Pinup Platoon: Moxie Mama – Esme Sutton

Image by PhotographersInc.

How gorgeous is this woman?  This, my friends, is Esme Sutton – also known as the Moxie Mama who owns and runs Moxie Mama Wear; your online store for fun and foxy frocks to rock – whether you’re knocked up or not!

So firstly I’d just like to thank Esme for being this year’s Pinup Platoon major sponsor.  Esme has donated the stunner of an emerald cocktail dress you can find later in this post,  so make sure you check out the details below to find out how you can win.

Riiiight … so here’s my opportunity to talk to Esme – a little bit about herself (because I always love to know the person behind the local business we are supporting) and about Moxie Mama Wear as well of course.

I love Esme’s infectious smile – she always looks to me like she’s got something naughty planned and I love that!

Mumpty: You describe yourself as a hard-working mama and a self-confessed clothes horse.  Sounds familiar!  What made you decide to add yet another string to your bow and create Moxie Mama Wear?
Esme:  I previously worked in a fast-paced corporate environment for several years as a Personal Assistant and was very close to burnout when I got pregnant for the second time.

I’d just gotten serious about my frock and heel addiction and was thrilled to have found the pinup & rockabilly scene in Auckland. (The Very Vintage Day Out blew my mind!)  So in July 2014, with a desire to be my own boss, a passion for frocks and a determination to source clothes for women to shine and feel empowered in – Moxie Mama Wear was born.

Being a mama was all the motivation I needed to source foxy maternity wear (no more boring tents!) and gorgeous and affordable dresses to feel amazing in (spandex is our friend!)

I now have two wee gypsy kings, work from home and I LOVE it! It’s been A LOT of late nights,  steely determination and the loving support of my man, but I really get a kick out of making women feel like the heavenly creatures they are.

Mumpty:  Tell me something interesting about yourself most people probably won’t already know.
Esme:  As a teenager I was a late bloomer and so painfully self-conscious that I look back now and regret not being brave and wearing what complimented my body or rocking anything that remotely drew attention to myself or my curves.

By the time I was in my mid-twenties I was confident, but still in awe of those who could be comfortable naked. So upon moving to London for adventure, I jumped at the chance to get out of my comfort zone and posed naked with 500 others for a Spencer Tunick human art installation called ‘Be Consumed’ at London’s famous department store Selfridges (image below).  Needless to say it was a total mind trip I (or my retinas) will never forget and getting naked is no longer an issue for me!


Mumpty: What’s your favourite part of the job?
Esme:  I won’t lie – it’s partly the shopping!

I’m totally mainlining that new dress buzz or instant euphoria hit you get from feelin’ sassy in 4 inch stilettos (5 inch is just a death wish with my vertigo!)

And like I said, I’m a total frock addict who is very much working to support her habit!  But in all honesty, I do get a real warm fuzzy when all my hard work pays off and some babe tells me they are so relieved to have finally found something that fits or that they feel so good they could cry! Thats the gold for me.

The gorgeous Bettie Rage wearing a leopard print dress from Moxie Mama Wear.

Mumpty: What’s Moxie Mama Wear’s point of difference?  Where do you shine? 
Esme:  I go to great efforts to source and handpick items that are quality, affordable and versatile.

I am also happy to go the extra mile to ensure a good fit, fast delivery and no fuss returns.

All of which, I think, are key to providing a reputable brand.  But if there’s one thing I’d like to think I do well, its help the ladies shine and shake what their mama gave them.

Studies have shown what we wear is heavily dependent on our emotional state.  So although I love to sell frocks, I am a firm believer in being truly happy in what you choose to wear.

Mumpty: If you could draw your dream “brand ambassador” for Moxie Mama Wear, what characteristics would you give her?
Big ol’ contagious smile with SASS to boot!
♥ Not necessarily a mama, but an appreciation of the “motherload” and its challenges.
Curvalicious, delicious and/or bumpalicious!
Can leap tall buildings in a single bound … (in 5 inch heels – hehehehe)
Works 24/7 with a smile on her dial for frock rocking’ LOVE!

A sample of the stunning range of clothing you’ll find at Moxie Mama Wear.

Mumpty: And last but not least … name five things you would grab if you had to create a pinup kit for a Moxie Mama  …
1) Hair accessories for Africa! Seriously one can never have enough and they both adorn and hide bad hair days!
2) If it’s not already, make shape wear your friend! “Au naturel” is great but shape wear will give you that body confidence boost when you’re bloated and so premenstrual you could kill someone … or eat a small chocolate baby! 
3) Spandex blend dresses and high-waisted pants are up there with diamonds as your best friends.
4)  Red lippy is a given, but when you’re a mama with 2-6 hours sleep and serious eye baggage – what you really need is white eyeliner and sellotape to perfect/fake that winged liner.
5) And last but certainly not least – sleep, water and best friends, because let’s face it, you’re screwed without them!

It’s been great fun talking to you Esme – a massive thank you again for sponsoring the Pinup Platoon.

You can check out Moxie Mama Wear at the following social media spots:

Facebook: click here.
Website: click here.
Instagram: @moxiemamawear

And don’t forget to enter the competition … details below.

Mumpty has THREE gorgeous prizes from Moxie Mama Wear and Pinned on You to win … check them out: 


To enter, complete the following steps:

1) Like MumptyStyle’s Facebook page here.
2) Like the Moxie Mama Wear page here.
3) Like the Pinned on You Facebook page here.
4) Go to Moxie Mama Wear’s Instagram page (@moxiemamawear) and “heart” the picture of her logo. Use the #lovemoxiemamawear and you’re in to win both prizes!

I will make sure the draw is made and the winners receive their prize PRIOR to The Very Vintage Day Out – because, ya’ know, you might just want to wear it there!

To see Moxie Mama Wear’s beautiful range of pinup and rockabilly-styled clothing, visit the website here.   And if you just can’t find what you’re after, e-mail and Esme will see what she can do!

To pick out a little something Deer Arrow or Erstwilder to match, visit Pinned on You’s website here.   And same deal … if you can’t find the piece you’re after, e-mail and Adele will help you out.

Don’t forget to visit The Very Vintage Day Out 2016 website here and Facebook page here to find out about all the vintage and retro festivities over two fabulous days.

See you all there, looking frocked up and gorgeous darlings …





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