Serioxyl review

Mumpty_SerioxylSo back at the very beginning of October my friend, who is a beauty blogger,  gave me this three-part hair densifying system called Serioxyl to try.  And try it I did!

Now I must admit, I’ve been a bit naughty and haven’t followed the instructions 100% but I am confident in saying that after at least two months and nearly-empty bottles, I actually have seen results from this system.

As you can see from the picture above, I have developed lots of new hair growth, and as you can see from the picture below, this new hair is quite a bloody pain!  I have very fine hair, and clearly there is not enough weight in this new growth to sit flat against my head so I have this rather alarming outcrop. Sometimes it can be tamed; other times it gets all static-y and I have to back away calmly …


Now I do understand, of course, that some of this is just natural new hair growth, but I can most definitely say I’ve never had this sprouting-out-the-side thing before, so rightly or wrongly, I am attributing it to Serioxyl!

For those of you want more technical information, you can visit their website here.  For those of you who want anecdotal, on-the-spot information from Mumpty … read on!

L’Oreal refers to the Serioxyl system as a “densifying” treatment; which means it works in a manner that increases the density of your hair and reportedly promotes around 1700 new hairs over a 3 month period.

I said earlier that I didn’t follow the instructions 100% , and I didn’t. Mainly because I wash my hair every day (I know right – SUCH a pain! Actually, Miss Victory Violet referred to that as “the work of the devil” and I quite agree, but needs must!) … and I found it a bit drying.  Sooooo … after about three weeks or so, I started to use it every second or third day instead.

Here are my impressions of each part of the system I received:

serioxyl-glucoboost-coloured-shampoo-1000-mlSerioxyl GlucoBoost clarifying shampoo for coloured, thinning hair … I LOVE the smell of this – all minty and fresh.  And actually, when you first apply it, your scalp tingles and I quite like that – it makes me feel like something is happening in a good way.   Anyway, you massage it in and it’s supposed to cleanse the scalp of impurities and increase the microcirculation of the scalp.  It’s busy stuff right!

Serioxyl Conditioner

Serioxyl GlucoBoost + Incell bodifying conditioner .. another minty hit of goodness and step two in the system.  This one cares for the hair fibre apparently, without weighing it down. I pop this one on and then leave it for as long as it takes to shave my legs and use my Only Good body wash and then I rinse it off.

As seems to be standard fare in this type of situation, I am running out of the conditioner before the shampoo.

And last in the three-step system is …


Serioxyl GlucoBoost + Incell densifying mousse … so this one is put onto towel-dried hair and is designed to “boost the look of the hair’s density.”  I am pretty technical with this one (well, for me anyway!) – I make a series of parts (criss-crossed like a hot cross bun!) and then put a little squeeze of the mousse in each bit. Then I comb it through the lengths and blow-dry it from there.  I’m not 100% convinced it makes THAT much difference, but hey ; it’s a part of the system; I have it, so why not use it I say!

In summary, do I feel like Serioxyl has made a difference to the density of my hair?  Well yes, I do actually! While I’m not blessed with a thick, long, shiny mane of hair as a result of Serioxyl, I definitely feel it has made a difference – certainly there appears to be much more new growth than I would normally see.  I do, however, feel that it has dried my hair a bit, so I have been accompanying this treatment with regular applications of Lush’s H’Suan Wen Hua hair mask and have also recently introduced a spray of argan oil before and after heat treatments.

Here is my most recent selfie that shows my hair.

Dita hairPffffttttttt!!!!  Hahaa – I wish.  (Gratuitous shot of Dita Von Teese!)  Seriously though, isn’t her hair just PERFECTION?  It deserves it’s own song – you know – like how Betty Davis’s eyes have.

Anyway, here is MY actual hair.

MumptyThis is my deer-in-the-headlights:I’ve-just-discovered-Instagram-has-filters look!  And yes, I know you can’t see much of my hair, but I’m using the pic anyway, because I don’t have a better one.

Serioxyl … definitely give it a try.  Because … well, you’re worth it …


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