2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

It's been a busy year on MumptyStyle, so I decided I'd summarise it via a "highlight reel" of what happened in my little corner of the blogosphere this year. Doing all twelve months in one post would be just TOO long, so I've done the first six months in one, and the last six months in another … Continue reading 2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

Happy 1st birthday little bloggy!

Wow ... so it's been a year since I finally got my act together, stopped procrastinating and started a little blog called MumptyStyle.com. Having MumptyStyle has bought some fabulous people and lots of new knowledge and experiences into my life and I'm very grateful for that.  Having a blog is a lot more work than … Continue reading Happy 1st birthday little bloggy!

MumptyLoves 15/05/2015

It's been AAAAGGGEEESS  since I did a MumptyLoves, so here we go with a few of the things I'm loving lately! ♥ New handbag  Mumpty is a handbag FANATIC ... but only likes/uses one brand, 'cos she is obsessive that way!  Here is my new baby - the Louis Vuitton Cluny in black epi leather.  Squeee.  ♥ … Continue reading MumptyLoves 15/05/2015

In the audience at Dirty Martini …

Wow ... for once, Mumpty is nearly speechless!  ** Warning** pic-heavy post - but when it comes to burlesque, those are the best posts right?!  For the record, all images in this post were taken by the truly marvellous, burlesque photographer extraordinaire, David Rowe from David Rowe Photography - just book him! I have been to … Continue reading In the audience at Dirty Martini …

When Mumpty met Dirty

It's not often that an international burlesque performer of Dirty Martini's calibre shimmies her way into town, so when I heard she was coming to Glamilton I signed up for the "Meet'n 'Greet" with a squeal!  And whilst I was there, I must admit, I behaved much like a groupie - I took endless selfies … Continue reading When Mumpty met Dirty