It’s a beautiful thing …


Firstly let’s start by mentioning that I am a HUGE Dita Von Teese fan – no surprise there!  The reason I mention this, is that I read her new book over the Christmas holidays (Your Beauty Mark – read it, you’ll love it!) – in it she advocates having a gorgeous compact to make you look glamorous whilst redoing your lipstick.  Which got me to thinking that perhaps my tacky little plain mirror wasn’t quite cutting it in the glamour stakes.

So I went to trusty old Trademe and started searching … and this is what I came up with – isn’t it GORGE?!


This little beauty is from an English company called Kigu.  I did a bit of research (‘cos I’m a geek like that!) and found that it was made around 1957 and has the “Pas de Quatre” pose embossed into the metal.  I think this roughly translates to the fact there are four ballerinas in a pose – but anyway – I LOVE IT!

It has a lovely big mirror so is just perfect for touching up those Dita-inspired red lips …


It also comes complete with the powder puff and powder sifter, which I believe is quite rare as these are often lost.  It even has the original felt pouch to protect it, but sadly not the box.  Although in fairness, it’s coming everywhere with me now, so it wouldn’t have been sitting round in the box anyway!


Now as someone who possesses a very strong “collector’s gene” (aka is somewhat obsessive!) I feel there’s a strong chance I could get hooked on collecting these beautiful little vintage items … a quick search on the internet shows me!!!!! And so far I have found the ballet theme my favourite, followed closely by polka dots.  *Sigh*  Am still debating whether to go down that track or not … your thoughts?

Whilst I was obsessively trawling “researching” I found that for most collectors, this item below, is the “holy grail” of vintage compacts:

Bird in HandIt is the Salvador Dali “Bird in Hand” compact, designed for American company, Elgin.  In fact, there is some conjecture as to whether Dali actually designed it or not, but it certainly doesn’t seem to effect its value – which is HUGE!  Just thought you might be interested.

Anyway – thank you Dita … not only have I been all groupy-ish and purchased your limited edition M.A.C lipstick (complete with signed and kissed postcard, thank you very much!) I am now likely to become obsessed with vintage compacts as well!

Not complaining at all …



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