My “Cirlesque” look

This weekend was a busy and exciting one for Mumpty, who attended two very different, but very fantastic shows.

On Friday night I attended the Bring on Burlesque Christmas Show at the Riverlea Theatre and had an absolutely wonderful time with some lovely friends, while we watched other hugely talented friends entertain us!

Bring on Burlesque had some outstanding performances; too many to detail, so I’m just going to bullet-point the stand-outs for me …

  • Ruby Spice‘s “puppet on a string” performance – so creative.
  • The Ginger Kisses – “Simply Cannot Do It Alone” – I ADORE the Ginger Kisses!
  • Miss Bettsy Rose Lee‘s “milkshake act” – in which I received a milkshake – shaken, not stirred, in her cleavage!
  • Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s “boobs” song … for one, I didn’t know she could sing and for two, she was very funny!
  • Ms Tittle Tattle‘s Snow White routine – such a cheeky, “don’t mess with me” attitude!
  • Azure D’Murre‘s fan dance “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without  a Smile” – so seductive and sexy.

Honourable mentions as well to Miss Ooh La La Paree’s Queen of Atlantis act – her costume is magnificent; Lady Gee’s cat act and of course to Henrietta, Steve Gray and Bring On Burlesque’s incomparable host, Gloria Dividend.

Lady Gee
Lady Gee – isn’t she cute?!

A big thanks to the fabulous Ms Tittle Tattle and her lovely husband, Simon, for giving me the ticket to attend Bring on Burlesque.

And then … it was Saturday night, and time for Cirlesque!


I was soooo excited when the lovely Miss Cherry Lashes asked me if I would be interested in stage managing a “show in Hamilton” on Saturday night.  I said yes, never dreaming it was Cirlesque!   And I’m thrilled to bits that I did!

Cirlesque was an amazing experience for me – there was quite a lot of responsibility if I’m honest, but I learned heaps and I loved meeting these wonderful performers who I’ve seen and admired from afar, and have now met and worked with in person.

Miss Polly Filla was the glorious MC for the evening – with a wit as razor-sharp as the wings of her eyeliner, she handled the crowd with aplomb and kept them amused with her lip-synching, joke-telling antics.  I loved working with her – what a professional – and what a wardrobe!

Polly Filla
Miss Polly Filla

Andre Vegas and his beautiful assistants (Andre Vegas & Company Magic and Illusion) did several magic acts, including doves, strait jacket escapes, head-sawing (!) and the like! They were a dream to work with; always ready to go before time and well and truly organised!  Crowd participation was a big part of their acts and that’s always good fun to watch the audience being drawn in.

Andre Vegas
Andre Vegas

Venus Starr – now Venus is a performer whom I have wanted to see perform live for such a long time now – I saw her once in Auckland at Diamond Carousel and she was fantastic; at Cirlesque Venus performed two acts – hoops and aerial silks. Watching Venus in motion is testament to what I imagine must be hours and hours and in fact, years and years, of practice and honing her art.  Venus is petite yet strong; beautiful yet tough and controlled yet graceful – it was utterly fantastic to watch the parts of her performance I got to see before I had to rush off to make sure the next act was ready!

Venus Starr

I have been DYYYYING to see The Duchess de Berry‘s Wild Orchid act which she debuted at the NZ Burlesque Festival.  Having seen her costume backstage, I can say it is even more stunning than an audience can even begin to appreciate. SOOO many sparkles, such attention to detail, so many fabulous and different components.  And of course, there is The Duchess herself.  Freakin’ gorgeous that girl!  When Trillian was doing up her corset I could only marvel at how tiny her waist is – around 20″, depending on how tight she pulls the corset – that’s teeny-tiny!  Anyway, her act was beautiful and elegant and visually spectacular.  The girl is a talent for sure.

Duchess de Berry in her Wild Orchid costume

Samantha Amelia is a performer whom I have never seen before and it was an absolute delight to watch her unique combination of pole, burlesque and aerial hoop.  Her lovely hair – a long, curly red mane, looked so beautiful in the spotlight and her petite frame belies the great deal of strength necessary to perform effectively on both pole and aerial hoop.

Samantha Amelia
Samantha Amelia

Throwing knives at your partner is not generally advisable, but The Death Do Us Part Danger Show (husband and wife team Rachel & Charlie Atlas) made it look so easy, albeit still very frightening!  There must be an enormous level of trust between those two because I think it would take a HELL of a lot of persuading to do what Rachel does that’s for sure.  I was really intrigued to learn that Charlie actually hand-makes the double-headed Viking axes he uses in their act.

Death Do Us
The Death Do Us Part Danger Show

Cirlesque was also the first opportunity I’d had to see the truly fabulous Trillian (Queen of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014) perform live and she was A for Amazing!  I loved her 20’s style and that girl can most certainly shake those “assels!” And what a friendly, relaxed person she is to chat to backstage as well – love Trillian!


And YAYYYY!!! I finally got to see MisRed perform in her gilded cage – and it was an absolutely beautiful, sexy-as-hell performance as well, thank you very much!  MisRed is a world class performer, and another fabulous lady to chat backstage with. It was so nice to catch up with her and to watch her perform.


So as you can tell, it was a real privilege to be asked to stage manage Cirlesque – thank you to all the performers, stagehands and everyone involved who helped me – I hope I helped you too! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

PS: A big thanks to Mel Cherry Chambers who stage-managed Cirlesque on Friday night and gave me her notes and advice.  Thank you so much!

And that, my friends, was Mumpty’s weekend of burlesque/cirlesque.

Tired, yet sparkly …


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