Pinup Platoon: Adele – Pinned on You

Adele – the smiling face behind Pinned on You.

This fabulous woman is Adele Shoebridge, owner of Pinned on You and purveyor of quirky and oh-so-covetable AND collectible items from Erstwilder and Deer Arrow.  She is also one of the sweetest people I’ve never met but I am looking forward to remedying that at The Very Vintage Day Out!

So firstly I’d just like to thank Adele for being one of the Pinup Platoon’s sponsors.  Adele has donated the Deer Arrow snow globe and the Erstwilder Pinup Picnic brooches – they are SO COOL, so make sure you check out the details below to find out how you can win one.

OK … so back to Adele – because I love to know the people behind the local businesses we are supporting.

Oscar Wildenfox – one of my favourite, quirky Erstwilder characters.

 Pinned on You is a sideline (and what a fabulous sideline!) for you.  What do you do for your “real job”?!
Adele: I work for Government, providing legal administration support to a wonderful group of solicitors here in Auckland.

I love my job and it is a privilege to be able to serve my country and the people of New Zealand.  I have worked for Government for almost 16 years (that’s almost all of my working life) – not in the same role or Ministry though.  I really enjoy the challenge my role brings.

Mumpty:  Tell me something interesting about yourself most people probably won’t already know.
Adele:   Something interesting … I guess it would have to be that I am a fully qualified travel consultant.

I decided that’s what I wanted to do when I finished high school, I studied hard and qualified, had a few short-term roles with Air New Zealand and Intercity but decided that it just wasn’t what I enjoyed doing.

Then one day an opportunity came up to work in the public legal sector, and shall we say the rest is history.

Mumpty: You’re working in a pretty competitive environment and I just wanted to let everyone know that your customer service is SECOND TO NONE!  My little Erstwilder collection is growing slowly but steadily, and I just received my first Deer Arrow piece (a pink ballerina – eeeep!!!) – you have been amazing to deal with; any purchase I’ve made has arrived so fast and has come packaged beautifully with so much attention to detail (check out my review of one of my first pieces from Adele, The Coming of the Fox!)

Beautiful little classic cars from Deer Arrow – LOVE these colours!

With such awesome customer service, I assume this is not just a business to you, but something you really love.  What’s the best part about owning Pinned on You?
Adele:   Awwwh you are so lovely, thank you for your lovely words.

The best part of owning Pinned on You are people like yourself – our customers, supporters, likers  who ever you are!

Just being able to share something that I really love and enjoy with people is a real pleasure.  I love meeting and talking (lots and lots of talking!) to you all, and photos! I love to see how you all rock your awesome pieces.

Those things for me are something that I love about my business, because without you all, I would not be here.

Mumpty: What are your plans for Pinned on You?  Taking over the world one shiny, quirky character at a time or just cruisin’ with what you’re doing now?
Adele:  I think at the moment I’m kind of in the middle – I don’t think I would enjoy brooch world domination (hahaha) – at the moment I am just enjoying what I do and just I’m just letting things flow along.

Mumpty: If you could choose any celebrity in the world to endorse Pinned on You … a) who would it be?  b) why them?  and c) which piece would you want them to wear for their red-carpet Pinned on You experience?
a)  I’m not really a big celebrity kind of person … I know this might sound cheesy, but we are all celebrities in our own little way.  We might not have our photos published in glossy magazines or headlines in newspapers, but everyone is special and famous in their own world and that is something we need to celebrate more – our everyday celebrities.

But I guess if I had to choose one person in the world it would have to be: 
Col. Chris Hadfield – Astronaut – and the first Canadian to walk in space and command the International Space Station;  musician, writer, teacher and all round top gentleman.

b)  This is another thing that most people don’t know about me – I love space!

And being able to follow the amazing journey that Col. Hadfield had been on (as it happened live thanks to web cams set up on the international space station and via NASA link-ins) during his recent expedition to the International Space Station, was magical.

I learnt so much about his time in space and what it was actually like for him.  Col. Hadfield made the astronaut and space life experience more accessible for those of us who can only gaze at the stars and wonder.

He is also an amazing musician and even recorded one of my favorite David Bowie songs “Space Oddity” in the International Space Station.

If you get a chance you should check out his album “Beyond the Terra” and the music video for his recording of “Space Oddity”  

c)  I would have to pick Erstwilder’s “Spike the Space Dog” to keep in with the space theme, plus Spike has a Cosmonaut look and all Astronauts who are journeying to and from the International Space Station take a ride in a Soyuz space capsule/ space craft (which of course is Russian.)SpaceDog

Mumpty: And last but not least … name five things that make you smile …
1) Coming home each day from work to my boy in fur pyjamas Charlie Schnauzer (as seen below) – he makes my heart sing!
2) My family – my biggest cheerleaders and number one supporters.
3) My friends, especially my Schnauzer buddies (you know who you are!) and work friends.
4) A compliment always makes me smile
5) A naughty joke or re-telling of a funny situation that a friend has found themselves in!

I’m seeing a theme here!

It’s been great fun talking to you Adele – again, a massive thank you again for sponsoring the Pinup Platoon.
Adele: You are more than welcome, it has been my pleasure 🙂 Thank you so much.

You can check out Pinned on You at the following social media spots:

Facebook: click here.
Website: click here.
Instagram: @pinnedonyou

And don’t forget to enter the competition … details below.

Mumpty has THREE gorgeous prizes from Moxie Mama Wear and Pinned on You to win … check them out: 


To enter, complete the following steps:

1) Like MumptyStyle’s Facebook page here.
2) Like the Moxie Mama Wear page here.
3) Like the Pinned on You Facebook page here.
4) Go to Moxie Mama Wear’s Instagram page (@moxiemamawear) and “heart” the picture of her logo. Use the #lovemoxiemamawear and you’re in to win both prizes!

I will make sure the draw is made and the winners receive their prize PRIOR to The Very Vintage Day Out – because, ya’ know, you might just want to wear it there!

To see Moxie Mama Wear’s beautiful range of pinup and rockabilly-styled clothing, visit the website here.   And if you just can’t find what you’re after, e-mail and Esme will see what she can do!

To pick out a little something Deer Arrow or Erstwilder to match, visit Pinned on You’s website here.   And same deal … if you can’t find the piece you’re after, e-mail and Adele will help you out.

Don’t forget to visit The Very Vintage Day Out 2016 website here and Facebook page here to find out about all the vintage and retro festivities over two fabulous days.

See you all there, looking frocked up and gorgeous darlings …





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