MumptyLoves Monday

Our garden
How gorgeous is this corner of our garden? Yes, that’s right – SO gorgeous!

In this, the last MumptyLoves for 2015, I show you some of the things I’ve been loving lately …

♥ My new liquid eyeliner by Za

Za liquid eyeliner

I was lucky enough to receive this liquid eyeliner in a Beauty Box from Kirsty at Makeup Obsessives, and, may I just say; it is SUPERB!  It makes winged eyeliner a breeze – it glides on so easily, has a very fine tip so you can get those wings perfect, is a very deep black and then, to top it all off, it stays on super-well.  Perfecto, right?!

♥  Natalie ballet flats in mint
Natalie Ballet Flats
These fab little shoes were an absolute lifesaver just this week – I went Christmas shopping in the local mall and thought I had my trusty Fairy Feet in my bag; but unfortunately I didn’t. I thought I could tough it out in the heels I was wearing, but I soon realised that wasn’t going to happen!  So off I teetered in my heels on the slippery floor (why do they do that at malls by the way?) and found myself at  Number One Shoes – and these little Natalie flats were only $19.99 – bargain with a capital B! Since their life-saving debut, I have worn them nearly every day and not only are they comfortable and practical, they are also cute as hell.  I believe they may soon find themselves accompanied by their lemon,  lilac and silver-coloured cousins!

♥ Trillian

Trillian – pictured with Charlie Atlas and Andre Vegas

I met Trillian for the first time backstage at Cirlesque and she is brilliant – I absolutely LOVED her 20’s flapper performance that night and she is just an all-round great girl. Trillian describes herself as a dancer, singer, fitness instructor/awesomeness coach, choreographer and model.  Also, she is one half of The Ballet School Dropouts!  You can find out more about her at or follow her on Facebook by clicking the link above.

♥ This cardy …  


I have many of these cardigans from Pinup Girl Clothing, but this is my favourite and it’s also the one I get the most compliments on.  It’s probably a little less red, and a little more orange than the picture suggests.  It’s pretty.

♥ These Christmas tree decorations …

Nerd tree decorations
King Henry VIII and his six wives

HOW COOL ARE THESE?!  I am a right little Tudor nerd so these are HUGE on my want list!  The Cherry Dollface has them and I am super-jealous!  Come hell or high water, they will adorn our tree next year!  You can get them here if you want them too!

♥ Books …

Image via

There are so many books I want to read and I CANNOT wait for our holiday when I can do just that!

Highly recommended: Book Club Christmas functions; my Makeup Obsessives admin team; my recent GRWM;  Seeing Polly Filla’s dress-making posts – so clever; the results of our recent house-washing antics; proud Mummy moments; it being so close to Christmas and therefore; Christmas lunch at Mum and Dad’s.

♥ And lastly, the obligatory Louboutins …
Because it wouldn’t be a MumptyLoves without a pair, now would it?!

Louboutin flats

These are the Corafront Ballerina in Shocking Patent – I am having a bit of a love affair with ballet flats at the moment and I just LOVE the contrast of the hot pink heart with the pinky nude.  Get on my feet!

And because I can, I’m doing two pairs.  The second are these:

CL Very Prive

Good grief.  These are the New Very Prive – isn’t that ombre kind of look just stunning.

What are your favourite things lately?




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