Review: Manuka Doctor apiclear purifying facial peel

Manuka Doctor

So today I am reviewing the Manuka Doctor apiclear purifying facial peel which I was lucky enough to receive in my last Beauty Box from Kirsty at Makeup Obsessives.

Now as stated in my previous reviews, I don’t pretend to be a “pro-fesh-inal” beauty blogger, and I really can’t be bothered talking about the ingredients; where they’re sourced; the benefits of those ingredients and that sort of stuff!  (Of course that stuff IS important, but you’ll have to go elsewhere – soz.  PS: I believe Shaaanxo of Youtube fame, did a video review on it, so maybe search that out.)  I’m just here to tell you about how it felt when I put it on and what result I got. PS: It contains manuka honey – obviously.

So here’s my wee rundown:

Texture: clay-like, and soothingly cool to apply (probably not so appealing in winter though)
Colour: white
Smell: pleasant – can’t think of a smell it reminds me of, so let’s just say it smells like itself!

Bee facial

And before you say it,  I know … I am glorious!  Bet you’re pleased I didn’t use that as the first pic huh – that would’ve scared you out of your chair!

So anyway … application.
It’s very easy to apply – you basically hold your hair out of the way (Mumpty’s top tip: because if you don’t … it’s veerrrrry hard to get out!) and then smear it across your pre-cleansed face in a thin, even layer, avoiding the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. As you can see, I didn’t do a great job of avoiding my mouth or my eyebrows, but this was my first application and I learnt from it, believe me!

Then you leave it for 10-15 minutes (or longer if you’re stupid like me (see why that was stupid later) and then once it’s all dry and there are no sticky bits; you can start to peel it off.  It’s MOSTLY easy to peel off and actually, quite a lot of fun.

Here I am, mid-peel:

Bee facial 2

As you can see … it peels off just dandy.

Once you’ve had all the fun peeling the major bits off, you can just take a warm facecloth and wipe the rest away.  I, of course, tried to pick and peel the stuff out of my eyebrows and hair for hours before realising there was an easier way. Duh.

The results?  
Well … I must say, my skin felt FABULOUS afterwards.  I applied my normal moisturiser and went to bed all glowy and hydrated (my face that is!)  The next morning I swear my fine lines (I like to kid myself they’re still fine!) were minimised and my skin felt quite lush and smooth, which is always a nice thing in the morning isn’t it?

A word of warning … because I was so excited about having such lovely glowy skin, I decided to do it twice in one week, and to leave it on for longer than the recommended period (OK – that part was because I was too lazy to get up and do it until the ads came on.)  So a few days after that, my skin started flaking in little patches around my mouth and nose, which led me to believe that perhaps one shouldn’t be quite so enthusiastic with it – probably weekly is enough.  For reference, my skin is slightly sensitive, but pretty well-behaved really – tending toward dry, rather than oily.

Important public* service announcement – of course, if you’re allergic to bees or pollen or anything like that, you’d kinda want to steer clear of this stuff, bee-ing (did you see what I did there?!) that it contains purified bee venom.

Bee back soon with another review …





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* I checked that 12 million times to ensure I didn’t write “pubic” service announcement, because that would have just been embarrassing, right?


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