Inspirational women – Paula Penfold

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women ... A few weeks back I was thinking about my friends, the women I've met and and some of the other fabulous women you see and read about in the media.  It struck me then how inspirational many of them have been to me in one way or another, and so … Continue reading Inspirational women – Paula Penfold

The story of the china doll

In 2015, for the first time ever, I entered a writing competition! It was something I'd always thought about doing, but never actually done - so I did it!   Although I didn't get anywhere, I still kinda like my story and it made me, my sister and my Mum cry  -  so I feel … Continue reading The story of the china doll

My friends are ridiculously interesting women

I am so privileged to have the most amazing group of female friends and family. I originally posted this a couple of years ago now, but when I was browsing back through my old posts, I decided they are STILL amazing and so I thought I would  post it again! I think you are very much … Continue reading My friends are ridiculously interesting women