The Grand Dame of New Zealand burlesque

Imagine if you will, someone who, on one of her Facebook pages describes herself as a “retired locomotive engineer” and on the other, as an “entertainer” - more accurately, a burlesque entertainer. From who she was, to who she is; this is the story of Miss Chevious Cinders and how she became the Grand Dame … Continue reading The Grand Dame of New Zealand burlesque

Updated taking stock tag

Hello bloggy-verse!  So I haven't done a "taking stock tag" for a while now - in fact the last one was here - and I do so enjoy them, so here goes - please enjoying reading along to see what's happening in Mumpty's little world! Making: 9 page weekly newsletters for my daughter's netball team.  She … Continue reading Updated taking stock tag

Congratulations Miss Viva Las Vegas 20

She freakin' did it!   Congratulations to the new, pinup perfect, Miss Viva Las Vegas 20  ... Miss Monique Sweet! Congratulations to Monique - I am so, so, so proud of her!  What an incredible couple of weeks she's had - first her long-awaited wedding to Sam (she is now Mrs Kimber-Bell) and now, winning the … Continue reading Congratulations Miss Viva Las Vegas 20

Best of luck to this beauty

First of all, a massive congratulations to Miss Monique Sweet, who married her sweetheart, Sam, very recently and is off on her honeymoon in Vegas to compete for the title of Miss Viva Las Vegas 20. I wish you all the very best Monique - you will knock their sox off! Reppin' the Kiwis in … Continue reading Best of luck to this beauty

The quirky Kiwi pinup …

(... let's vote for her for Vegas) Check out this gorgeous babe.  Her name is Miss Monique Sweet, and she is a very good friend of mine.  She is also one of the funniest, sweetest, and yes - quirkiest - women I know! With an amazing sense of personal style - that mixes vintage, modern … Continue reading The quirky Kiwi pinup …

How to be a good burlesque audience

So ... I have been to quite a few burlesque shows over the last few years, and I've also been backstage at many burlesque shows as well (by the way ... it's a marvellous place to be!) and so I've come up with a few tips which, if you follow them, will make you a … Continue reading How to be a good burlesque audience

VVDO 2016: the Mumpty edition

This was my second year at VVDO and this time I had my daughter in tow, which was a lovely outing for the two of us. Our main reason for attending this year was to watch the Miss Pinup New Zealand competition, having featured all the lovely ladies on my Pinup Platoon series.  I was … Continue reading VVDO 2016: the Mumpty edition

Pinup Platoon 2016 winners announcement …

Who won the FABULOUS Pinup Platoon prizes Mumpty?   Well thank you for asking ... Actually before you get too impatient, I have a couple of things to say ... Firstly I would just like to thank everyone who liked, shared and just generally enjoyed The Pinup Platoon in March.  I was so excited to see how much involvement … Continue reading Pinup Platoon 2016 winners announcement …

The Pinup Platoon 2016 – in Flipagram

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the beautiful and sassy pinups who featured in The Pinup Platoon for March.  As you know, The Pinup Platoon was presented in association with Moxie Mama Wear and Pinned on You and you had the opportunity to win a beautiful cocktail dress and one of two … Continue reading The Pinup Platoon 2016 – in Flipagram

Pinup Platoon: Miss Mollie Tov

In association with  Moxie Mama Wear and Pinned on You, Mumpty is running a feature entitled The Pinup Platoon during the month of March. The Pinup Platoon features interviews with all ten Miss Pinup NZ 2016 finalists, together with some other exciting content on the days where it's not a contestant interview day. AND ... we … Continue reading Pinup Platoon: Miss Mollie Tov