something from my childhood; I don’t know what though.

Mumpty OnlyGoodAnyway, I just love it and I quite like that little bit of mystery every morning – doesn’t take much to impress me now does it!  It smells good enough to eat, and so here is a ridiculous photo of me pretending to do that  …

Billed as 100% natural, palm free and with no sulfates and no parabens, you really do feel quite virtuous using it.  And of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s cruelty free and comes in a stylish bottle that any girl would be happy to have on display in her bathroom.

But the best thing?  It’s made here in New Zealand and you can get it at your local supermarket!  Mumpty does like to support locally-produced products wherever possible and buying at the supermarket is very convenient don’t ya think?!  (PS: my sister got mine at Countdown.)

I am dying to try the other three body washes in their range; Awaken, Healing and Clarity – lord knows I could do with a bit of clarity some mornings!

So far Only Good just has the body wash in their range, but I’m really hoping they extend it to include scrubs, moisturisers, hair care and that sort of business.  Fingers and toes crossed, because I did hear a little rumour there could be a shampoo on the way, and shampoos are generally accompanied by conditioners, right?

The ONLY negative thing about Only Good I’ve found is that it doesn’t foam up as well as some of the other body washes do, but I think that’s because it doesn’t contain the “nasties” that cause the foaming!  It’s a little thing, but thought I’d mention it!

Anyways, if you’re interested in learning about the Only Good range (and you should be) you can read all about it on their website by clicking here.  And don’t forget to like their Facebook page here.

Otherwise, just hop to your local supermarket and give it a try!

UPDATE: I’ve run out of the Balance one and am now trying the Clarity version – which is peppermint, rosemary and green tea fragrance – mmmmm mmmm!

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ONLY  the GOOD stuff for you guys …



The Balm The Manizer Sisters palette review

Review: The Manizer Sisters
palette by The Balm

The Manizer Sisters_Mumpty

Recently I had a birthday  (# 47 to be exact!) and I was pretty excited to receive this palette from my sister (OK, some pretty heavy hinting occurred in the form of an e-mail with a link saying “this is what I want!” I always find its best to be direct in these matters!) 

The “Luminizers” from The Balm have achieved almost cult status and I’ve been dying to try them for a long time now.  As part of the Makeup Obsessives admin team, I have heard SUCH good things about the girls; Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou – my main problem was which one I should get first. Thankfully the good folks at The Balm were onto it and solved all my problems in one go with this nifty little palette that has a version of each of the fabulous sisters!

The Manizer SistersObviously, being part of a palette, the pans are smaller than normal – 3 grams each as opposed to the standard 8.5 grams. However, for someone like me who couldn’t decide which one to get, they’re perfect!

Mary-Lou Manizer is the loumaniser or highlight and that’s the one that gives you the gorgeous glowy look – I love to use it on my cheekbones to give them some definition.  As you can see, I have a pretty round face (it matches my body!) and highlighting my cheekbones helps with this!  (By the way – Kylie Bax told me I had beautiful cheekbones at netball the other day, so I am suddenly lovin’ them!)

Cindy-Lou Manizer is a contouring powder.  Now frankly, I’m no good at contouring and can’t really be bothered with the whole palaver, but since I got this one I have  taken to sucking my cheeks in and swooshing it around on the hollowed bits. I’m not sure I’ll be mistaken for Twiggy any time soon,  but I do quite like the subtle shadow effect it gives!

Betty-Lou Manizer is the bronzer of the trio.  And woah … when I first “subtly” applied this I looked like I’d been on sabbatical in the desert.  You need to go lightly with this ladies – start small and build gradually.  It does give you a lovely healthy glow once you get the application technique right though so it’s highly recommended.

Below is a picture of moi, wherein I have applied the Mary-Lou and the Cindy-Lou sisters to my mug.  I don’t know if it’s a great capture, and it’s certainly not the best picture of me, but actually I’ve found it quite difficult to photograph makeup.  I don’t know how the famous YouTubers do it to be honest!  Speaking of YouTubers – how freakin’ GORGEOUS is Carli Bybel?!


Anyway – at least you can see the highlight, if not the contour!

Now as I mentioned earlier, I am part of the Makeup Obsessives admin team, so I hear a lot about all sorts of different products in our group .  Many of them I have tried, due to being the ultimate consumer, but to be honest, the majority just haven’t lived up to the hype.   The Manizer Sisters, however, really do make a difference to my skin and I feel like they give it a lovely glow which is always nice at my age!

If I had to choose, and when I go to repurchase, I would definitely go with the Mary-Lou and the Cindy-Lou first.   And as always with products from The Balm, the packaging is fabulous – Mumpty does love that retro feel and the characters are wonderful.

So that is my little review of my much-loved Manizer Sisters palette from The Balm.  If I had to cut my review to two words; they would be BUY IT!

Coming to MumptyStyle soon:  my reviews on L’oreal Serioxyl hair growth system and Only Good natural body wash.  Check my Reviews page for other makeup and makeup-related reviews.  And click here for my recent review on the Creme de la Creme eyeshadow palette from Sauce Box.

Mary, Cindy and Betty love …