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2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

Highlight reel

It’s been a busy year on MumptyStyle, so I decided I’d summarise it via a “highlight reel” of what happened in my little corner of the blogosphere this year.

Doing all twelve months in one post would be just TOO long, so I’ve done the first six months in one, and the last six months in another – cos I’m tricky like that!

So … herewith, highlight reel – part one (you can read part two here😉

In which I reviewed Burlesque at the Nivara Lounge; blabbered about what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend at LUSH; did my first Summer Essentials tag and one of my besties, Miss Monique Sweet, won Miss Moonshine 2015.
Most popular post: Five iconic handbags
My favourite pic:

MumptyStyle Miss Monique Sweet Miss Moonshine
Miss Monique Sweet

In which I talked about how I wash my Jenny dresses in the bath; told you what I’m doing, wanting, eating, reading, loving for the second time; talked about possible Valentine’s Day presents for the new Mum and then Valentines Day for Pinups; talked about my first Makeup Obsessives meet-up and interviewed Annah Stretton.
Most popular post: Are apps and Photoshop ruining your self-esteem without you even knowing it?
My favourite pic:


In which I did a series called The Pinup Platoon (interviewing the 10 finalists for Miss Pinup New Zealand) and gave away not one, but two Erstwilder Flamingo necklaces; chatted with the fabulous Flo Foxworthy and talked about Annah Stretton’s RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) initiative.
Most popular post: Pinup Platoon: Agent Bluebelle
My favourite pic:

Agent Bluebelle

In which I talked about the secret language of fans; reviewed the incredible Dirty Martini; MET the incredible Dirty Martini; started a series called Sartorial Secrets and interviewed Fancifora Foxglove; had a fictitious evening out in pictures (featuring Dita and George); wrote a bit of fiction; just casually met Joanne Gair; reviewed The Very Vintage Day Out and congratulated Bettie Rage on winning Miss Pinup NZ and Miss Victory Violet on winning Miss Viva Las Vegas.
Most popular post: Congratulations Miss Viva Las Vegas
My favourite pic:

Mumpty and Dirty
Mumpty and the incomparable Dirty Martini

In which I showed you how to revive your eyebrow kit; pretended to spend $800 at Shoes of Prey; did Sartorial Secrets interviews with Madam Rou and Bettie Rage; told you about my Red Lipstick Survival Kit; talked about the incredibly beautiful art of Alexia Sinclair and did a feature on Mother’s Day for Pinups.
Most popular post: Inspirational Women: Carissa Ludlow
My favourite pic:

Alexia_Secret Garden
The Secret Garden – Alexia Sinclair

In which I reviewed Tease & Trouble at The Meteor; outlined my Week in Coffee; went behind the scenes at Viva with Ginger Watson; wrote my most popular blog post EVER (see below); reviewed my first Makeup Obsessives Beauty Box; did a “Taking Stock” tag and reviewed Pinup Shoes: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Most popular post: Scarring, seams & self love: the life and times of Willow Noir 
My favourite pic:

Ginger Watson
Ginger Watson

And that’s just the first six months of 2015!!!  Come back tomorrow for the second half!

Summing it up with a smile …


Happy birthday little blog!

Happy 1st Birthday little bloggy!Birthday

Wow … so it’s been a year since I finally got my act together, stopped procrastinating and started a little blog called MumptyStyle.com.

Having MumptyStyle has bought some fabulous people and lots of new knowledge and experiences into my life and I’m very grateful for that.  Having a blog is a lot more work than I expected, but also a lot more fun!

So for this little Happy Birthday post I’ve decided to do a quick prize-giving.  A prize-giving you ask?  Yes – a prize-giving.  So, without further ado, here goes:

Most read post EVER
Goes to: A week in the life of The Danger Doll


Most popular series
Goes to: Pinup December (followed closely by the Pinup Platoon interviews)

Person I’ve interviewed who has the most Instagram followers
Goes to: The Cherry Dollface


Most honest and raw interview ever
Goes to: Scarring, seams & self love: the life & times of Willow Noir

Post I think is the most ridiculous but that had a lot of readers
Goes to: Fifty makeup-py-like things to do with a cotton bud

The person who put the most INCREDIBLE amount of time and effort into our interview 
Goes to: Joanne Gair

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair MAC 2
Joanne Gair – body painter to the stars

Mumpty’s favourite piece of fiction
Goes to: The story of the china doll

Interview with a super-model
Goes to: Kylie Bax

Kylie Bax MumptyStyle

Most linked-to person on my blog
Goes to: Miss Victory Violet

Photographer whose images have featured most
Goes to: David Rowe (see below – with Dirty Martini!)

Funniest burlesque performer to meet in real life
Goes to: Dirty Martini

David and Dirty
David Rowe doing who-knows-what with Dirty Martini!

Most supportive and active contributor to ideas for my blog

Goes to: Miss Monique Sweet

Person who inadvertently gave me the kick in the butt I needed to start my blog
Goes to: Kirsty Leigh of Makeup Obsessives

An interview I absolutely love
Goes to: The Grand Dame of New Zealand burlesque

MumptyStyle Miss Chevious Cinders
Blog post I’m most proud of (other than some of my interviews)
Goes to: Are apps and Photoshop ruining your self-esteem without you even knowing it?

Post that revived an old friendship
Goes to: Inspirational women: Carissa Ludlow

Person always willing to help out/feature/contribute
Goes to: Nat Hugill/Lilly Loca

Lilly Loca

Weirdest interview
Goes to: My (faux) interview with Marilyn Monroe

MumptyStyle Marilyn Monroe
First (and only!) bachelorette party I’ve reviewed
Goes to: A burlesquin’ bachelorette bash (Miss Bettsy Rose Lee)

Best photo
Goes to: Ginger Watson – because that red dress, babe and infectious smile:

Ginger Watson

Person who (I think!) reads every post:
Goes to: my Mum!  And if anyone else does, let me know – I’d be very excited!

And really I could go on and on (and so often do!) … so I will end this post by saying thank you so much to all of those who read my little MumptyStyle.

I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I do!








Love and birthday candles  …



MumptyLoves 15/05/2015

These are the things Mumpty loves this week – 15/05/2015


It’s been AAAAGGGEEESS  since I did a MumptyLoves, so here we go with a few of the things I’m loving lately!

♥ New handbag 

LV Epi Cluny
Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny

Mumpty is a handbag FANATIC … but only likes/uses one brand, ‘cos she is obsessive that way!  Here is my new baby – the Louis Vuitton Cluny in black epi leather.  Squeee. 

♥  This frock; the Jenny dress
in Mary Blair Commuters print 

PUG – Mary Blair Commuters print

From Pinup Girl Clothing … it makes me feel a little bit like a vintage princess, which is rather pleasing.  Something that is also pleasing is that my nieces HATE it when I use the word “frock,” which greatly increases my use of the word “frock.” This frock was a Mother’s Day present – such good taste they have!

♥ Into the Gloaming – by Alexia Sinclair 

Alexia Sinclair – Into the Gloaming

I LOVE Alexia Sinclair’s work – it is quite simply, superb (read my post about it here.)  If Mumpty were to win Lotto this weekend, she would most definitely buy an Alexia Sinclair piece.  But even if she doesn’t – there is a slight chance of one of these gracing her walls, because Alexia has released this special edition piece, entitled “Into the Gloaming” and has priced it, for a very limited time, at $350 – and you can pay it off over a three month period – brilliant.  Details of how to buy it are in the post, or you can just click the picture and it’ll take you there.

♥ Besame lipstick in Red Hot Red …

Besame Red Hot Red

This was gifted to me completely out of the blue by my gorgeous friend Miss Monique Sweet, who is one of the kindest girls I know.  Anyway, it is the.fabbest.red colour; goes on well, stays on well – the works really.  I really love the packaging too – the gold bullet is so decadent and vintage-feeling.  Anyway, recently it has developed a very satisfying rattling sound and I can’t for the life of me find out what has come loose, but it does not affect the lipstick in any way – so I like it; it’s mysterious.

♥ This photo of me, some cool girls I know and … ya know, Dirty Martini 

Glamilton group

Because I’m still fan-girling from when I met her recently – you can read about it here.

♥ Reading books on my iPhone … 

iBookBecause I’m a cheapy, I get the free ones!  I really love having a book on my phone because I must confess, I do tend to sneak out most days to a cafe and have a coffee in my lunch break. Having a book on my phone means I am never caught out when the said cafe disappointingly doesn’t have the latest Woman’s Day for me to update myself on the essential information one needs!

♥ Red ballet flats from Shoes of Prey  …
Yes I know – I normally include an unobtainable pair of Louboutins at the end of MumptyLoves, but this time I’m mixing it up and including this GORGEOUS pair of red patent ballet flats from Shoes of Prey.  If you don’t know what Shoes of Prey is, click here and get designing your own custom-made shoes.  Sooooo cool.

Shoes of Prey

And see those nude patent heels in the background?  Wishlist.for.Mumpty.

What are your favourite things this week?  And if you enjoyed MumptyLoves, there are more editions here.

Enjoy all the deliciousness …




In the audience at Dirty Martini …

In the audience at
Miss Dirty Martini …

Dirty Martini
All images by David Rowe Photography

Wow … for once, Mumpty is nearly speechless!  ** Warning** pic-heavy post – but when it comes to burlesque, those are the best posts right?!  For the record, all images in this post were taken by the truly marvellous, burlesque photographer extraordinaire, David Rowe from David Rowe Photography – just book him!

I have been to many a burlesque show over the last few years, but this one, featuring the internationally famous, Miss Dirty Martini, was one INCREDIBLE show!  Not only did Dirty herself prove from the very first second she stepped on the stage, why she has the massive following she does, but the other performers sparkled their little hearts out as well!  (To read about when Mumpty actually met Dirty IRL, click here.)

FYI, for what it’s worth, Cabaret Royale was held at Glamilton’s premiere burlesque venue, Altitude Bar on the 17th of April!

Cab Royale poster
For the first time I’ve ever seen, there was actually a queue waiting outside to get into the venue before it started – aaaah the power of the international phenomenon that she is, Miss Dirty Martini!

The evening was MC’d by the gloriously, hilariously outrageous Felicity Frockaccino – she of the comic-clad statuesque figure and the towering heels that she managed to haul herself up on to the stage in, more times than I think was safe!  The bartender, Zac, was the somewhat unwilling object of Ms Frockaccino’s affections – it was very, very funny to watch him squirm – but actually he handled the attention incredibly well!  I wonder how often Ms Frockaccino really does get beaten up after the show though?!

The glorious MC Felicity Frockaccino

Aside from being a rather superb MC, Felicity Frockaccino also performed a fabulous little number in the second half of the show that had Mumpty and her bestie, Miss Monique Sweet, in fits of laughter!

Felicity 2The show was opened by recently-formed Glamilton troupe, The Gorgeous Glamiltonians, who performed a beautiful, colourful and cheeky Four Seasons routine – which was a tribute to Dirty Martini herself.  The Gorgeous Glamiltonians choreographed the piece and took some of their inspiration, particularly for the fan work, from a group fan act Dirty did a while ago.

Gorgeous Glamiltonians
The Gorgeous Glamiltonians.

The routine was fan-based with a troupe feel to it, complimented by individual performances.  As one audience member put it later, it was a visual symphony!  The Gorgeous Glamiltonians troupe is made up of:

The Pocket Rocket – Miss Ooh La La Paree.

Ooh La La
Ms Ooh La La Paree.

The fabulous Miss Ruby Spice – captured here in one of my favourite Ruby “bustin’ a move” moments! Ruby Spice

One of my long-time, super-sexy favourites, Azure D’Murre.

Azure D’Murre

And my magnificent friend and burlesque madam, Ms Tittle Tattle.

Ms Tittle Tattle
Ms Tittle Tattle, in quite possibly the sparkliest gown I’ve ever seen!

Now I can’t remember the exact order of the routines that followed, so I’m just going to mention them all and hope I don’t get it too far wrong!

The gorgeous Miss Cherry Lashes performed a fabulous, gold-inspired routine – the pièce de résistance of which was when she smeared herself in gold paint – a very theatrical moment indeed!  Well done Miss Cherry Lashes!

Cherry Lashes
Miss Cherry Lashes – gold!

Belly dancing made it’s shimmy-ing, sexy self well-known in the fabulous routine performed by Leggy Luna Lucy.  Now Felicity Frockaccino informed the audience this was Miss Lucy’s last performance – I most certainly hope that is not the case! Leggy Luna Lucy is a brilliant performer and the audience was wowed by a super-funky routine where that booty was shaken and stirred like the very best martini (did you see how I made that link here?!)

Leggy Luna Lucy
Leggy Luna Lucy.

We were also treated to a wonderful routine by the lady who was clever enough to bring Miss Dirty Martini to New Zealand; Catherine Smith (Owner; Caburlesque International, Director; Miss Burlesque NZ) who performed as Sadie, a very sexy and somewhat naughty Cleaning Lady!

Sadie. Believe me ladies, you would NOT hire this woman!

Glamilton performer, Pussy Gallorez performed her fire-inspired routine and released a shower of red glitter onto the stage (and other places too I believe, but we won’t go into that here!)

Pussy Galorezz – and is that Felicity Frockaccino’s glass dangerously left there on the stage I spy?!

Burlesque diva and Miss Burlesque NZ 2012, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee, performed her mega-popular, multi-award-winning Cupcake Odyssey routine – I’ve seen it a few times now and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it!  Any routine that ends with the performer stuffing her face with cake and sprinkles has got my vote!

Miss Bettsy Rose Lee in her Cupcake Odyssey.

Queen of the Cards, Cherie D’Bauche, is a Rotorua-based performer, and I have not seen her perform before.  I really enjoyed her card-inspired routine and I thought her costuming was gorgeous.  I look forward to seeing her perform again some time soon.

Cherie D’Bauche

And then … and then … it was the long-awaited turn of the magnificent Miss Dirty Martini (and not before some heckling from the audience, which Ms Frockaccino handled with the tact and sophistication we had come to expect from her!)

What can I say about Dirty’s act?  It was a mastery of comedic burlesque and demonstrated all the components necessary for a good routine (as identified by Dirty at dinner – see here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)  Aside from all that, it was visually stunning; Dirty is hilarious; her timing is impeccable and she is just THAT.BLOODY.GOOD!  A true burlesque superstar!  Dirty performed her infamous Swan Routine, and it was, quite simply, brilliant.  That is a very inappropriate swan by the way **insert lascivious wink here**


My only complaint?  We needed MORE DIRTY!

Dirty 2

So that, my friends, was how it was to be in the audience of a Dirty Martini Burlesque Show – in short – fabulous!

It was great to see so many new faces in the audience – obviously Dirty’s fame has spread as far as Glamilton!  There were also some familiar faces and it was just as good to see them – and a special mention of our newly-crowned Miss Pinup NZ 2015 – Bettie Rage.

Curtain Call
The curtain call …

Well done to Miss Mollie Tov who did a wonderful job of being the Stage Kitty, and to the Door Dollies, Miss Chevious Cinders and Pixie Twist.

And … one of my favourite pics from the evening – yes, that is David Rowe, our trusty photographer, with the one and only Miss Dirty Martini!  What IS he doing?!

David and Dirty

Love and totally inappropriate swans …




When Mumpty met Dirty

When Mumpty met Dirty …

Mumpty and Dirty
Must learn to look at the camera – in fairness though, I wasn’t sure which camera to look at! Here we are “backstage” at Good George in Frankton.

It’s not often that an international burlesque performer of Dirty Martini’s calibre shimmies her way into town, so when I heard she was coming to Glamilton I signed up for the “Meet’n ‘Greet” with a squeal!  And whilst I was there, I must admit, I behaved much like a groupie – I took endless selfies and photos galore and listened to her every word like a little sponge!  Sorry everyone, but I couldn’t help it – and also, I wanted to write this post because OMG, Dirty Martini!

If you’re not a burlesquey kind of person and you don’t know who Dirty Martini is, just Google her – you’ll understand my groupie-ish behaviour then!  In the meantime, let me just put this pic here to give you an example of Dirty’s fabulousness:

Dirty Swan
Image by Steven Menendez

As one would expect, Dirty is a huge character with a great deal of pizazz.  Having met her in person and observed the massive presence she has, I am pretty much on the edge of my seat waiting to see her perform in person – which thankfully is tonight!

A group of about twenty of us Glamilton ladies were lucky enough to have dinner with Dirty at Good George Dining Hall & Brewery in Frankton and it was a fabulous evening where the girls all dressed up in typical Glamilton BurleyQ fashion and so did Dirty!  Her trademark Marilyn wig; a lamé dress and eyelashes you could shelter from the rain under made up Dirty’s attire, not to mention fabulous shoes.  It was most certainly not an understated outfit – as you would expect!  Not that it really matters, but for the record, I wore my new Pinup Girl Clothing Snow White Jenny dress.  It has Snow White and The Wicked Queen and poison apples and stuff …

Anyway … whilst we were having dinner I was fortunate enough to sit opposite to Dirty, and so was able to enjoy her conversation most of the evening.  She has the most fabulous laugh which comes out all the time, her happiness is infectious and she is incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge and performer tips.

Glamilton group
Dirty & the Glamilton Burlesque Academy girls …

Dirty had taken some classes in Glamilton over the last couple of days and we were discussing some of the things she had taught the ladies.  Did you know that when you have a “prop” such as the swan (up there in Dirty’s pic) you have to create a character for the prop; you have to ensure your own character shines through; there needs to be a relationship between your character and the prop’s character and there also needs to be some kind of conflict and resolution in the act?  And you just thought it was a performance right?!  Well I must admit I didn’t know a lot of that and that’s why it is so incredibly valuable for performers like Dirty to come to NZ and to share that type of knowledge.  (Special thanks to Catherine Smith for bringing her here.)

Dirty & the Glamilton Girls
Dirty and the girls from Glamilton Just a quick apology for the photo quality – they were only off my iPhone and it was kinda dark.

Amongst other things we discussed with Dirty, we talked about her fabulous curves and how they had affected her dance career throughout her life (she did ballet for years and a degree, I think, in performing arts – sorry if that’s wrong Dirty) – it was interesting for me to hear that Dirty has not always been as confident as she is now in her body and in fact has suffered a lot of emotional turmoil over the years because her  body doesn’t fit the “typical dancer’s” mould (bear in mind what most ballet dancers look like.)  It seems though, that her struggles helped build the person she is today.  They say great things come from hardship, and it seems like they might be right.

It struck me several times throughout the evening that Dirty is 100% comfortable, and in fact joyous, about her body.  The way she moves; the way she presents herself; the way she talks about her body – it’s amazing.   One conversation we all had was how important it is to ensure our daughters don’t grow up hating their bodies.  Dirty, I am right with you on that one.

Dirty & Mumpty
Oh yes, I always hang out with burlesque megastars!!!!

By the way – the only time Dirty ever “worries” about her body she says is when she follows Dita von Teese onto the stage! Dirty performs in Dita’s “Strip Strip Hooray” burlesque show and she says when Dita comes off stage, completely wet and glistening after her martini glass act; gives Dirty a wink and says “good luck” – well, Dirty does feel slightly insecure going on stage after that!  But we can totally understand that  – because, Dita.  (According to Dirty by the way – Dita IS that bloody perfect!) But Dirty says she’s never met an audience she hasn’t been able to win over, and I can well imagine that!

Dirty says she does occasionally get nervous still and a while ago in Paris, she was actually “shit scared!”  And that show, she says, turned out to be one of the best of her life!  While she is incredibly prepared and puts a huge amount of effort into her acts, Dirty confirmed that she does ad lib up there on stage and tailors her routine to the audience – as every good performer does.

Dirty Glamiltonians
Dirty and the Glamiltonians … does that make them Dirty Little Glamiltonians? I think it does!

So that is my roundup of a fabulous evening with one of burlesque’s gems … Dirty Martini – you were spectacular and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you.

I will end this post with a quote from Liberace that Dirty loves and that, for me, sums her up perfectly:

“Too much of a good thing … is wonderful.”

Love and Dirty Martini-groupie hugs …