Christmas at Louis Vuitton …

Christmas at Louis Vuitton …


OK … so if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I LOVE Louis Vuitton.  And if you are new to my blog – hi!!!!  By the way – I LOVE Louis Vuitton!

Now Christmas is a time for gifts right? And what girl wouldn’t LOVE a gift or two from Louis Vuitton? A while ago I did a series of posts about what I would buy if I had $800 to spend at various places like Pinup Girl Clothing, LUSH, Shoes of Prey etc.  I also did one at Louis Vuitton – but I upped my faux-shopping budget to $8K because $800 is just not enough!

Anywho … I’ve decided to revisit that original post and do a Christmas version.  Ya know – just in case I win Lotto!

So the first thing I would suggest is that you pop along to this link right now and enjoy the little Gift Workshop the folks at Louis Vuitton have put together to help you choose your gifts … so cool.

Did you love it?

Anyway, without further rabbiting on … here are my top five Christmas picks from Louis Vuitton.

Number one: the Fluo Bubble BB bag charm and key holder

LV Fluo Bubble BB

These beauties are made from luxurious mink and would make such a bright, happy addition to any handbag!  They would be a perfect match for the uniform of my girl Miss Monique Sweet and The Beauty School Dropouts!  I will let her know …
(Click here to see it on the site).

Number two: the Pochette Felicie Monogram Canvas LV Pochette FelicieI have a bit of a love affair with pochettes – they’re so handy and cute and I really do LOVE this new line by Nicholas Ghesquière.  It’s inspired by the classic hotel stickers and I think the flamingos are very appealing for any pinup-inspired chic right?!  Click here to see it on the site.

Number three: Tambour Bijou Secret 22 Timepiece

LV Bijou Timepiece

What a beauty right?  I love the pink theme and the stylish and modern strap.  It’s also quite a delicate watch which makes it perfect for wearing with summery dresses.  And so versatile too – the iconic LV flower slides across to make a stunning bracelet with the timepiece sitting underneath.  Love, love, love.  Click here to see it on the site.

Number four: Colour Blossom Sun Pendant  and Star Pendant

LV PendantThe Louis Vuitton monogram quatrefoils and flowers have long been a favourite of mine – I love the simplicity of the icons.   These stunning necklaces are fashioned from pink gold and lustrous mother of pearl.  See the sun pendant here on the site.

See the star pendant here on the site.

LV Quatrefoil

Number five: Luna in epi leather 

LV Luna

Good God, I am LOVING this!  The Luna – new from Louis Vuitton in stunning hot pink epi leather, which is very durable and functional.  And sooooo feminine.  See it on the site here.

And finally, Mumpty’s top pick for the man in your life …

The Keepall Bandouliere in Damier graphite canvas

LV Mens Keepall

Perfect for weekends away. I absolutely LOVE the graphite colour of this bag and the structured, masculine feel it has.  My partner wouldn’t be seen dead carrying a bag like this, but God I wish he would!!  See it here on the site.

Now I know most of us can’t afford high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, and that’s totally OK.  But to be honest, every now and then I pop onto the site and trawl around just to get a little hit of luxury!  Do you have any websites you do that with?  Do share!

(All images via the official Louis Vuitton website)

Lovin’ the Louis …



C is for Christmas …

C is for Christmas …

Image via Pinterest

Here’s Mumpty’s little guide to Christmas … in spelling format because I’m a geek like that.

C is for consumerism (as in rampant!) … when you read that bit you would be forgiven for thinking this is going to be an anti-Christmas post, but believe me – it’s not – I LOVE Christmas!  I get that it is very commercial and I get that some people hate that, but to be honest, if that sort of stuff bothers you and you can’t make Christmas fun in your own way, then you’re doing it wrong!

Christmas consumerism

Having said that … if you’re going to shop like crazy and enjoy it (like I am!) then you might as well support local businesses right?

H is for happy.  Whatever makes you happy at Christmas time – do that.  And do it all year too if you can.

Happy infographic

R is for roses.  I am lucky enough to live with my partner and our daughter in my family home, which means our garden is full of the roses that my Mum and Dad planted.  Lucky, lucky me right? So this time every year there are the MOST BEAUTIFUL roses   These ones below are real life, from my garden.  Stunning huh.


I is for “there’s no “I” in Christmas!” Christmas is all about watching other people have fun – which then means you have fun by default!  Which is not to say it’s ALLLLLL about everyone else and I don’t enjoy a good present or two, because God knows I do!  And this year I can’t decide which present I want the most – do I really need another Jenny dress from Pinup Girl Clothing?  Or a GHD curling wand?  Or sparkly BAIT shoes from 19Black?  Yes, yes I do – and so much more! Heheeeee!

christmas gifts

S is for the Silly Season!  I love the Silly Season.  I love how there’s lots of parties and events to go to; how everywhere you look it’s Christmas; how the closer you get to Christmas the more and more charged, stressed and mad it gets; how there’s that feeling of expectancy in the air … ya know … all that!


T is for traditions.  One of our little family traditions is adding two or three special decorations to our tree each year. Our daughter has her own white tree in her bedroom, and this year we added a glass birdcage with a white bird inside it; a cute little silver TradeAid Santa and a gorgeous white Pandora china basket.  To our tree we added a gold star for the top; a glitter reindeer head, a gold bow and a Noel bell (my Dad’s name is Noel!)

Tree decorations

M is for memories – enjoying the ones you have and building more for the future.   Like I said earlier, we live in my family home, so I already have lots of awesome memories here, but it is still fun making new ones for our daughter.

Below is one of the little corners of paradise in our little corner of paradise!


A is for #allthethings!  I absolutely love the excess of Christmas – the opportunity to buy cool and thoughtful presents; the food; the champagne (!); the get-togethers; the decorations; the songs (especially Amy Winehouse’s version of “I saw Mama kissing Santa Claus” and Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”); the glitter everywhere; Christmas trees – all that stuff!

“Santa baby, and fill my stocking with a duplex – and checks.  
Sign your “x” on the line …!”

Eartha Kitt

S is for seriously though … I hope you have the best Christmas ever this year!

It really is all about Christmas amiright?