Hi, I’m Mumpty


MumptyStyle Pukemiro
I’m a happy and glamorous-whenever-I-can-be Mum from Glamilton, NZ.

In 2012, I decided it was time to “redefine my style” – and so my quest began to define and refine something new – a style I loved; a style that worked for me; and a style that made me smile on a daily basis.

Happily around that time, I took it into my head to join a burlesque class and that decision opened a whole new world for me in so many ways, and I will never regret it.  But back to “style” … the style I stumbled upon (largely via burlesque) at that time could be loosely described as “pinup” style – or certainly inspired by pinup style.  This was perhaps my favourite image from that “era.”

Miss March - Classics Car Musuem

Cool huh!

While I still enjoy the burlesque and pinup “scenes” – of late my focus has changed a bit and there’s a yearning for something new.  Of course I think a part of that yearning is a result of the fact I am turning 50 this year and I want to start out my new decade with a bit of a new look and a new style direction.  Although in saying that, I have some beautiful dresses that will stay in my wardrobe “rotation!”

I’m still not 100% sure about where my style direction will go, but I’m pretty certain it will contain something along the lines of this little mish-mash of looks.

(Image to come)

Why Mumpty?
To cut a long story short, Mumpty is the name my daughter used to call me back in 2014 when I started this blog!  At first I had tried to put her off it as it felt alarmingly close to “Mumsy” **shudder** but instead decided to embrace it – and so Mumpty “style” was born!

In talking with other Mums and “women-my-age” (eeeeekkkk – how old does that sound?!) I’ve found many of us feel we’ve “lost our way” a bit after having children and reaching “a certain age” and are finding it difficult to settle on a look and a lifestyle that feels good and makes us smile.

I’d like to think MumptyStyle can help with that – MumptyStyle is about defining and refining yourself –  your clothes, your makeup, your accessories; your environment; your lifestyle; your leisure time … your life!  Then keep refining and playing with it ‘cos that’s the fun part!

MumptyStyle Mumpty
Image by David Rowe Photography

Your style can be cheeky and flirty; glamorous and sexy; casual and laid-back; or a combination of the whole lot – when you find your own version of MumptyStyle you’ll know it!

Come along with me while I find mine!

Click here for ten things that make MumptyStyle for me …
These are the things make me smile – and that’s MumptyStyle right there.

Mumpty also loves to write … so this little blog is also a spot where I can ramble and warble and burble about all the things I love – which includes Tudor history and other geeky things like that!  I write about all sorts of things so get clicking on my archives and see where it leads you!

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Glad to have you along for the ride …



3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Mumpty

  1. I’m proud to say that Karen is a friend of mine, and I have watched her transformation into a total pin up babe! I am so proud of you Karen, not only do you always look gorgeous but you are a wonderful friend and you inspire me to be the very best I can be. I’m working on that!


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