The Grand Dame of New Zealand burlesque

Imagine if you will, someone who, on one of her Facebook pages describes herself as a “retired locomotive engineer” and on the other, as an “entertainer” - more accurately, a burlesque entertainer. From who she was, to who she is; this is the story of Miss Chevious Cinders and how she became the Grand Dame … Continue reading The Grand Dame of New Zealand burlesque

Pinup December: Miss Chevious Cinders

Pinup December - Miss Chevious Cinders Aaaaah ... it's so wonderful to have The Grand Dame of NZ Burlesque, Miss Chevious Cinders, here on Pinup December. Miss Chevious Cinders was recently awarded a "Groupie" award for basically being everywhere that burlesque is - and what a well-deserved award it was too! What Cindy is most proud of … Continue reading Pinup December: Miss Chevious Cinders