The Balm The Manizer Sisters palette review

The Manizer Sisters_Mumpty

Recently I had a birthday  (# 47 to be exact!) and I was pretty excited to receive this palette from my sister (OK, some pretty heavy hinting occurred in the form of an e-mail with a link saying “this is what I want!” I always find its best to be direct in these matters!) 

The “Luminizers” from The Balm have achieved almost cult status and I’ve been dying to try them for a long time now.  As part of the Makeup Obsessives admin team, I have heard SUCH good things about the girls; Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou – my main problem was which one I should get first. Thankfully the good folks at The Balm were onto it and solved all my problems in one go with this nifty little palette that has a version of each of the fabulous sisters!

The Manizer SistersObviously, being part of a palette, the pans are smaller than normal – 3 grams each as opposed to the standard 8.5 grams. However, for someone like me who couldn’t decide which one to get, they’re perfect!

Mary-Lou Manizer is the loumaniser or highlight and that’s the one that gives you the gorgeous glowy look – I love to use it on my cheekbones to give them some definition.  As you can see, I have a pretty round face (it matches my body!) and highlighting my cheekbones helps with this!  (By the way – Kylie Bax told me I had beautiful cheekbones at netball the other day, so I am suddenly lovin’ them!)

Cindy-Lou Manizer is a contouring powder.  Now frankly, I’m no good at contouring and can’t really be bothered with the whole palaver, but since I got this one I have  taken to sucking my cheeks in and swooshing it around on the hollowed bits. I’m not sure I’ll be mistaken for Twiggy any time soon,  but I do quite like the subtle shadow effect it gives!

Betty-Lou Manizer is the bronzer of the trio.  And woah … when I first “subtly” applied this I looked like I’d been on sabbatical in the desert.  You need to go lightly with this ladies – start small and build gradually.  It does give you a lovely healthy glow once you get the application technique right though so it’s highly recommended.

Below is a picture of moi, wherein I have applied the Mary-Lou and the Cindy-Lou sisters to my mug.  I don’t know if it’s a great capture, and it’s certainly not the best picture of me, but actually I’ve found it quite difficult to photograph makeup.  I don’t know how the famous YouTubers do it to be honest!  Speaking of YouTubers – how freakin’ GORGEOUS is Carli Bybel?!


Anyway – at least you can see the highlight, if not the contour!

Now as I mentioned earlier, I am part of the Makeup Obsessives admin team, so I hear a lot about all sorts of different products in our group .  Many of them I have tried, due to being the ultimate consumer, but to be honest, the majority just haven’t lived up to the hype.   The Manizer Sisters, however, really do make a difference to my skin and I feel like they give it a lovely glow which is always nice at my age!

If I had to choose, and when I go to repurchase, I would definitely go with the Mary-Lou and the Cindy-Lou first.   And as always with products from The Balm, the packaging is fabulous – Mumpty does love that retro feel and the characters are wonderful.

So that is my little review of my much-loved Manizer Sisters palette from The Balm.  If I had to cut my review to two words; they would be BUY IT!

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Mary, Cindy and Betty love …


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