Inspirational women – Paula Penfold Paula Penfold

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women …

A few weeks back I was thinking about my friends, the women I’ve met and and some of the other fabulous women you see and read about in the media.  It struck me then how inspirational many of them have been to me in one way or another, and so I decided to do a little series on my blog, acknowledging some of these gorgeous women.

When thinking about the questions I wanted to ask, I decided I needed to put a couple of rules in place – only so as to ensure I got diverse answers!  You’ll see what I mean when you see the rules!

The rules:
1) You can’t choose your children as your greatest achievement – even though they are!
2) You can’t choose your Mum or Dad as your most inspirational person, even though they may well be! 

So … I am very honoured to introduce, as the very first inspirational woman in my series, the fabulous Paula Penfold. Paula Penfold

Paula is an award-winning producer and journalist for TV3 – you’ll probably recognise her from TV3’s current affairs programme, 3rd Degree (8.30pm, Wednesdays, TV3.)

Q1.  In 10 words or less, what are you most proud of?
A. Being able to speak for people who don’t have a voice.  

Q2.  Can you give me two habits that make you successful at what you do?
A. I’d like to be able to say “have lots of self-belief”, but unfortunately I think it’s the opposite: continual self-doubt makes me keep trying hard!  But I do also still care deeply and believe in the job that I do and the stories I tell.

Q3. What do you do for yourself that helps keep you going?
A. They’re completely paradoxical – exercise and chardonnay!

Q4.  What’s the first name that pops into your head when I ask who inspires you?
A. Mike McRoberts, my husband.

Q5. Why?
A. Because he’s the best journalist I know.  He’s a brilliant writer and a fearless reporter who is genuinely concerned about the people in the stories he does.  I’ve learnt so much from him. 

Why I find Paula so inspiring …
I went to intermediate school with Paula and back then, admired her perfect blend of “cool kid” and “brainiest kid in the class.”  Plus, when all the other girls wore pants as their school uniform, Paula wore a skirt, and I thought that was sassy!  I’ve so enjoyed watching this gorgeous ex-Hamilton girl forge a formidable career over the years.  To me, and to many other women, she is inspirational.

Thanks so much for your answers Paula – they made me tear up a bit!

Follow Paula on Twitter … @paulapenfold

Enjoy …


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