It’s a beautiful thing …

Firstly let's start by mentioning that I am a HUGE Dita Von Teese fan - no surprise there!  The reason I mention this, is that I read her new book over the Christmas holidays (Your Beauty Mark - read it, you'll love it!) - in it she advocates having a gorgeous compact to make you … Continue reading It’s a beautiful thing …

My 2016 Vision board

Do you have a vision board?  I LOVE mine ... it's in my dressing room and, as you do with vision boards - I love to cover it with the things that make me happy.  In fact, I'm not 100% sure it's a vision board as such; it's more a space that I collect things … Continue reading My 2016 Vision board

De-fluffing your MAK cardigans

Now most pinup-styled girls have at least one (if not MANY!) MAK cardigans from Pinup Girl Clothing.  After all, they come in a rainbow of colours; they're cheap and they're exactly the right cut for the pinup-style frocks we love so much. However, as you will know if you've worn them for any length of … Continue reading De-fluffing your MAK cardigans

Happy New Year 2016

Mumpty wishes you the biggest and bestest and sparkliest celebrations for the New Year!!! I love the New Year ... I love the thought of a blank slate - all ready and willing to be filled with amazing things to do; places to go; people to meet.  Simply delicious.  I'm especially looking forward to recreating … Continue reading Happy New Year 2016