Mumpty Interviews

Mumpty loves chatting to people, and especially in writing!  Mumpty Interviews is a space where I can talk to sassy and stylish people who are willing to help share the love!

The Pinup Platoon 

In which I interview the ten contestants for Miss Pinup NZ 2016.  I also have some fabulous “extra” content from Miss Charlotte Cake and Bettie Rage, as well as from the sponsors, Moxie Mama Wear and Pinned on You.  And … there is a very cool competition with three WONDERFUL prizes!  Check it out here.

A girl, an earthquake and how she survived it 

Monique_Body tag2

This is the most popular story BY FAR that my blog has ever had.  Click here to read about Monique’s raw and harrowing story of how she survived the Christchurch Earthquake on 22 February, 2011.  Trigger alert: it’s frightening and you could very well cry.  (PS: that is a body tag – and its green – which means Monique survived.)

She’s blooming fabulous!

Fairytales bath soapIn which I talk to the lovely Regina from Margarita Bloom.  Click here to hear what gems this lady had in response to my questions!

A week in the life of the Danger Doll


Click here to read all about what Bonita Danger Doll gets up to in a typical week.  Warning: this will exhaust you!

Nerdy Tudor stuff with the Cherry Dollface


Click here to read Mumpty’s second-most-read-blog-post ever; why The Cherry Dollface loves the Tudors; where she’d take King Henry VIII for a date and which of his queens she’d most like to be besties with!

Behind the scenes at Viva: Ginger Watson  

Ginger Watson

Click here to read the amazing Ginger Watson’s sartorial secrets behind THAT dress and how and why she chose what she wore to Viva this year.

Scarring, seams & self-love: the life and times of Willow Noir


Click here to read about scarification; why she did it, how much it hurt and would she do it again!  This has been one of my most popular blog posts to date.

Inspirational women: Carissa Ludlow

Carissa 2

Click here to read about what motivates this very successful female body builder, Carissa Ludlow.

Sartorial Secrets: Madam Rou

Madam Rou Swimwear

Click here to find out how the clever Madam Rou made all her ensembles for the Miss Pinup NZ 2015 pageant.  Part three in my “Sartorial Secrets” series.

Sartorial Secrets: Bettie Rage

Bettie Rage Daywear

Click here to find out the stories behind our brand new Miss Pinup NZ 2015, Miss Bettie Rage’s pageant ensembles.  Part two in my “Sartorial Secrets” series.

Sartorial Secrets: Fancifora Foxglove

Fanci_Day dress

Click here to find out the stories behind the stunning Fancifora Foxglove’s ensembles for Miss Pinup NZ 2015.  This is the first in my series called “Sartorial Secrets.”

A chat with the Fabulous Flo Foxworthy

Flo Foxworthy

Flo Foxworthy is one of the most well-known and well-respected burlesque costumiers around … I am suuuuper-excited and proud to have her on my blog. Click here to read all about it.

The Pinup Platoon interviews 

The Pinup Platoon

Click the name of any of the ten beautiful Miss Pinup NZ 2015 finalists below to read their individual interview.

Miss Glamour LaRue
Bettie Rage
Madam Rou
Agent Bluebelle
Heidi Heart
Soda Fontaine
Miss Lorelei Louise
Fancifora Foxglove
Miss Rouge
Miss Charlotte Cake
Miss Victory Violet
The Pinup Platoon Flipagram!

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women: Annah Stretton

MumptyStyle Annah Stretton

Click here to read my quick-fire questions with this incredible business woman, fashion designer and philanthropist.

Pinup December Q&A’s 

MumptyStyle Venus_Starr
Venus Starr

Click here for the links to the individual Q&A’s with the Pinup December ladies.

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women: Teer Wayde

MumtpyStyle Teer

Click here to read my quick-fire questions with this stunning and inspirational pinup!

The Grand Dame of New Zealand Burlesque 

MumptyStyle Miss Chevious Cinders
Miss Chevious Cinders on stage at the Promenade event – 2014 NZ Burlesque Festival

Imagine if you will, someone who, on one of her Facebook pages describes herself as a “retired locomotive engineer” and on the other, as an “entertainer” – more accurately, a burlesque entertainer.

From who she was to who she is; this is the story of Miss Chevious Cinders and how she became the Grand Dame of New Zealand burlesque.

Nine Q&A’s with the world’s premier body painter and makeup artist, Joanne Gair

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair flowers
© 2005 Joanne Gair/PQ Blackewell
With a client list that includes Madonna, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore and Heidi Klum, Joanne Gair is an EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY big deal in the makeup and body paint world and I am so proud to feature her here on MumptyStyle!  And wow – she’s from New Zealand!
Click here for part one of a two-part interview with Kiwi Jo.
And here for part two!

Red lips, eyeliner flicks and ebony victory rolls

Eleven Q&A’s with Miss Victory Violet

MumptyStyle Miss Pinup NZ 2014
Red lips, eyeliner flicks and ebony victory rolls … mix these ingredients together; blend with a massive wardrobe of swing dresses; add a dash of sass and a bucket of glamour and who do you have?  Why you have Miss Victory Violet of course! Originally written for Makeup Obsessives, click here for Miss Victory Violet’s styling tips and tricks.

My (faux) interview with the legendary Elvis Presley

MumptyStyle Elvis

Image via http://www.justacarguy.blogspot
Following my recent (faux) interview with the stunning Marilyn Monroe (below), Elvis Presley himself contacted me to suggest he would like to do an interview too – you can imagine my delight!  “Why thank you, Elvis” I said, “yes, I would like to interview you!”  Click here for the details.

My (faux) interview with Marilyn Monroe 

Now this may seem an unusual interview, being that Marilyn died in 1962.  Obviously then, I didn’t ACTUALLY talk to her*insert shifty-eyed look here* but I have been obsessed with Marilyn for years and have done lots of reading about her, so I’ve kind of answered my questions on her behalf – I don’t think she’d mind, do you?  Click here to read all about it!

MumptyStyle Mariyn

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women: Kirsty Leigh

MumptyStyle Kirsty Leigh

Click here for Kirsty’s answers.

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women: Paula Penfold Paula Penfold

Click here for Paula’s answers.

Makeup Obsessives interviews …

When Kirsty Leigh, the gorgeous founder of Makeup Obsessives, put out a call for contributing writers I was quick to take up the challenge and see who I could talk to!

I am SOOO proud that the very first person who agreed to do a Q&A for me was international supermodel and truly gorgeous soul, both inside and out …

Kylie Bax

Click here for ten Q&A’s with Kylie Bax.

Kylie Bax MumptyStyle Q&A

Love …


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