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The curious creatures of Auckland burlesque – revisited

The curious creatures of Auckland burlesque: revisited 

A little while ago, Mumpty wrote some fictional stories on a few of her favourite Auckland burlesquers.  And this Friday night, she’s done a wee update.  Do enjoy …

Duchess deBerry


Remember that saying:

Always be you …
unless you can be a fierce, intergalactic alien queen.
Then, always be a fierce, intergalactic alien queen.

No?  Seriously?  Well, it was inspired by Duchess deBerry, known simply to her nearest and dearest as The Duchess.

The Duchess had always been interested in space travel and so when her dear friend Sir Richard Branson (who rather fancied her) offered her the opportunity to accompany him on one of the first Virgin Airways trips to the moon, she jumped at the chance.  What antipodean temptress wouldn’t really?

Soon after the initial excitement had died down though,  The Duchess’s mind turned to more practical matters – what would she wear on the moon? She had no intention of wearing one of those ridiculous Michelin suits that’s for sure, but her current wardrobe didn’t inspire either.   As always though, The Duchess had a plan,  and that plan involved her illustrious pals at Asphyxia Couture and a brief to put together a little something something for her soiree on the moon.

Image by Black Friday Photography

She rather  liked what they came up with – it was certainly a statement piece, but practical too she thought.  Her hands were free and she had plenty of things to tie moon rocks and that kind of thing onto.  Sure, she could have done with a handbag, and it might get a bit chilly, but she wasn’t going to be outside on the moon for long periods of time was she?  She assumed she’d be able to pop in and out of the space shuttle at will – I mean even though she wasn’t paying for it, this was a commercial flight, and surely Sir Richard wouldn’t allow a passenger to get cold on the moon?  That would be ridiculous.

No, this little number was perfect and The Duchess shivered with delight as she settled down happily into the seat beside Sir Richard, gratefully accepting the glass of Cristal he handed her. #suchfun

Lilly Loca: disrupted

Lilly Loca, as we know, is a time traveller.  Just last year in fact, she travelled  from 1920’s New York to 2016 in Auckland, where she spends a great deal of time pirouetting seductively on stages around that fair city wearing the showgirl’s version of an itsty-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini and a purple-hued “do” Ru Paul would be proud to own.  But that isn’t enough for Lilly’s outrageous soul, so in an age where “disruption” is a buzz word in business circles, Lilly has decided to try a bit of disruption herself, and thus Gary Krumbert has emerged onto the scene. 

When I say Gary has emerged onto the scene, I mean more that he has BURST onto the scene and not in a glamorous, overnight-sensation kind of way; but in a more clumsy, goofy kind of way.  Because that’s the kind of guy Gary is; he’s a goofy drag king, born of the always glamorous, and sometimes androgynous, Lilly Loca.  He’s been around a while, but more recently has begun to make his presence known.


One might be forgiven for assuming Gary is the quieter side of the Loca/Krumbert duo, and indeed he does tend to fly under the radar a bit.  I think his slightly nerdy persona  engenders a level of trust in people that allows him to get under their skin without them really even knowing it.

Image by Peter Jennings

For Gary is most certainly not the quieter side of the duo.  Recently a naive judge referred to him as the “Veteran Virgin King” – well, let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.  Gary, in fact, is quite inspired by that raunchy, ginger-bearded Tudor King of old, King Henry the VIIIth.  So much so, in fact, that he has a set of silk stockings and a hat set with a feather on a jaunty angle that he brings out on certain occasions, and it really does drive the ladies quite mad with lust; as you can imagine I’m sure.

So this one time, at Drag Camp, Gary did something quite naughty – even for Gary.  He TOOK Lilly Loca’s rainbow-hued “do” and used it onstage as a “costume piece” shall we say.  To make the situation much, much worse, the costume piece was a merkin (uuuuuuuggghhhhhh – I know, right!)  Lilly, as you can imagine, was LIVID when she recognised it from her front-row seat in the audience.  She leapt out of her seat, scaled the stage and advanced upon Gary with a look in her eye that inspired sheer terror in his.  Such terror, in fact, that he scuttled offstage at the speed of light with Lilly’s “do” flapping between his legs and Lilly in hot pursuit.  The audience squirmed uncomfortably as a loud slap, a shrill squeal and a muffled thump could be heard backstage.  A few more thumps and squeals occurred and a couple of audience members burst into titters of barely suppressed nervous laughter, before the EMCEE Felicity Frockaccino hastily took over and began to belt out a rather raucous version of “I will survive” in a trembling vibrato.

Broken legRumour has it Gary was EXTREMELY lucky to get away with just a broken leg and he’s currently overseas on an extended vacay while his poor, battered body recuperates.  Reliable sources say he’ll be back when the heat dies down and Lilly has calmed her farm.    #suchfun

Leda Petit: the rise and fall (and rise) of an assassin …

Image by James Yang

When last we left Leda Petit, she was doing well as a secret assassin, making money by the bushel and lurking in bars, drinking champagne out of shoes and fraternising alluringly with her marks before she made her final, lethal move. 


But things have gone rather downhill since then …

Image by James Yang

Sadly, our Leda has become a little too fond of the high-rolling lifestyle she can now afford as a result of her prodigious “hit” rate.  It’s a never-ending cycle of a whiskey here, a cigar there – a line of coke up her nose; “but never before lunchtime darling – I have standards.

Image by Peter Jennings

One particularly snipey member of the Auckland paparazzi could almost be  excused for comparing Leda’s behaviour to that of Amy Winehouse at her worst.   But really, that would be unfair – as she says, Leda has standards, and she would NEVER go on stage and deliver a less than stellar performance like Amy did on the odd occasion.


Yes, while these days Leda is having a lot more fun than your average punter, she is also getting the job done.  I mean really, when you think about it, she’s living a glamorous Old Hollywood lifestyle that rivals that of Frank Sinatra and his cronies.  Of course, she’s doing it Her Way (do you see what I did there?) and I have it on good authority that despite the heavy nights and the early morning stumbles home to her apartment, Leda can be relied upon to be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to mingle come midnight when the “respectable” bars open and Leda’s marks await.  Why look …

LedaSee what I mean?  She really is a consummate professional, our Leda. #suchfun   

Yours in updated curious creatures …  


The curious creatures of Auckland burlesque

The curious creatures of Auckland burlesque …

Curious Creatures
L-R: Lilly Loca, Duchess de Berry, Leda Petit – picture taken @ Venus Starr’s Diamond Carousel

Mumpty loves a bit of fiction – she also loves a bit of burlesque.  So here’s a wee combination of these two loves – and who better on which to base some light-hearted stories, than four of Auckland’s curious creatures of burlesque: Duchess deBerry; Lilly Loca; Heidi Heart and Leda Petit.

Enjoy …

Duchess deBerry

Duchess deBerry

The Duchess was French of course.  She owned a small, 17th century chateau named La Roche-Sur-Yon, but she refused to live in it because it didn’t have a private theatre – and what use was a chateau if it didn’t have a private theatre?  Of course she could have applied to her local “consiel” for consent to add one, but that seemed tiresome, and the Duchess didn’t do tiresome.

So instead she spent her time wandering gaily around the world with just her credit card, a hat box and a battered Louis Vuitton suitcase.  She attended the opera in Versaille and the bull-running in Spain but found neither to her taste.

So she took up singing in smoky jazz lounges; the seedier the better – the money was poor,  but it was good for her soul. And anyway – she’d had the forethought a couple of years earlier to marry a very wealthy art collector.  He had lovely manners, and was therefore happy to share his fortune with his young and beautiful wife, while not requiring her to share much of anything with him.

The Duchess smiled happily as she ordered a champagne cocktail – her set had gone well and now she was back in the bar of her favourite hotel in Naples chatting to an alarmingly handsome stranger – she really did love her life these days.

Lilly Loca

Lilly Loca Prive

Lilly Loca was a time traveller.  She’d travelled from 1920’s New York – where she’d been a luminary of stage and screen, performing to packed audiences and leaving a trail of broken hearts everywhere she went – to Auckland, New Zealand, 2016.

One evening in 1924, after a lot of very expensive champagne, she’d taken a wrong turn down a long, dimly lit hallway of the New York Baltimore Hotel, and had found herself in a musty room that smelt like it had been locked for centuries.  Just as she turned to find her way out, she had spotted a glorious-looking red door with a gilt frame which practically begged her to turn the handle.  And Lilly, being both adventurous and tipsy, did exactly that.

After falling for what felt like ten minutes, she jolted to a stop and found herself in a very strange, yet familiar-feeling place.  Blue, tube-like things proclaimed her destination in twirling writing as “Privé” – it looked very much like the Baltimore’s “Kiss Bar,” but there was lots of stuff called “technology” that Lilly wasn’t used to.  Still, everyone at Privé looked and behaved in pretty much the same manner as her 20’s theatre family had, so she decided to stay.

Being an adaptable soul, Lilly soon adjusted to her new environment – she got herself an iPhone, a FitBit and even one of those new-fangled Spotify playlists where she played Bowie’s “Lazarus” on endless repeat.

She just had a niggling worry that she might have left her diary on the hotel bed in 1924, and there were things in there she’d kinda wanted to keep secret …

Heidi Heart

Heidi Heart
Photo by Bruce Jenkins

Heidi Heart had a very dark secret.  It was something she’d tried hard to resist and she’d certainly never planned to tell anyone – it was HER dark secret.  The problem had arisen when Valentine, her husband, had come home to their New York apartment early one day from an interstate trip and found her.  The look of sheer horror on his face – before he turned and headed wordlessly for the door – haunted her even now, three years later.  

Shaking, she’d packed it all away when he walked out and prepared herself for the inevitable fallout when he told their friends.  She knew her social position, if not her entire life, would be ruined – but she’d known there was that possibility right from the start – and she had been prepared to take the risk.

Valentine never told their friends – he was probably too embarrassed – and they’d never discussed it; not once.  Their marriage was now just a marriage in name though.

In her darkest, most self-destructive moments since Valentine’s discovery, she occasionally thought bitterly that it had been in the privacy of her own bedroom hadn’t it?  It hadn’t actually hurt anyone.  It wasn’t fair that he had rejected her so completely since that fateful day.  Although, in her more lucid moments, she’d had to admit to herself that it wasn’t just that one time.  She’d  done it before – why she’d even performed a seductive striptease wearing men’s clothes as part of the fantasy.  But there were worse things than that weren’t there?

Yes, Heidi – there are – but not many.  Can you guess Heidi’s secret?  Well, I’ll tell you – she’s a bloody Justin Bieber fan.

Leda Petit

Leda Petit
Image by Luke Tarvor

Leda Petit was an assassin.  Only two people in the world knew this – which, when you’re an assassin – is a very good thing.

She hadn’t meant to become an assassin, it’s just that she’d had a boyfriend once who had proved very, very hard to shake once she’d got sick of him and in the end, she’d had to just “make him disappear.” A few months after that, she got a call from a mysterious gentleman who offered her $200K to make another gentleman disappear – he’d been good for the money and Leda rather liked her new $195K Mercedes (she’d spent the rest at Louboutin) so the next time he called, she was happy to “talk turkey,” so to speak.

The lifestyle wasn’t all bad actually – she seemed to spend a lot of time in bars drinking champagne out of shoes, smoking and looking authoritative, while she kept an eye on her “mark.”  She loved the feel on her skin of the cold blade under her garter belt, and had grown fond of it’s reassuring weight.  She also rather enjoyed the seduction, particularly if her mark was good-looking, but in the end there was a job to be done, and Leda was a consummate professional in that regard.

Leda always bought herself a little something special after each hit; a big solitaire here, a Birkin handbag there – she did it out respect for her mark really.  She was nothing if not respectful, our Leda.

Yours in fictional and curious creatures …


Tease and Trouble at The Meteor

Tease and trouble at The Meteor …

The cast and crew of Glamilton’s Grand Tease heat.

This Saturday night just past, saw Mumpty attend the first heat of Tease & Trouble Productions’ Grand Tease NZ.  Held at The Meteor Theatre, it was an absolute highlight on Glamilton’s burlesque calendar and I was very excited to be the Door Dolly, which is an arduous job consisting of taking tickets and selling merch!

Tease and Trouble Productions is the glamorous vehicle of the fabulous duo, Ruby Ruin and Bonita Danger Doll.  The Grand Tease is a new initiative in which they celebrate New Zealand’s burlesque talent in the classiest and fabulous-ist way possible!   (Note: both Ruby and Bonita appeared in Mumpty’s Pinup December – see here for Ruby’s day and here for Bonita’s.) 

(All photographs taken by the talented burlesque photographer, David Rowe of David Rowe Photography.)  ShowPoster

Firstly, a quick overview of the Grand Tease format – and by the way, you can visit their Facebook page here.  The Glamilton show consisted of ten contestants; each of whom performed a classic burlesque routine in the first half; followed by a neo burlesque routine in the second.  There was a People’s Choice award, and the three judges made the overall decision as to which two performers go through to The Grand Tease Finale in Christchurch on the 1st of August.  They were also able to choose a “wildcard” performer to go through.


The gorgeous and extremely capable judges were: Honey L’Amour, MisRed and Leda Petit, and believe me, they had a very difficult job to do on the night!  They were fortunate though, to be regularly plied with alcohol by the delightful Piotr – but more on him later!

Let the show begin …

Ivan the Red
Ivan the Red

First up was Ivan the Red; the show’s only boylesquer.  I love watching boylesque – it’s so athletic – and acrobatic – and there’s just not enough of them!  Ivan the Red did two rocking performances, and took away the title of “Most Terrifying” at the end of the evening! I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact he drew blood by whipping himself with a studded belt?

Azure D'Murre
Azure D’Murre

Azure D’Murre’s Highway Woman routine is perhaps my favourite burlesque routine EVER.  It’s clever, entertaining and fabulous – just like Azure.  Full-stop.  Azure was presented with the coveted “Best Boobs” award!

Ms Tittle Tattle

Saucy, sexy and confident, Ms Tittle Tattle really lived up to the Grand Tease billing of the show in her performance for the the classic burlesque section.  Her Minsky Girl performance was a refreshing interlude amongst the Neo section – it’s a great poem (I guess you’d call it a poem – or maybe an ode?) and I love watching her perform it.  Ms Tittle Tattle took out the Grand Tease Runner Up title as well as the “Biggest Tease” award.

Vola Tile
Vola Tile

Another first-timer for Mumpty – as in the first time I’ve seen Vola Tile perform.  She did a great job, and what an absolutely gorgeous girl she is!  She trained at the Bambina Burlesque Academy with the fab Lilly Loca I believe, so that’s got to be in her favour for sure!  Vola Tile was presented with the “Best Bed Eyes” award, which she ably demonstrated on request at the prize-giving ceremony!

ConeyBowIn my head, I dance like Coney Bow. Sadly, that is far from reality, but if dreams were real, then that’s how Mumpty would roll – or dance, actually.  Huge shout-out to this gorgeous woman; first time I’ve seen her perform IRL and sign me up for more is all I can say!  She really is, quite simply, superb! And for that reason, I was thrilled to bits when she received the wildcard vote and will be dancing her little sox off once again at the finale of The Grand Tease in Christchurch.  Coney took out the “Dazzling Dancer” award, and my god – she so is!

Kitty Rose
Miss Kitty Rose

Miss Kitty Rose did two things that stood out to Mumpty onstage … which is not to say all the other things she did weren’t fabulous too of course!  Number one: she had those fan things with the traily bits of fabric hanging off them and she used them so beautifully and so effectively with regard to the music that I was a little bit in awe.  (If you pop onto her Facebook page, she has uploaded a video so you can see what I mean.) And secondly, she stood on a chair – in high heels – sounds like a simple thing, but I can tell you it is not – and it was a GREAT way to end an act.  Well done Miss Kitty Rose! She was presented with the “Best Newbie” award at the end of the evening.

Madam Mutiny
Madame Mutiny

This was the first time I’d seen Madam Mutiny perform and I hope it won’t be the last.  She was fabulous – lots of sass for her neo routine, with lots of sensuality for her classic routine – can’t go wrong with that combo now can you?!  Madam Mutiny was presented with two highly-coveted awards; “Best Costume” and “Best Butt.” Pinnacle reached!

Ruby Spice
Ruby Spice

I.never.ever.get.sick.of.Ruby.Spice!  I think I must be one of Ruby’s biggest fans – she never ceases to bust out superb routines, and her “Born to Be Wild” act is freakin’ awesome!  Obviously I’m not the only one to love Ruby Spice; she won Glamilton’s Grand Tease heat; as well as being awarded “Best Surprise” and the “People’s Choice.”  Gooooooo Ruby – you rock! Glamilton represent!

Ms Ruby Rebel
Ms Ruby Rebel

Ms Ruby Rebel was also a new performer to Mumpty and I really enjoyed both her classic and her neo performances.  She is most certainly one to be watched; something which Bonita and Ruby Ruin were obviously aware of as they presented her with the “Most Potential” award, which is a very cool one to receive if you ask me!

Bettsy Rose Lee
Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Well – what can you say about someone who can pull off an en pointe swan routine; followed by a hip-hopping, rainbow-tressed unicorn/My Little Pony routine?  I read a couple of days before the show that Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s husband made a comment along the lines of “well, they certainly won’t have seen you like that before.”  Quite right Mr Swainson – that wife of yours? Never.fails.to.surprise(in a good way!)


And finally … Piotr from Uzbekoslavia.  My favourite-ist MC EVER.  Like any audience member in their right mind, I am somewhat scared of Piotr – well, put it this way – I would SURE AS HELL NEVER ATTEMPT TO HECKLE HIM! Ain’t no one gonna win that but Piotr!  He is rude, crass and at times, forgetful (he blames it on the acid!) but at the same time, simply.bloody.hilarious! And loveable.

Funny thing happened … when I tried to upload the picture above of Piotr to my blogging programme, this is what I got:


I found that somewhat amusing, and I’d like to think Piotr might as well! Anyway … if you get a chance to see a show where Piotr is the MC – like Nike says – just do it!

So that brings me to the end of my long and picturesque review of the first heat of The Grand Tease NZ.  I hope you enjoyed it.

And because you can never shout-out to sponsors too often, here they all are.  Thank you for helping make The Grand Tease such a fabulous event!  And lastly, to Danni Morgan – what a brilliant stage kitten/stage assistant she is!  So lovely to meet you Danni.

The Grand Tease sponsors

Signing off now.

Tease and trouble …

Door Dolly









A chat with the fascinating Flo Foxworthy …

A chat with the fabulous
and fascinating,
Flo Foxworthy 

Flo Foxworthy

If you haven’t heard of Flo Foxworthy yet, you just don’t have enough sparkle in your life!  Flo is one of the most well-respected and well-known burlesque and exotic costumiers around; having made teeny, tiny sparkling g-strings for Dita Von Teese and Catherine D’Lish and both g-strings and elaborate burlesque costumes for Roxi D’Lite, Imogen Kelly, Venus Starr and many others.

Flo has received many awards, including appearing numerous times on the coveted Top Costumiers list for the Burlesque Top 50 awards.  She also works at the world-famous Weta Workshop where she creates costumes and creatures for the likes of the Hobbit Trilogy!

Flo really is all the “f words” (except the naughty one!) … fabulous, fascinating, fantastic, fun and freakin’ awesome!

So, without further blathering on my part, here is my Q&A with Flo Foxworthy …

1) Mumpty: What inspires you; what keeps you going at this wonderful work you do? ‘Cos I’m thinking there seems to be A LOT of intricate beading and gluing and such-like – do you get sick/bored of it?
Flo: I honestly love my work, and I feel really lucky that we live in a time and place where it’s actually possible to do this for a living. Each job is different and I’m always planning for the next one, so I’m always being inspired and I don’t have much time to get bored.

When it comes to putting in the long hours embellishing a costume, I binge-watch shows … did you know the entire series of The Golden Girls is available on Youtube? Haha!

2) Mumpty: How does Flo unwind – what’s your happy place? What would constitute a perfect day for Flo?
Flo:  A cocktail with Mr Foxworthy and an 80’s horror movie marathon – that’s my happy place!

I’m a textbook workaholic, and am not terribly good at sitting still for very long … but I’ve discovered that I love yoga, so I try to fit in a bit of a stretch every day.  I also have an ever-growing container garden out the front of the house, and I enjoy pottering around with that when I need a break.

Flo Foxworthy - a work in progress
A closeup of a custom corset for burlesque performer and showgirl extraordinaire, Leda Petit

3) Mumpty: If I were to come to you with a costuming idea – what would be the process you’d follow?  What’s your favourite part of the process?

Flo:  I’m quite fluid in the way that I work, so I often don’t work to a rigid plan or design.  When a client comes to me, we usually begin by discussing their ideas – what their act will involve, colours, styles etc.  It’s great when a client has reference images or sketches to give me an idea of what they have in mind – that’s always a great starting point.

The next consideration is budget and time – I’m usually booked solid about three months in advance, so the more notice a client can give me the better.

Depending on what the costume involves, I might make a toile (mock-up) for the performer to try on before I begin making the actual costume pieces, but often I’ll just jump right in and make it up as I go along.

Most of my clients are from overseas or out of town, so I rarely have the chance to fit them in person. I rely on measurements and luck!

I don’t have a favourite part of the process really, as each part is so different.  I love the technical aspect of pattern drafting (I prefer flat drafting with a pencil and paper to begin with, rather than just draping on a mannequin.)

I find sewing very rewarding, and I love the relaxing aspect of sitting quietly in my office embellishing the costume at the very end.

My least favourite part is cutting the fabrics, as I have a nasty case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which gives me hand and wrist issues.

Flo Foxworthy Custom Costumes
Custom corsets, bras and pants by Flo Foxworthy

4) Mumpty: Do you have any hints or tips/tricks for performers with regard to bringing their costuming ideas to life?

Flo:  Before you go to your costumier, it’s really helpful to collect images, sketches, video clips etc to give the costumier an idea of what you want. The more reference images you can find, the better understanding the costumier will have of your vision.

It’s also a very good idea to have a set budget in mind so they can work with you to get the most bang for your buck.

If you have to send measurements to your costumier, try to be as accurate as possible – even if that means finding someone to take the measurements for you!  The extra effort will pay off with a costume that fits you properly.

5) Mumpty: Do you have a favourite costume you’ve created?

Flo: It might sound cheesy, but it’s true – each new costume becomes my favourite 😉 I am particularly fond of the navy lace ensemble that I created for Leda Petit though.

Leda Petit Flo Foxworthy
Custom corset, bra and pants by Flo Foxworthy for Leda Petit

6) Mumpty: What is the most expensive embellishment you’ve used/heard of?

Flo: Time.  Honestly, it’s not the price of the embellishment itself, but the time it takes to apply it that can make a costume cost so much.  When you think about it, 100 Swarovski rhinestones may only cost $12 – $30, but they each take time to apply (including planning the design, marking it on the costume etc.)

A costumier has to charge for the time it takes to apply each rhinestone/bead etc, so you can imagine how quickly it can add up when you have thousands of stones on a costume!

7) Mumpty: Is there a fact or figure or secret about the industry that you can share that you think would shock or intrigue us?

Flo: No secrets – haha!  The main fact is that costumiers do it for the love of it, it’s an unpredictable business and you never really know what’s going to come along next (if anything.)

A few costumiers I’ve spoken with have joked about giving it all up for the security of a mundane job answering phones, or stocking supermarket shelves, where there’s a regular income and the job is the same day in, day out – but in the end we’d never give it up because costuming is just what we do and it’s who we are.

Lili St Cyr8) Mumpty: Is there a performer (past or present) who you’d give your right arm to dress?

Flo: I’ve been super-lucky over the past few years in that I’ve already been approached by some of my absolute favourite performers to make bits and pieces.  If I were to choose a performer from the past to dress it would be Lili St Cy as she was so incredibly elegant.

9) Mumpty: Do you have suggestions for a “skeleton wardrobe” for a performer starting out?

Flo: That’s a tough one, every performer is so different!  A bra that makes you feel glamorous, panties that cover the parts you prefer to cover (and reveal the parts you like to show off!) and a big smile.

10) Mumpty: Do you have any top tips for performer wardrobe maintenance?

Flo: Be nice to your costumes and they’ll be nice to you. No matter if you’ve paid a costumier to make them or if you stitched and glued them together yourself, they’re an investment in your performance, so it’s in your interest to take care of them.

Some costume pieces can be hand washed – I usually suggest washing them with a mild body wash rather than using laundry detergent, as it takes less rinsing to remove the soap.  Don’t put them in the dryer!

For costume pieces that can’t be washed, try to air them out as soon as possible after wearing them – don’t leave them in your suitcase until your next show or they’ll end up stinky (or worse!)

I make a costume spritz formula that helps to kill bacteria, but you can make a home-made version using vodka in a spray bottle. Simply spray the vodka onto your costume (particularly around the sweatiest areas), and then let the costume air out in a dry place. Don’t soak the costume, just a light spray will do.

11) Mumpty: Do you have a “dream costume” floating round in your head?

Flo: I have a few of them – haha! I’m planning to make four costumes this year as a special project, and will be displaying them later in the year, so I can’t give away the surprise – I’m really excited!

12) Mumpty: Do you sew your own clothes? Make your own wedding dress?

Flo: I never have the time to make my own clothes, but I did make my wedding dress – it was a very simple navy pencil dress with little rhinestone buttons at the waist.

(Mumpty And because I recently found this wedding photo of Flo’s on her Instagram account (@flofoxworthy), I am going to share it here because I think this quite possibly the BEST wedding photo I have seen!)

Flo Foxworthy wedding photo
Flo and Mr Foxworthy – wedding pic!

13) Mumpty:  Do you have a favourite crystal colour or favourite embellishment you love the most?

Flo: I can’t pick a favourite, they’re all my favourites at one time or another!  There are a few Swarovski colours which I  particularly love using – Crystal Golden Shadow (a lovely warm beige tone), Crystal Moonlight (a subtle alternative to Crystal AB) and Crystal Silver Night (a sparkling steel grey.)

14) Mumpty: Do you find it hard to let your creations go sometimes?

Flo: Not really, because part of the enjoyment I get from a job is packing up a costume and shipping it to the client, and the completion of one costume means I get to begin another. 🙂

15) Mumpty: And last, but not least – where to for Flo Foxworthy in 2015?

Flo: I have so much planned for this year, and time is already running out!  I’m making costumes for some gorgeous performers over the next four months, and then I’ll be focusing on my special projects till November.

I’m looking forward to a couple of collaborations with some really creative people, I can’t wait to see where the process takes us!

Flo Foxworthy bikinis
Showgirl bikinis by Flo Foxworthy

Thank you Flo for being such an AWESOME and generous interviewee!  I so appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, and I KNOW my readers are going to love hearing about how you work and who you are behind-the-scenes.  I for one, am VERY excited to see the results of your special, secret project later in the year!

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Yours in sparkly, Flo Foxworthy rhinestone-encrusted g-strings …



Pinup December: Leda Petit

Pinup December – Leda Petit

MumptyStyle LedaPetit
Let them eat cake – image of Leda Petit by James Yang.

When the extremely beautiful Leda Petit sent me this image for Pinup December, I actually squealed with delight!  Isn’t she simply divine?!

What Leda is most proud of this year (in her own words) …
The bittersweet close to my monthly club night Electrique Burlesque. Almost three years of weird and wonderful burlesque that pushed boundaries and explored ideas that were outside the classic style.  I co-produced the show with the wonderful Barney McDonald and over those three years we had collaborations with electro-pop icon Zowie, as well as some of the best neo-burlesque performances in NZ and – I have been told from visiting Australians – Australasia. It was a party, a community, a crazy club kid family and I will miss it. I feel like it transformed my ideas of what constitutes a “good” burlesque act, challenged me continually and helped me to become a more accomplished performer.”

Leda’s charity of choice … is Chained Dog Awareness (CDANZ).  (In her own words) “I have spent most of this year as a foster carer for this completely non-profit organisation and I cannot speak highly enough of the work they do. They rely completely on donations, foster carers and volunteers to do their work, which includes educating owners to make better lives for their dogs, accepting relinquished chained pets and rehabilitating them so they can find new homes where they can live their lives off leash and in comfort; rehabilitating life-chained dogs so they can be functioning members of canine society, offering free de-sexing services to families who may not be able to afford it and much, much more. They work tirelessly to make life for these life-chained animals better and they do an incredible job.

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Pinup December: Flo Foxworthy

Pinup December – Flo Foxworthy 

MumptyStyle Flo Foxworthy and Sina King
Flo Foxworthy (left) with Australian burlesque sensation, Sina King

Now the gorgeous redhead on the left claims not to have many photographs of herself she likes, however this one is pretty great don’t you think?!  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the immensely talented burlesque costumier to the stars, Flo Foxworthy – pictured here with Australian burlesque sensation, Sina King.

I’ve admired Flo’s incredible work on SO many of my burlesque friends and every piece is a sparkly work of art.  Can you tell I’m pleased as punch to feature the sassy, savvy Flo Foxworthy on Pinup December?!  Also, I’m beyond excited that Flo has agreed to an interview right here on MumptyStyle – squeeeeee!  Keep your eyes peeled for it in January 2015.

What Flo is most proud of this year … making it through another year of self-employment as a burlesque costumier!

Flo says “but seriously, I would have to say being named on two of the 21st Century Burlesque Top 50 bonus lists was the most surprising and exciting news I got this year, I was totally stunned for most of that week!

And who can blame her … it’s pretty impressive stuff!  The Burlesque Top 50 is now running for 2014 – this is a fabulous competition that honours the burlesque industry’s players and performers on an international level – click here to vote for Flo (or any of our December Pinups too!)

And just before we go … I don’t think a Flo Foxworthy day in Pinup December should go by without at least one of Flo’s stunning creations.  Here we have the spectacular Leda Petit … if I looked like that in something wee and sparkly I think I would be tempted to wear it at all times!  (Click here for Leda’s December Pinup day.)

MumptyStyle Flo Foxworthy Leda Petit
Leda Petit modelling one of Flo Foxworthy’s creations (corset & panties.) Image by Alessandro Saponi.

Flo’s charity of choice … Women’s Refuge

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