Review: Only Good body wash

Only Good range
Product shots via the Only Good website (

As part of  my recent birthday present, my sister bought me the “Balance” body wash from the Only Good natural body wash range.

Only Good Balance

I’d never heard of this range before, but honestly, I am SOOO impressed. The smell is DIVINE – when I use it there is this fragrance that fills the room and I just can’t work out what it is. As soon as I think I have it, it’s gone!  The ingredients say there’s Ylang Ylang, rose hip and chamomile, but my little senses think there’s something else there – it kinda reminds me of something from my childhood; I don’t know what though.

Mumpty OnlyGoodAnyway, I just love it and I quite like that little bit of mystery every morning – doesn’t take much to impress me now does it!  It smells good enough to eat, and so here is a ridiculous photo of me pretending to do that  …

Billed as 100% natural, palm free and with no sulfates and no parabens, you really do feel quite virtuous using it.  And of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s cruelty free and comes in a stylish bottle that any girl would be happy to have on display in her bathroom.

But the best thing?  It’s made here in New Zealand and you can get it at your local supermarket!  Mumpty does like to support locally-produced products wherever possible and buying at the supermarket is very convenient don’t ya think?!  (PS: my sister got mine at Countdown.)

I am dying to try the other three body washes in their range; Awaken, Healing and Clarity – lord knows I could do with a bit of clarity some mornings!

So far Only Good just has the body wash in their range, but I’m really hoping they extend it to include scrubs, moisturisers, hair care and that sort of business.  Fingers and toes crossed, because I did hear a little rumour there could be a shampoo on the way, and shampoos are generally accompanied by conditioners, right?

The ONLY negative thing about Only Good I’ve found is that it doesn’t foam up as well as some of the other body washes do, but I think that’s because it doesn’t contain the “nasties” that cause the foaming!  It’s a little thing, but thought I’d mention it!

Anyways, if you’re interested in learning about the Only Good range (and you should be) you can read all about it on their website by clicking here.  And don’t forget to like their Facebook page here.

Otherwise, just hop to your local supermarket and give it a try!

UPDATE: I’ve run out of the Balance one and am now trying the Clarity version – which is peppermint, rosemary and green tea fragrance – mmmmm mmmm!

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ONLY  the GOOD stuff for you guys …



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